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Grace (Evelyn Oppenheimer Series) ePub download

by Jane Roberts Wood

  • Author: Jane Roberts Wood
  • ISBN: 1574412787
  • ISBN13: 978-1574412789
  • ePub: 1842 kb | FB2: 1148 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: University of North Texas Press (October 30, 2009)
  • Pages: 256
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 436
  • Format: lit docx mbr lrf
Grace (Evelyn Oppenheimer Series) ePub download

Still, this is Grace's novel and she shines throughout just as much as author Jane Roberts Wood does.

Still, this is Grace's novel and she shines throughout just as much as author Jane Roberts Wood does.

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Evelyn Oppenheimer Series. 3 primary works, 3 total works. From Jane Roberts Wood comes a quietly riveting . ore. by Jane Roberts Wood. Shelve Out the Summerhill Road.

JANE ROBERTS WOOD is the award-winning author of The Train to Estelline, A Place Called Sweet Shrub, and Dance a Little Longer, all . Grace Evelyn Oppenheimer series (Выпуск 3) UPCC book collections on Project MUSE.

JANE ROBERTS WOOD is the award-winning author of The Train to Estelline, A Place Called Sweet Shrub, and Dance a Little Longer, all published in paperback by the University of North Texas Press. A recipient of the Texas Institute of Letters Award, and fellowships from the National Endowment of the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts, she is also a member of the Texas Institute of Letters. University of North Texas Press, 2009.

by Jane Roberts Wood. series Evelyn Oppenheimer Series. A rare novel: intelligent, lyrical, devoid of coyness and manipulative plot turnsa book for old and young. Austin American-Statesman.

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In the east Texas town of Cold Springs in 1944, the community waits for the war to end. In this place where certain boundaries are not crossed and in a time when people reveal little about themselves, their problems, and their passions, Jane Roberts Wood exposes the heart of each of four families during the last year of World War II. Bound together by neighborhood and Southern customs, yet separated by class, money, and family, they are an unforgettable lot, vibrantly brought to life in this “delightfully perceptive and unabashedly romantic” novel (Sanford Herald). As the war grinds to an end, it becomes the catalyst that drives the inhabitants of Cold Springs across the boundaries that had once divided them, taking them to places both chaotic and astonishing.
This book was a little difficult to get into at first. I think it started out a little slow then picked up after a few chapters. The author does a wonderful job of bringing the characters and settings to life. However, I found the end to be somewhat of a anti climax. It was almost as though the author was rushing to put a finish to it and wasn't sure how things should end up. The story line between Grace and the soldier, although romantic, left me feeling a little confused. Although it was obvious John was not the right man for her, the way Grace ended up with the soldier left me feeling as though I'd missed a chapter or two somewhere. Not a bad read but a slightly weak ending. Still I gave it four stars for pulling me into the story and keeping me there.
A slow starter and never really picked up speed. A look into past history in a small town.
In 1944 in Cold Springs, Texas, thirty-eight-year-old English teacher Grace Gillian does not understand the male of the species, at least those who are not on the front. They seem to admire her yet they avoid her as if she has a contagious disease. Her spouse simply left her without a word of explanation. Her widower neighbor shared a glorious evening with her, but never followed up with even a visit. Teenager Bobby Moore, who wants to join the army, and his father both have desired Grace, but try to hide those feelings especially from the senior's wacky Yankee spouse. Even a sergeant she meets on a train heading east finds he cannot resist the lure of Grace.

Perhaps, the males find the amazing teacher just a bit too flaky for them almost as if she is a flame and they are moths. She daringly reads poetry to her students. Who knows what other wild ideas she might unleash on an unsuspecting man? As the war draws closer to an end, which lucky male will earn Grace's love?

GRACE is a fabulous period piece that brings home life in a small Texas town during World War II. Though the story line centers on Grace, it contains several intriguing subplots that allow the audience a better understanding of her admirers and their need for distance. The key cast members are fully developed either through their respective relationship with Grace or with their own family members. Still, this is Grace's novel and she shines throughout just as much as author Jane Roberts Wood does.

Harriet Klausner
Grace the novel, centers on Grace Gillian, an English teacher in her 30's, living in a small, Texas town, Cold Springs. Grace's husband has recently left her, headed for NYC, and Grace has been left to deal with life on her own. We also meet several other members of the Cold Springs community, Bobby a highschool senior, who deeply desires to be a part of the war effort, the apple of his eye, Dixie, Bobby's family, and a few other side characters. Wood has a real gift for writing, her descriptions are excellent-you can picture each scene perfectly in your mind. Through Grace, we learn how the effects of the war turn life upside down in this small, close-knit community. As you follow the character's lives, you will see what their motivations and deepest desires are, how they all want to be accepted and understood in different forms and different ways. The story was entertaining, but not something that left much of an impression on me. To the author's credit, the writing was excellent (5 stars).
"Grace" follows the lives of four households living on the same block in the small Texas town of Cold Springs during the final years of World WarII. Grace Gillian, english teacher at the local high school, sparks passion for learning and exploration in her students. She presence is unsettling for the town, married later, only to have her husband abandon her, head filled with dreams and impractical things. This woman is a catalyst of sorts in the other households. John Appleby, enlisting in the service after his wife's death, looks to her with confusion and longing. Young Bobby Moore V, drawn by the passion Grace displays as his teacher, and her unselfconscious beauty. His home has currents of its own, his yankee mother snubbed( and not at all bothered)by local woman, befriends the family maid, struggles with the interference of family in her daughter's life. Bobby is drawn to Dixie baldridge, a young beauty with a troubled family life. Her father drinks and her mother is scarred by past trauma that has left her unable to cope. The US is drawn into the war and local young men leave the comforting confines of Cold Springs, life is turned upside down. While this book seems to wander a bit,it is a wonderful book that captures the upheavel in small town life that marked the mid 1940s. The realization that change would impose itself upon life, no matter how careful one was. Each family must face its own and intertwined challenges,closing the doors on hurts and refinding love and figuring out where they fit in Cold Springs
Well, I'm not sure what to make of this book. I thought it was pretty good, but I'd say about 70% of the book was about Bobby Moore and his family and friends, not so much about Grace. I kept wanting to know more about Grace and Bucy and what lead to his leaving her...but no detail was really given, and his response to her asking why was pretty lame.
In fact, almost every problem in this book was solved with a simple answer and a wave of the hand. I wanted more detail about some issues that truley could have been more entertaining had they been a little more in depth.
As for the ending, I don't know how I feel about it. Part of me says...'Well, it COULD have happened that way...I guess'...the other part says...'What the heck?!?!? What kind of ending was THAT! Could she have wrapped it up any quicker?' I don't know, I like the book, it made for a pleasant and thoughtless read just to pass time, but I don't know that I'd really recommend this to anyone I know.
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