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by Todd Gregory

  • Author: Todd Gregory
  • ISBN: 0758267150
  • ISBN13: 978-0758267153
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: Kensington (October 30, 2012)
  • Pages: 276
  • Rating: 4.7/5
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Need ePub download

Games Frat Boys Play by. Todd Gregory. Need by.

They walk in the darkness, seeking their prey, driven by needs and desires they cannot control. On the sultry streets of New Orleans, you can indulge every desire. Even when what you crave is blood. Their lust for human blood struggles with their desire for the body of a beautiful man - and if they are truly lucky, they can satisfy both lusts at the same time. In these tales of the gay vampire, some of today's top erotic writers explore the duality of blood lust coupled with passion and sensuality, and the need of the vampire to take blood and give erotic delight in return.

Everything was green. ble shade of green I could imagine and even some that I couldn’t. It was starting to make me slightly sick. I didn’t know where I was at first, but as I adjusted to the weird, disorienting green, I realized I was in my bedroom at the Orleans Street house. Bright green light was coming through the windows, feeling hot on my skin

Current City and Home Town. Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Oddly enough, his story "Bloodletting" is the first chapter of a much larger work, and this is not acknowledged until the back pages of the book. I recommend taking this book a chapter at a time because, like a rich dessert, too much of it in one sitting will make you sick.

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On the sultry streets of New Orleans, you can indulge every desire. Even when what you crave is blood. As far as the mortal world knows, Cord Logan died two years ago. In reality, he stalks the French Quarter, searching for victims. Cord knew that coming back to New Orleans would be risky now that he's broken with the fraternity of vampires who first claimed him. But a chance encounter with an old friend triggers unexpected desire, and reveals a lethal curse that endangers not just his kind, but all of humanity. Cord's quest to break the curse leads him on a journey of carnal self-discovery and deep into the bayous. Here, where magic reigns unchecked, Cord must tap into his dark, unpredictable abilities and all his seductive powers. And if he fails, he'll have all eternity to regret it. . .Todd Gregory is a New Orleans-based writer/editor. He is also a member of the Author's Guild, the Mystery Writers of America, the International Association of Crime Writers, and the Private Eye Writers of America.
New as stated! Will recommend to family & friends!
This book has been really wild. I wasn't expecting the book to be as sexual as it was if I'm being honest. I expexted it to have the usual vampire drama of some sort. I do enjoy fanfictions where it's M/M, but it seems as though it was too much. Like too much sex for you to actually think about the plot of the story. Many times I had to look at the back of the book to read the summary because I had no idea where this was going with the sex. As for the plot, I feel like it was alright. It was kind of a plot twist at the end where all the random events came together, so you could tell that this story was well thought out. I feel like I was disappointed by (SPOILER ALERT) the character interaction between Cord and Jean-Paul at the end. They parted roughly, so I was expecting more detail and emotions when they reunited. Same goes with Jared. He seemed really calm for all that's happened. But overall, I never really gotten bored honestly. I did have to take breaks tho because of the constant sex ????
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.

Quick & Dirty: This M/M paranormal erotica is terribly repetitious in the beginning but it turns around and has a decent ending.

Opening Sentence: The damp air was thick with the scent of blood.

The Review:

Cord Logan has been a vampire for the last two years. He recently left his sire to return to New Orleans, the place of his death. Vampires are supposed to live with their sires for one hundred years in order to learn the ways/rules of the world. Cord is very naïve as a vampire. Just one week back in New Orleans and he has let himself feel the Need for blood, when that happens, vampires can barely control themselves when feeding. Cord ends up feeding off an old friend from when he was alive, unfortunately his wounds won’t heal and Cord doesn’t know what to do. He ends up trying to make his friend into a vampire because he is dying.

Cord doesn’t like the fact that he is essentially a weak vampire as he is often reminded by the vampires who find him in New Orleans. Due to the circumstances of Cord’s human death, he ends up being drawn into a world of witches and vampires that he knows nothing about. As a boy who had been in the closet, he uses this world to fully express himself in a way he never could.

Need is not a novel for everyone. It is a male/male erotic novel and it is definitely full of sex scenes, from current time to flash backs to daydreams, Cord’s sexual nature really overrides the story. The story is slowly revealed in between each of these scenes. The one problem that I really had with Need was the early repetition in the story. Cord kept repeating himself over and over as if he hadn’t already revealed that information already. The last half of the novel is not as repetitious as the first half but if I hadn’t been reading this story for review, I wouldn’t have made it that far. It wasn’t so much that all of it was vital information either, a lot of it was about his need to feed and how dangerous it was.

This novel is told entirely from Cord’s point of view. The attention to detail while in New Orleans certainly brought me back to some of the locations I remember while being there. As this story began and Cord bit is friend, then preceded to have sex with almost every man he runs across, I did wonder where this story was going. Need did have a satisfying ending that helped wrap up Cord’s life as a vampire.

Cord really isn’t such a bad guy once you get past the repetition of his storytelling. He just wants someone to love him and he wants to stop being such a weak vampire. He doesn’t really justify his behavior but I don’t really think he needs too, even as he hears another voice in his head mocking his behaviors.

Overall, Need is a decent book if you like male/male erotic encounters. The ending made the story as opposed to the horribly repetitious beginning, because of this I wouldn’t mind finding out what would be next for Cord, if there ever was a sequel.

Notable Scene:

“Yes.” I lay back down on the bed, resting my back against some lace-edged pillows that cushioned my weight. “You said you’ve made me a god. Why would you do something like that?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. “Isn’t it forbidden?”

“Rules.” He waved his hand contemptuously. “What use have we for rules? Rules that were made only to keep us hidden, cowing in the shadows, while humans destroy themselves, refusing to learn, making the same mistakes over and over again?” His white body gleamed in the moonlight. “Councils of witches, councils of vampires and other creatures, all with their stupid petty rules and petty politics, all threatening us with destruction if we don’t conform and go along with their idiocies.” He turned back around, his arms folded across his chest. “Sebastian was a genius, you know. He saw how stupid if all was, how for millennia we have all denied our true natures rather than developed our abilities and our potential, all because of some stupid rules made when humans still hadn’t figured out how to wipe their asses.” His lip curled in scorn. “Sebastian’s mistake was that he thought he was the one who would be able to combine the powers of a vampire with a witch.” He shook his head. “He was a genius in many ways, but his own ambitions blinded him.”

“The key was to give a vampire witch blood to drink,” I said slowly.

He nodded. “Vampires are practically immortal; witches are not. You feel the power, don’t you?” Nico stepped back over to me. “Your body is already changing.” He reached out and grasped my right bicep muscle. Again, it felt like a current flowed through his hand through my skin and into my arm. “Your muscles feel harder, bigger.” He smiled. “Together we can rule the world.”

I pulled my arm away from him. “The Nightwatchers will never sit still for this.”

FTC Advisory: Kensington provided me with a copy of Need. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
Lahorns Gods
Cord is a young bumbling baby vamp that has made some poor decisions that just leads him into even more trouble. He was only twenty when he was turned, and that was only two years ago. His maker has done an extremely poor job in teaching him the ways of his new life. Cord is not completely at fault for some of his mistakes, but none the less he has caught the scrutiny of the Council of Thirteen, which is never a good thing.

There is so much more going on than what Cord sees happening around him. Need is first person point of view from Cord's perspective. Readers see what Cord sees, and Cord's inner voice that he should listen to more often. I did enjoy seeing where (not in a location sense) Cord is at the end of the book. The baby vamp does quite a bit of evolving even if some of it is not his choosing.

The ending does appear to me that Need has potential to go into a series. The curse that lead Cord from baby vamp making poor decisions to the very different vamp Cord is at the end of the book opened some interesting possibilities. I think I would move on and read more of Cord if this did turn into a series. The events at the end definitely have my curiosity piqued.

I need to point out this is not a romance. There are numerous sex scenes and other sexual situations, but not in a romantic happily ever after way. Cord has many problems. One of his problems is the fact that he lacks the ability to differentiate between love and just sex for the purpose of pleasure. There are some dubious consent situations. Cord also seems to need to be debased sexually in some ways that border on violence.

There are several factors that brought the rating down for me. Need had an Urban Fantasy feel to me. I'm not a big UF fan. I'm also not a first person point of view fan. I love reading a book from multiple perspectives. Overall though it was not what I was expecting.

book provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review
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