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Renegades of Gor (Gorean Saga) ePub download

by John Norman

  • Author: John Norman
  • ISBN: 0759219567
  • ISBN13: 978-0759219564
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: e-reads.com; Anniversary edition (June 30, 2007)
  • Pages: 504
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 426
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Renegades of Gor (Gorean Saga) ePub download

The Gorean fantasy novels of John Norman.

John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history.

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Read Renegades of Gor, by John Norman online on Bookmate – Battles rage as the epic science fantasy adventure saga continues.

The siege had been long and bitter. by appeals to Cosian heritages or patriotism. Their loyalties would be less to Cos than to their captains and comrades. In some cases, they might be loyal, as well, to their word, to their oaths and pledges, and, if they understood what they were marking at the recruitment tables, their contracts.

Renegades of Gor. Annotation. Publisher: DAW Books, New York, 1986. With RENEGADES OF GOR, all the complexity and intrigue of John Norman’s saga comes together to create an adventure replete with danger, excitement, and romance in the unforgettable realm of Gor - where courage remains meaningful, and pride and honor have never been forgotten.

Kajira means slave-girl in Gorean. The long-awaited 26th novel in the bestselling Gorean saga. But when Tiffany Collins was kidnapped from Earth and brought to that orbital counter-world, she found herself on the throne of a mighty city as its "queen. Power seemingly was hers, and she did not realize that her true role was that of a slave puppet of a conniving woman agent of the monstrous Kurii. KAJIRA OF GOR is one of the most excitingly vivid novels John Norman has written.

John Norman is the pen name of John Frederick Lange, Jr. (born June 3, 1931), who is the author of the Gor series of fantasy novels, and a professor of philosophy. John Lange was born in Chicago, Illinois, to John Frederick Lange and Almyra D. Lange (née Taylor). He began his academic career in the early 1950s, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in 1953, and his Master of Arts degree from the University of Southern California in 1957.

Tarnsman Of Gor - The Chronicles of Counter-Earth Volume . Tarnsman Of Gor. by. John Norman. sci-fi, gorean, erotic, slave. folkscanomy sexuality; folkscanomy; additional collections. Tarnsman Of Gor - The Chronicles of Counter-Earth Volume 1. Addeddate.

The maritime ubarate of Cos, with her allies, is mounting an attack on Ar on two fronts, from the south with a major invasion force and in the north with an expeditionary force besieging Ar's Station, Ar's base of power in the vast arable basin of Gor's mightiest river, the Vosk. Dietrich of Tarnburg, a mercenary, has seized Torcodino in the south, with its stores of military supplies, to temporarily halt the march of Cos on Ar, to buy Ar time to organize for her defense. Cabot has delivered letters from Dietrich to the regent of Ar, Gnieus Lelius, apprising him of the city's danger and the situation at Torcodino, and he has, in turn, been entrusted with letters from the regent to be delivered to the besieged Ar's Station. In virtue of treason in Ar, her main forces have been drawn away from the city and are now are wintering at Holmesk. Thus Ar is substantially defenseless and Ar's Station is abandoned. At Ar's Station Cabot, betrayed by the very missives he conveyed, is arrested as a spy. In the destruction wrought in Ar's Station by siege engines Cabot escapes his imprisonment. Shall he then flee Ar's Station, making his way to freedom through its miseries and desolations, its ruins and flames, or shall he remain, to defend, as he can, to the death, if need be, her weakened, betrayed, starving defenders, those who had been his very captors? Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first book of the Gorean Saga, TARNSMAN OF GOR, E-Reads is proud to release the very first complete publication of all Gor books by John Norman, in both print and ebook editions, including the long-awaited 26th novel in the saga, WITNESS OF GOR. Many of the original Gor books have been out of print for years, but their popularity has endured. Each book of this release has been specially edited by the author and is a definitive text.
Being imprisoned for bringing a message to a leader.Then saving the city's people from slavery and helping to bring them safely to another city.
This one was better than dancer of Gor. I was happy to see Jason again. It helped connect the importance of fighting slave and guardsmen of gor.
adventure time
Love all of this series! I hope it keeps going! Really like that it follows the same character throught almost all of them.
great book, need to read thed wholle series.
Enjoyed the action and interaction in this book. Left me in supsense and wanting more. Been reading John Norman since 1975
Nobody reads all of these books and gets to No. 23 and doesn't know what to expect. 10% plot 10% humor 80% polemic on women being slaves and men being dominant. Ok that ship has saile but it's got it's moments. I don't mind the role playing I just need a little less lecturing. Regards,
I am a big fan of the Gor series, but this one fell short for me. If you subtract out all of the psychological babble regarding slaves, there was maybe 100 pages of story.
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