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by Jude Deveraux

  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 0099347202
  • ISBN13: 978-0099347200
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  • Language: English
  • Category: British & Irish
  • Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd (June 1984)
  • Pages: 360
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 181
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Highland Velvet ePub download

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Home Jude Deveraux Highland Velvet. WHENEVER ANYONE HAS READ THIS BOOK BEFORE PUBLICATION, she has asked me the same questions: Why isn’t a kilt mentioned, and what were the tartan colors of Clan MacArran? The early Highlanders wore a simple garment (plaide is Gaelic for blanket) that they spread on the ground, then lay upon and pulled the edges to their sides and belted. This formed a skirt at the bottom, and the upper part of the plaid, or blanket, was pinned at one shoulder. There are several stories of how the kilt came into being.

Highland Velvet book.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Stephen Montgomery was one of the hated English

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Stephen Montgomery was one of the hated English. He came to Scotland as a conqueror.

Highland Velvet Deveraux, Jude. ark:/13960/t54f99g28. Ocr. ABBYY FineReader 1. (Extended OCR).

Highland Velvet, page 13. part of Velvet Montgomery Annuals Series. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33. It was when she turned her head the third time that she thought she saw something. It seemed like an eternity before lightning illuminated the wall again. Her neck felt as if it would break from holding her head up. The lightning flashed, and suddenly all her pain left her. There, to her left, about halfway down, was a familiar flash of the red plaid Alex favored. Jude Deveraux Series: Chandler Twins.

More enjoyable than "The Velvet Promise" due mainly to the fact that the hero in this one isn't dumber than a bowl of mice. Interestingly enough, it seems to be a story all about the dangers of being.

Jude Deveraux steps back to a time and place where revenge and rivalry rule men's hearts-and love conquers all-in this wonderful Montgomery novel. Bronwyn MacArran was a proud Scot

Jude Deveraux steps back to a time and place where revenge and rivalry rule men's hearts-and love conquers all-in this wonderful Montgomery novel. Bronwyn MacArran was a proud Scot. and this mighty warrior pledged himself to his woman's pride, her honor and her name-and made of their love a torch to burn through the ages! Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

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The arranged marriage between Englishman Stephen Montgomery and Bronwyn MacArran, a Scot, goes badly until threats against their lives bring them closer together
When Bronwyn MacArran's father, a Highland laird (chief), is killed by the English, the conquering king awards Bronwyn in marriage to an Englishman, Stephen Montgomery. Bronwyn becomes laird of her clan; this causes conflict between Bronwyn and her older brother, who was passed over for the title, and between Bronwyn and her English husband, who believes women should be subservient. Though they get along well in the bedroom, Bronwyn and Stephen fight everywhere else. Their stubbornness is partly to blame, but much also stems from their cultures' differing views about warfare, women, and the way those in power interact with those who serve them. Slowly Bronwyn and Stephen change as they fall in love, but misunderstandings, pride, and long-running feuds thwart their progress.

I return to The Velvet Series again and again. There are a few editing flaws and minor continuity issues, but the storylines are compelling, intriguing, and skillfully interwoven. There is romance, adventure, mystery, treachery, grief, reconciliation, triumph, and passion. The characters are varied and have very human traits. Of the men in the Montgomery family, one brother is short, stout, cannot read, and is an outlaw who fights for the rights of serfs. One is arrogant and argumentative, another serious and quiet, another jovial and light-hearted. Though the female protagonists each have some unusual strengths, they, too, are balanced by deficits and differences; for example, though one woman was educated to prepare her to run a convent, she cannot sew or cook. Another has a magnificent singing voice, but she is also flat-chested, poor, and rather plain-looking -- qualities rarely found in romance novels. Jude Deveraux writes about brave, exceptional women who overcome bad circumstances, women who conquer their fears to save their man from danger, and to save themselves when facing the challenges of a society that valued women only for their beauty, meekness, and family's status, rather than for their own cleverness and strength. Highly recommended series.
So disappointed by the second half. I love a novel where the heroine is feisty. I was so looking forward to seeing how the hero would make the heroine fall for him despite her hatred of the English. At the first the book was going well and then the second half seemed way too rushed. I also didn't appreciate the random and unnecessary storyline revolving around one rape and one attempted rape. It was so cruel and unexpected and had no place in a fun, romance novel - especially where we weren't prepared for that at all. Usually when romance novels want to have the heroine be a woman who has been abused - it is hinted at by saying she has a dark past or something horrible happened, etc. Also seems like the heroine and hero never truly learn to communicate with each other - but yet by the end they trust one another.
Another good read form Jude Deveraux. It is compelling from beginning to ending with how she tells her story. The story tells about 2 countries are different not to mention the people. It is about how the English think they were superior to Scotland and their ways of life. But when the king decides to bring the 2 together in hopes of making peace it could make for a dangerous life. Stephen and Bronwyn now have to see if they can live with each other and accept each other for who they are without killing one another. All while trying to deal with their families and how they feel about things and keeping each other alive from outside influence so as not to cause another war. In this story will be hate, love and trusting that are at the forefront and heart of everything that is going to happen to each person and whether or not they can come out on top and survive all that is thrown their way or will it all be for nothing and they be left in a loveless marriage to co exist just to keep war from breaking out around them again. All while trying to learn about one trust each other in some of the worst times to ever hit both countries and families.
I found the first book in the velvet series, The Velvet Promise, in a pile of old books at a garage sale. Some of the minor details, like the pope can grant a divorce(Not), were wrong but the characters were compelling. I had to read the next book in the series. I was not disappointed. Many Romance novels have no plot. Pleasantly, Highland Velvet has many plots and subplots.

The main story is about how King Henry promises a wealthy Highland bride to Stephen Montgomery. Stephen, an Englishman, is hated by his new wife, Bronwyn, and her clan, of which she is the chosen leader. At first Stephen is arrogant and doesn't fit in. He tries to force his ways onto Bronwyn's clan. Stephen is infatuated and lusts after Bronwyn. Stephen doesn't understand her hostility to him. Stephen doesn't understand why he has to change his "superior" ways.

Bronwyn, for her part, finds Stephen very appealing, but he is not right for her clan and there is her dilema. She tries to fight her attraction to him, for the good of the clan. She is often quite mean, and physically violent to Stephen. Stephen tries to make the best of it considering there is probably no way he is getting out of the marriage alive. Until, in a drunken rage, Stephen declares he has had enough and will find someone who isn't cold to him. Stephen staggers off into the night. His angry words cause Bronwyn to realize she must also change in an attempt to win him back. She realizes she really does love him, and he is good for the clan.

I recommend reading this book as well as the Velvet Promise. The characters are fun to love, and the villans are fun to hate.
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