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by Ryan Loveless

  • Author: Ryan Loveless
  • ISBN: 1463628625
  • ISBN13: 978-1463628628
  • ePub: 1670 kb | FB2: 1153 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Erotica
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 21, 2011)
  • Pages: 442
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 636
  • Format: rtf azw azw lit
Pop Life ePub download

Also by Ryan Loveless.

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Ryan Loveless is a farmer's daughter. in English from a private college in Illinois and a master's degree in library and information science with an archival certificate from a university in New York. Raised in a conservative family, she was shocked and relieved when her coming out was largely uneventful.

I have a love/dislike relationship with it. Overall, I love the guys and the storyline.

Andrew writes the songs that everyone sings along with on the radio-tunes full of love, longing, and heartbreak. He has a knack for tapping into the world's emotions, but when it comes to his own life, the feelings aren't so easy to handle. But the couple must deal with the past in the form of Keelin's ex.

Pop Life: Book One. Andrew writes the songs everyone sings along with on the radio-tunes full of love, longing, and heartbreak. Pop Life - Ryan Loveless. He has a knack for tapping into emotions, but when it comes to his own, the feelings aren’t so easy to manage.

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Book in the Pop Life Series). Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9781634772686.

Andrew writes the songs that everyone sings along with on the radio--tunes full of love, longing, and heartbreak. He has a knack for tapping into the world's emotions, but when it comes to his own life, the feelings aren't so easy to handle. Sent to New York City to work on a lead singer's first solo album, Andrew finds himself caught in the middle of a boy band's in-fighting and secret love affairs while battling the memories of his last trip to the Big Apple, which ended in divorce. Yet his heart leaps when he discovers he's staying at the same hotel as Jamie Webster, the worldwide sensation who once drunkenly kissed him at an awards show. As the troubled popstar clings to Andrew for help, Andrew must ask himself a hard question: Can I save this man, or will he pull me down with him?
Thank you, Mr. Loveless, for a marvelous few hours in my life. I'm a bit biased, as I really like gay romances starring rock stars (it's all somehow bigger than life), but I had a great time reading this book.

It's a snapshot in time of a couple of successful songwriters, a rock star, a boy band and a world-famous photographer to the stars. Lots of dysfunction, lots of pain, lots of longing, but the book does defy the romance stereotypes - there's no miscommunication snafus - and an ending that ties everything perfectly into a bow. The bad guys get the bad guys, and the good guys get the good. Even the other songwriter, the straight one, gets his girl and a wedding.

The whole book was well written, the dialog, in particular. Much was revealed in the dialog instead of through exposition, so this talented author showed, not told, his story - and did it well.

This book gets my highest possible recommendation.

P.S. To Amazon - I've recently made three different purchasing errors and ended up with expensive short stories instead of reasonably-priced novels because your "estimated pages" were so far off. One said 220 pages (estimated), but was only 1200 Locations. This one has around 3200 locations. No way in the world is that 400+ pages as the book profile claims. It appears to have about 200 pages - a good length, and perfect for the story.
I guess it was deserving of a better rating but I couldn't get past all of the drama. The story of two rock bands and their interaction with their songwriters, told in the first person just didn't come together for me. Much of the story is just filler, with no real resolutions to the situations. Andrew's troubles with his sexual identity just didn't ring true. To be perfectly honest, Mark Roeder's books "Do You Know That I Love You" and "This Time Around" actually told a similar story, although in a YA setting and in a more loving and satisfying manner. Like I said, maybe it's just me, but I couldn't connect with any of the characters here.
Being far too expensive for its length aside, this short novel has luckily little in common with your usual M/M romance.

First of all there is little sex and what little there is is strictly functional to the story.

Second it manages to walk on a thin -and subtle- line avoiding the ordinary dayly life of normal people -which could be boring in a romance- without plunging headfirst into the -to our eyes- glamourous glittery world of pop-music.
The pop-music world is described in a matter of fact way, without overindulging in the sex and drugs and rock&roll that we ordinary people have come to associate with it. They are mentioned but in an understated way. It does not hurt that two main characters are not singers but authors and therefore we are shown a great deal of work, not just the scintillating concerts, in a costant behind the scenes which remains interesting throughout.

Third feelings are understated, more hinted at than shouted, but we feel them nonetheless. There are no tragedies nor impossibly evil villains.
Actually there are two (tragedies) in one of the two lovers' life, but, while they are heart-wrenching, a dull sheen of inevitability blunts their sharper edges.

I cannot say whether the three assets above are intentional or just a construction I am making about the intentions of the author. To me it appears like a choice, anyway.

Another point of interest is the large cast of full-fledged characters: three main and five side ones, all individuals in their own right, perfectly consistent. A very fine -intentional? who knows- detail is that one of the characters, the former wife of one of the two lovers, is present from page one of the book because her -failed- relationship with him is a constant paragon for the man, but she is actually introduced only very late in the story.

The POV belongs to Drew, the divorced lover. He is a peculiar character: he apparently falls into the nerdy, introverted, complexed, frail category but he is not a living stereotype.
Being a poet -sub species lyrics author- he has this rather annoying habit of constantly musing and we sure get a deep insight of the random workings of his thoughts. There is a lot of them. Nothing in the plot passes his eyes unnoticed and everything seems to be an opportunity for him to examine his failings.
I never got bored, though. He never whines, he just has this inability of getting on with his life, every past mistake clear in his memory and leading to new ones. Luckily he changes, subtly, when he meets Jamie and has to take charge because Jamie's life is even more of a mess. The change is not sensational and we can believe this constant musing will go on in the future but he learns how to cope and how to take decisions.

That this constant rumbling of thoughts and self denying, which will probably displease both melodrama and plot driven story lovers, never managed to bore me should say a lot about Ms. Loveless (Ryan Loveless? What an ugly penname, by the way; it makes one think the author is a man) ability to write.
I cared for the characters and loved them -in a subdued way, of course-. My only qualm was about the happy ending which does not take all the pages it should to successfully give vent to all the pent up emotions of the story.
This book had good intentions, but some of the people kept me frustrated in their actions...had a few twist's and turns. I wanted more development of the people involved. I will give this author another chance, so they got one more shot to get me to buy their books again.
Pop Life is set in 1999, and is framed by articles from various faux publications providing gossip on pop star Jamie Webster and members of the boy band Icon (Paeder, Keelin and Russell). Successful writing duo Andrew and Michael have composed songs for Jamie Webster in the past, and have now been hired for Paeder's upcoming solo album. Andrew travels to New York to meet with Paeder and learns that Jamie Webster is also staying at the hotel. Andrew has a "secret past" with Jamie ... well, they meet ONCE over 2 years ago backstage at the Grammys when Jamie kissed Andrew before passing out in a drunken stupor.

The fairly incomprehensible plot revolves around six characters - Jamie, Andrew, Paeder, Keelin, Russell and a very creepy photographer named Jeff - all of whom are very lightly fleshed-out. Paeder is an obnoxious git, Keelin is the blue-eyed sweet boy with low self-esteem, Russell is ... well, there, Jamie can't sleep at night because of his "darkness" (rolling eyes here), Jeff hits on anything that moves, and Andrew is confused. There is no chemistry between Andrew and Jamie (with only one somewhat detailed sex scene) and I felt there were so many baffling plot holes and twists that the book seemed much longer than it actually was.

Sometimes you'll read a book that has a bewildering plot, and you end up liking it because something about it just grabs your interest and you are willing to suspend disbelief and buy into the story. This did not happen to me with this book; I struggled with finishing it and cannot recommend it.

I received a galley copy from Dreamspinner Press, via GayBook Reviews, in exchange for an honest review.
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