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by Algernon Blackwood

  • Author: Algernon Blackwood
  • ISBN: 1444407589
  • ISBN13: 978-1444407587
  • ePub: 1608 kb | FB2: 1402 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Classics
  • Publisher: ValdeBooks (January 14, 2010)
  • Pages: 76
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 890
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The Damned ePub download

Interesting book by Algernon Blackwood! A brother and sister spend some time with a recently widowed friend

Interesting book by Algernon Blackwood! A brother and sister spend some time with a recently widowed friend. Her deceased husband was a strict fire and brimstone preacher who damned everyone who didn't believe like him to hell. Or many different things at once. It's an interesting concept, a house possessed by the strong beliefs of those who lived there before. I imagine Interesting book by Algernon Blackwood! A brother and sister spend some time with a recently widowed friend.

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The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood . If u never read heard a book like the books written by tryon blackwoods story's u will never know why Stephen king or any horror writer are as good as they are.The story is set in the Canadian wilderness. A hunting party separates to track moose, and one member is abducted by the Wendigo of legend. What they do is not as original as u may believe. This is bat shit scary!

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) trained as a doctor and took up a special interest in Eastern medicine and religion.

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) trained as a doctor and took up a special interest in Eastern medicine and religion. He published several short story collections before becoming an undercover agent for Britain during World War I. After the war he became known for his regular appearances reading ghost stories on BBC radio and television.

Algernon Henry Blackwood, CBE (14 March 1869 – 10 December 1951) was an English broadcasting narrator, journalist, novelist and short story writer, and among the most prolific ghost story writers in the history of the genre. The literary critic S. T. Joshi stated, "His work is more consistently meritorious than any weird writer's except Dunsany's. and that his short story collection Incredible Adventures (1914) "may be the premier weird collection of this or any other century".

These are the first stories of Algernon Blackwood I've ever read. Blackwood is one very fine writer of tales of the preturnatural bent who can build mental images and psychological suspense as a true master of the art. Most of the authors I prefer, like this one, are of the 19th or early 20th centuries when readers expected more out of English prose. Blackwood does not disappoint here.

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This is the perfect example of horror stories that I enjoy and admire.

While highly graphic, violent and gory details of blood and dismembered bodies are horrific, they do not chill me to the bones. This book, on the other hand, creates an intensely chilly atmosphere which is terrifying.

(Slight spoiler warning:)

The concept of how men's evil intent lingers on in a house, and not only magnifies over time, but struggle amongst themselves to gain control over others is new to me, but makes perfect sense.

The ending might seem a little "easy" but I am glad that the tension is resolved in this benevolent way.
This was probably more of a short story than a full length novel. I didn't like it quite as well as Blackwood's other works. It certainly wasn't in the same league as 'The Centaur', let alone 'A Prisoner of Fairyland'. However, like all of Blackwood's works, I found it worth reading. One of the reasons I didn't like it as well is because I found the main character a bit less sympathetic than Blackwood's main characters usually are. However, he and his sister were interesting. The sister was in many ways more interesting than he was. The nature of the horror and the mystery of what was going were both very interesting, as well as of a darker nature than the seductive wildness, which often beckons to Blackwood's protagonists. This wasn't seductive at all, just scary. The main character was more of an observer than in the thick of things himself.
The Damned is a short, easy read. One has to keep that in mind when progressing through the story. The prose flows smoothly and is relatively simple. Blackwood's haunted house is an interesting alternative to the traditional standard. The short length of the story does not allow the depth of development of the characters and setting that would have made this story outstanding. The insights from the main character are interesting but the other characters are rather shallow. The setting is the same as every other haunted house but could have been more. Because it is such a short story, such an easy read and is a different twist on "ghosts" I still recommend it to ghost/haunted house fans.
This is a good story and well worth reading. Blackwood's prose is enjoyable, the story itself is slow at times, but it builds to a growing sense of horror, only to fall at the end to an anti-climax. The funny thing is that the readers are warned again and again in the story to expect such an ending. You might think of this as softcore Lovecraft.

I mention such a spoiler in the review because I feel that forwarned a reader should enjoy the story much more for what it is than what it might have been.
I pretty much love anything by this author. This one is the most recent I've read, and I was (as usual) very pleased with the creepy factor, the writing style, the atmosphere created...I'm ready for another one now.
Engaging in the way writing from this time period can be; the language is strong and concrete and rich with emotion. I felt drawn in to the setting with shadowy halls and sprawling, picturesque gardens. Not a very lengthy read, and the payoff isn't particularly strong in that it relies more on tone and mood, however, as such I found satisfying.
I love Blackwood, and his atmospheric writing was definitely in place here, but the story just didn't get under my skin the way much of his writing does.
While the writing and suspense of this book are superb, the story ultimately comes to a lackluster ending. Unless mystery/suspense novels without conclusions appeal to you, I would not recommend this book.
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