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The Wanton Bride (Historical Romance) ePub download

by Mary Brendan

  • Author: Mary Brendan
  • ISBN: 0263190633
  • ISBN13: 978-0263190632
  • ePub: 1999 kb | FB2: 1150 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Genre Fiction
  • Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (December 1, 2006)
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 751
  • Format: lrf doc lrf lit
The Wanton Bride (Historical Romance) ePub download

The Wanton Bride book. I liked the story of The Wanton Bride. This is an enjoyable historical romance story about two people not quite as perfect as society expects.

The Wanton Bride book. ONE SCANDAL LED TO ANOTHER. There were some tensed moments between the characters, as well as romantic suspense. I didn't know that this was actually a sequel to a Hunter trilogy. It's only now that I discovered this info when I was looking for an image to put up here on my blog. So now I need to read the first book so I could understand The Hunter brothers even more.

Mary Brendan was always a keen reader of historical romance, especially the Regency period. She also writes gritty sagas under a different pseudonym. She was born in north London, lived for a while in Suffolk, and is now back closer to her roots and her adult sons in a village in Hertfordshire.

Mary Brendan was born in North London, but now lives in rural Suffolk. Harlequin Historical. A Date with Dishonor. A Practical Mistress. Books by Mary Brendan. Wedding Night Revenge.

Books related to The Wanton Bride. Include any personal information. Mention spoilers or the book's price. The Partridge and the Peartree. The Portrait of Lady Wycliff. 0) 50 characters minimum. Title . The title should be at least 4 characters long.

A match made in heaven? Viscount Stratton had a reputation as an adventurer and a daredevil. When a mysterious lady advertises her charms in the newspaper, there's no way Viscount Blackthorne will allow his rash friend to attend the twilight rendezvous.

Mary Brendan was always a keen reader of historical romance, and she decided to try her hand at writing a Regency novel during her youngest son's afternoon naps. What started as a lazy lunchtime indulgence, sandwich in one hand, notepad in the other, soon developed into a highly enjoyable part-time occupation.

Fiction, Fiction - Romance, Romance: Modern, Romance - Historical, Fiction, Romance, General, Romance - General, Families, Social classes. Toronto ; New York : Harlequin.

Author Note The subsequent novel, The Wanton Bride, features Mark Hunter and his pursuit of a woman with a guilty secret.

During the Regency period, genteel ladies hoping to find a husband were expected to be of impeccable reputation. In writing THE HUNTER BROTHERS duet of books, I have created heroines who don’t quite fit Polite Society’s view of an ideal wife. In the first novel, A Practical Mistress, Sir Jason Hunter is captivated by a young widow brazen enough to proposition him. The subsequent novel, The Wanton Bride, features Mark Hunter and his pursuit of a woman with a guilty secret in her past.

MARY BRENDAN was born in North London but now lives in rural Suffolk.

After reading several very good books by this author, this was a bit disappointing. The story itself did not flow well and I never particularly liked the main characters. The hero supposedly accepts the heroine's past but I doubt it. He is certainly in lust but I have no idea why he thinks he is in love. Maybe that is explained in the preceding book about his brother and this heroine's best friend.The heroine regrets her errors but she doesn't seem to be able to control her "wantonness" unless she is mad at someone. They do seem to like to bait each other. The death of a secondary character was unnecessary, trite and just way too convenient.
Emily Beaumont is worried about her oldest brother, whose noboby has heard of in the last few weeks. Without a clue to his location and afraid that her brother has gotten into one to many scrape, she turns to Mark Hunter for help.
He, secretly half in love with Emily and in the name of friendship towards the brother, promises to do all he can(and he can do a lot).
There are villains, kidnappings, clueless parents, a friend falling in love with Emily's suitor, all in the best regency genre.
If you like historical romances, this is for you.
From intrigued to mischief to kidnapping right into romance. Wow! What a wonderful mix which made for a wonderfully delightful story. Loved it!!!!
second of two stories and was as good as I expected.
This is one writer that never fails you, I have read all her novels, and each one you read none stop till you reach the last page, this latest book is no exception. Book one was A Practical Mistress, the hero Jason Hunter, Book two: the Wanton Bride has his brother Mark Hunter playing hero. Would recommend any of her books, they all have wonderful story lines & are well worth the money. Collectors for sure, for any Regency fan. This lady does not know how to write a poor story.
Once in a while, I read regency novels because I love knowing the cultures and behaviors of people from centuries ago. So I got this Wanton Bride at my favorite bookstore and spent an evening with Sir Mark Hunter and the tempting Emily Beaumont.

When Emily’s older brother Tarquin went MIA or missing in action, she thought of the worst that could have happened to her brother. Tarquin had been known to accumulate a lot of debts and failed to pay, so this got Emily worried. And when she haven’t heard from him for a long time, she thought one of his shenanigans got the worst of him, so Emily finally asked for assistance from an unlikely ally, Sir Mark Hunter. For his part, he was, firstly, hesitant to mingle with her, since he has been reputed to be having another mistress . The fact that Emily seemed to have a reckless attitude towards him, made Mark put her off. Soon he grew quite intrigued with Emily’s beauty and aloofness towards him.

While Emily disliked going to Mark for help, she did her best to make sure that her brother was safe from harm. Little did she know that she was going straight to the devil’s hands when she thought she was going to her brother’s aid. Good thing, Mark was wise and resourceful; he was able to save the damsel in the nick of time. Or was he really the one who saved her?

Amidst the chaos that Tarquin has created is a scandal waiting to be revealed. A secret Emily never wanted anyone else to know. Would she be able to hide the truth from Mark after coming to her aid? And by the way, what’s with Emily’s family? It didn’t look like her father was really concerned about his son’s whereabouts. I wonder why.

I liked the story of The Wanton Bride. There were some tensed moments between the characters, as well as romantic suspense. It's not always that I get to read regency romances and let me tell you, there's something about this genre that really fascinates me. Mary Brendan's writing is eloquent and so endearing. I'd love to read more regencies soon!
The premise is good and so are the characters but I still felt something was missing. It starts off well...Emily Beaumont's brother Tarquin has disappeared, which isn't unusual since he has creditors galore but this time even the people to whom he owes his debts don't know where he's gone. To ease her parents' worry, she attempts to find Tarquin and after a couple of run-ins with undesirable characters, turns to one man to help her, a man who once had Tarquin jailed over a debt, a man she hates... Mark Hunter only had Tarquin jailed to teach him a lesson but Emily doesn't realize that. What she also doesn't know is that for years Mark has hidden a passion for her, and he's glad to help if it'll get him closer to her... Barbara Emerson is Mark's mistress and it's common knowledge to everyone. She jilted Mark when he went away on his Grand Tour as a youngster. When her husband died, she once more enticed him into a love affair but now she sees Emily as a rival...

In this story everyone has secrets...Tarquin has them a-plenty, Emily and her former fiance share one, Emily's friend Sarah has her own little secret, and Mark Hunter has one he won't even admit to himself. The backgrounds to all these clandestine goings-on are barely mentioned and more delving into the back-stories in each case would've definitely made the story more interesting though infinitely longer. Even the reason for Tarquin's disappearance, when revealed, is stated in such a way it becomes anticlimactic. What should've been a dramatic unveiling merely comes across as a couple of statements of explanation. In fact, like a Greek play, anything exciting happens offstage and is reported by someone or explained away in a few sentences. Even the titular villain doesn't appear to be much of a threat. One wonders if there was a word-limit involved.

The story was entertaining as far as it went. The trouble was it didn't go far enough. I wanted to know more about the characters from flashbacks and their own points of view, not by someone reporting it. Also, I know this was a Regency setting but I felt the title, especially the definition of "wanton" was definitely reaching a bit in this case. I enjoyed it but I would've enjoyed it more if it had expanded on characters and events.
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