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by Suzanne Forster

  • Author: Suzanne Forster
  • ISBN: 0783801718
  • ISBN13: 978-0783801711
  • ePub: 1225 kb | FB2: 1454 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Publisher: G K Hall & Co (May 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 536
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 980
  • Format: lrf mbr mobi lrf
Husband Lover Stranger ePub download

Husband, Lover, Stranger book. New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Suzanne Forster is living proof of Shakespeare’s maxim that the uses of adversity are sweet. Suzanne’s writing career began by accident.

Husband, Lover, Stranger book. A car accident ended her dreams for a career in clinical psychology.

Husband Lover Stranger. or a deadly stranger?

Husband Lover Stranger. By (author) Suzanne Forster.

Sophie Weston was young and impressionable when she married Jay Babcock, a rich man with a wild heart. Her passion suddenly turned to pain when her new husband vanished without a trace. She sees something different in his eyes, and she wonders: is this mystery man truly her husband, her lover or a deadly stranger?

Husband, Lover, Stranger. 1998) A novel by Suzanne Forster.

Husband, Lover, Stranger. - Publishers Weekly. by. Forster, Suzanne. New York : Berkley Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Suzanne Forster is the New York Times bestselling author of more than forty .

Suzanne Forster is the New York Times bestselling author of more than forty romance novels, including The Devil and Ms. Moody (1990), Shameless (2001), and Unfinished Business (2004). Forster lives in Southern California with her husband, and has taught women’s contemporary fiction writing seminars at UCLA and UC Riverside. The Stealth Commandos Trilogy. When a mysterious stranger arrives in Shady Trees, things go quickly awry: clocks stop, small children insist they’ve spotted UFOs, and the prim and proper schoolteacher begins indulging in abduction fantasies.

You can read book Forster, Suzanne by Blush in our library for absolutely free perhaps even to notice he. ebb knew this with the same metaphysical certainty that he knew she would lose her innocence the moment she was touched. The imagined was pure and perfect. Her lover wouldn't be. He might fulfill her physical longings, but he could never meet the needs of a dreamer's heart. They were pristine, like dewdrops clinging to a leaf.

Romantic SuspenseLarge Print EditionSmooth and riveting. Publishers WeeklyNobody could convince young Sophie Weston that marrying Jay Babcock, a rich man with a wild heart, was a bad idea. Sophie had already surrendered to passion. But her joy was short-lived when her new husband vanished without a trace. Now, five years later, Jay has returned to claim his empire and his bride, but an older and wiser Sophie isnt sure that the dark mystery man is truly her husband at all . . .
blac wolf
I was really gripped, kept turning the pages, the whole set-up was excellent, lots of motives, confusions, mixed feelings. I couldn't wait to finish it and solve all the mysteries.
The confused heroine and the mysterious stranger, really very well done, utterly convinving! Great job!
But then, when it came to offering solutions, there were just a few sloppy sentences, like sketching a possible direction what might have happened, but no real explanation. When I am kept on tenterhooks for many hundreds of pages, I want to know what actually happened
Without giving away too much: What did Colby actually do to his brother? What was Claude's role in the whole thing? Why were Wallis and El's actions so easily forgivable that El could be fully trusted to complete Jay's treatments at the end? I did not feel satisfied on the intellectual level at all. I hope that Suzanne Forster is going to work on this, as I really like the way she sets up the whole story, I am just left with too many open questions at the end.
After reading several great reviews, I decided to buy this book.
I have never read anything from Suzanne Forster before. I am a huge fan of Tami Hoag, Sandra Brown, Linda Howard, Lori Foster, Susan Johnson. But, I'm always on the look-out for new authors and thought I'd give her a try.
I'm not sure why I even finished the book! Exasperating! This book had sooooooo much potential but it dragged on and on and on...... Come on!!! "Sophie" was a weak, neurotic woman with no backbone. "Jay" was the only decent thing about the book. He was the only reason why that I finished the book. ...don't waste your money. Buy a piece of bubble gum instead.
Very Old Chap
This book spent its entire length being almost interesting, almost compelling, almost enjoyable.
Sophie was cardboard. The author kept hinting at how her past had affected her. There is a sentence on the last page which made a lot of Sophie's character make sense, but by then it was too late.
The story idea was interesting, but the author was unable to make me care about any of the characters.
Five years after her husband Jay disappeared in Nepal in an avalanche and was declared dead, Sophie has decided to move on and has a new fiance. At her engagement party, news of Jay's return turns her life upside down. It turns out he was held prisoner in and has suffered some memory loss - enough to raise suspicions in Sophie. While his family and various tests indicate that he is Jay, she fears he may be an imposter. Losing him once nearly destroyed her - can she give her heart to him again? As Jay prepares to take over the reigns of the family pharmaceutical empire, strange events surrounding Sophie's safety and his own therapy have him wondering if there is a plot against them to tear away at their fragile reunion.

Forster's back-from-the-dead romance is just far too long. A reader can only take so much hedging, hawing, and red herrings before they say "Uncle." The story could've been cut 100 pages without making a dent in the contrived and predictable plot. The only saving grace is that it is one of Forster's more romantic tales, filled with plenty of tension and longing. But overall, it just falls short of being anything above average.
I disagree with some of the writers below. This book was excellent and kept you reading. Sophie had worked so hard to straighten out her life after Jay was "killed" and then to suddenly have him return was quite a shock.
She has strange feelings about her husband, is he or isn't he her husband? Some instances just don't match up. Can she trust him? Can she love him again?
Then there is the additional problem of the Babcock takeover in running the company. Who are the bad guys? Are there bad guys?
What makes this book so interesting are all the characters we are dealing with. The sister-in-law, the mother, the chemist, the attorneys, Jay, the psychiatrist?
I could not put this book down. It is the first of Ms. Forester's books that I have read and I am going to read all the others.
This is one book that readers will either love or hate. A husband dies in Nepal, yet returns 5 years later. His wife Sophie barely survived loosing him once can she take a chance again? And by the way -- who is trying to kill her?
Those that love it will simmer in Jay and Sophie's romance the second time around. And be engrossed in the 2 secondary romances - one with an older couple and the other with a woman considering a lesbian relationship. And will try to figure out who done it.
Those that hate it will find Sophie an weak character. She can not decide if it is or isn't her husband. So much for the DNA tests, finger prints and matching x-rays of a old childhood injury ... no Sophie feels that he has changed (guess 5 years in a POW camp might do that). No rather than try to help him fit back into society, Jay must convince her that he is really her husband.
While parts of this book are strong and well written, the plot is too loosely woven and often doesn't even come close to making sense. My suggestion is to enjoy the romance and skip the endless pages that go nowhere.
Erotica in its finest form: no gratuitous sex, MUCH sensuality. This is my first Suzanne Forster novel, and I couldn't put it down from the time I picked it up Saturday until I was done at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Forster has gift for mining the erotic drama of EMOTIONS as opposed to sex and leaves you breathless and wanting more. Her characters, while remaining faithful to the genre, nevertheless stretch just enough beyond it to keep you guessing about their fates. Each time I thought I saw the next plot twist, I was mistaken. Forster kept me guessing and now I am COMPELLED to grab her other novels. It doesn't get much better than this!
Suzanne Forster was stretching when she wrote this book. A husband disappears and suddenly comes back several years later. The wife isn't sure if he is her husband or not. How does he have memories of her husband but then not. Who is this crazy man who breaks into house and looks just like her husband? Why is her husband's mother being secretive. This book does not make sense and the plot was weak. Don't waste your time.
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