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by Mavis Cheek

  • Author: Mavis Cheek
  • ISBN: 0312302959
  • ISBN13: 978-0312302955
  • ePub: 1528 kb | FB2: 1768 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: British & Irish
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; First Edition edition (October 4, 2002)
  • Pages: 352
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 920
  • Format: lrf rtf doc lit
Mrs. Fytton's Country Life ePub download

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Angela pushed it gently to one side with her foot so that it lay among the winter-flowering pansies, half hidden, only its stick-like legs on view. She delivered her invitation and heard it plop into the silent hallway, then went on her way. The Rudges, in absentia, were busier than ever this New Year. The likelihood of their getting to the Ale Blessing, or the party afterwards, was - as Mrs Rudge said in her note -unlikely. They would try to make an appearance and they would probably fail.

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Fytton's Country Life book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Angela Fytton - wonderwife and supermother - has been.

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Mavis Cheek was born and grew up in Wimbledon. After Alecto, she attended Hillcroft College for Women from where she graduated in Arts. After her daughter Bella was born, she began her writing career in earnest; journalism and travel writing at first, then short stories, and eventually, in 1988, her novel Pause Between Acts was published by Bodley Head and won the She/John Menzies First Novel Prize.

Mavis Cheek Mrs Fytton's Country Life. Price: 277 Kč Price for Eshop: 249 Kč (€ . ). Angela Fytton, wonderwife, supermother, bedroom vamp and business partner, has been dumped by her husband for a younger model. Now divorced, she decides to fight and moves to the country, thinking country folks are almost angels - and finds this very far from the truth. You can ask us about this book and we'll send an answer to your e-mail.

item 1 Mrs Fytton's Country Life-Mavis Cheek, 9780571205417 -Mrs Fytton's Country Life-Mavis Cheek . Mavis Cheek was born and grew up in Wimbledon.

item 1 Mrs Fytton's Country Life-Mavis Cheek, 9780571205417 -Mrs Fytton's Country Life-Mavis Cheek, 9780571205417. item 2 Mrs Fytton's Country Life, Cheek, Mavis, Very Good Book -Mrs Fytton's Country Life, Cheek, Mavis, Very Good Book. She failed her eleven plus (twice!) and was put in the B stream of a secondary modern school, where she tried, completely unsuccessfully, to learn to become a good and dutiful secretary.

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Beautifully written, witty and wise.

I wish I could leave it at that, but Amazon is insisting I write more words.

So I'll add that I loved this book - it's the perfect holiday read.

Mavis Cheek at her best.
Why can't more books be this funny, well-written and wise? I, who read at every available moment, and have a stack of good books waiting to be read, actually savored Mrs Fytton's Country Life twice. Please, please read this book if you need a fine laugh. Read it twice, in fact.
enjoyable like all mavis cheeks books and very easy to read proves life doesn't always end up like you plan
Mustard Forgotten
Mavis Cheek is to "women's fiction" (for lack of a better term) what Janet Evanovich is to mystery. This is one of the wittiest, brightest, funniest books I have read in a long, long time.
With quiet, droll but absolutely side-splitting humor, Cheeks, a shining star if there ever was one, tells the tired old cliched story of a first wife whose husband has left her for a younger, blonder, bimbette. And after all those years of devotion, too! Before you groan aloud and stop reading this review, believe me when I tell you that this is NOT the ordinary tale!
Angela Fytton, the spurned wife, is not one to take rejection quietly, and is not above casting aspersions on her (ex)-husbands er...manly equipment to wifey number two. Angela embarks on a diabolical plan to get her husband back. Part 1: Buy a huge, rambling house in the country that doubles as historic artifact. Start making one's own honey and talking to the hens (whom she threatens with coq au vin recipes if they don't behave). Part 2: Send one's obnoxious teenaged children (boy and girl) to live with Daddy and Bimbette and New Baby Brother. Part 3: Well...you have to read the book.
Does Angela get her husband back? Does Binnie the Bimbette (yes, Binnie) survive her predecessor's truly outrageous onslaught? Will the baby survive his teenaged siblings? Will Ian the ex-husband survive both wife number one and wife number two without resorting to bondage (one of the shortest but funniest paragraphs I have yet to read)?
Read it and find out...and rejoice that there is a wildly funny British wit on the loose! I was thrilled to find that Cheek has written [other] novels, and plan to investigate her other books as soon as possible.
At first I found this book hard to get into because of the style of writing - ancient household Goddess recipes and advice interspersed with the goings on in the life of Mrs Fytton, her ex-husband, his bimbette wife, toothy son and two teenage children - not to mention the extremely licentious happenings in the country!

However, when I got into the novel I really enjoyed it! Dry wit all the way through - I spent some time in Somerset last time I was in the UK so I could appreciate village life (it doesn't differ that much from here in Australia!) and what happens to the protagonists.

Very good read, clever and funny :) Recommended

Diana Hockley
IA delightful, if not wholly believable, story of a marriage, a divorce, reconciliation, and a mistress. That's just the central character. Lots of interesting people are met along the way to a satisfying ending.
This book was recommended to me by someone who has divorced. She was clearly in the same position as Mrs. Fytton (the main character) in a lot of ways. Therefore, I can understand how many middle-aged women who are divorcee's will LOVE this book.
I am, however, a single man...and felt it a bit of a "yawn".
So...different strokes for different folks is all I can say. I did read it all the way through (with some 'I wish this would end' feelings along the way). I did find the writer had a nice style...but I would have liked a bit more story and a lot less characters.
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