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by Anthony Bidulka

  • Author: Anthony Bidulka
  • ISBN: 1894663470
  • ISBN13: 978-1894663472
  • ePub: 1969 kb | FB2: 1419 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher: Insomniac Press; First Edition edition (September 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 272
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 569
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Amuse Bouche ePub download

Did you say Tom Osborn? Are you telling me it was Tom Osborn's body they found in Pike Lake?". Clark Shiwaga nodded. I could not read the look on his face. He didn't appear prepared to elaborate w c. .

Did you say Tom Osborn? Are you telling me it was Tom Osborn's body they found in Pike Lake?". He didn't appear prepared to elaborate w can that be? Tom Osborn is in Europe. Why are you here, Mr. Shiwaga?". No use beating around the bush. Mr. Chavell would like to hire you. I have a cheque to retain your services. Same amount as before. Is that appropriate?". What is it exactly I'm being hired to do?".

In 2003 I published my first book, Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery.

I am the author of the long-running Russell Quant mystery series, two thrillers featuring Disaster Recovery Agent Adam Saint, and a stand-alone suspense novel, Set Free. I was raised on a farm near the small town of Prud’homme, Saskatchewan. In 2003 I published my first book, Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery.

In 2003, Quill & Quire described Bidulka’s first book, Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery, a. n effervescent first novel that is much like the tasty French hors d’oeuvres from which it takes its name, earning Bidulka a nomination for the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award. Bidulka wrote two books following the adventures of man of action Adam Saint, a tough-as-nails, luxury loving, Disaster Recovery Agent.

is populated with a broad variety of interesting and very human characters, written with warmth . Anthony Bidulka is an avid traveller and party-giver. He lives in Saskatoon.

is populated with a broad variety of interesting and very human characters, written with warmth and a genuine sense of humour. With first novel 'Amuse Bouche', Anthony Bidulka shows a certain je ne sais quoi. in newsweekly (Boston). This is the first book in his Russell Quant mystery series.

Get your e-book signed by Anthony Bidulka.

Insomniac Press, 7 нояб. I thought this wasn't quite as good.

Anthony Bidulka (born July 24, 1962) is a Canadian writer of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. Bidulka's books have been nominated for Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Awards, Saskatchewan Book Awards, a ReLit award, and Lambda Literary Awards. His novel Flight of Aquavit won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Men's Mystery, making Bidulka the first Canadian to win in that category.

Includes an excerpt from the 2nd Russell Quant mystery, Flight of Aquavit.

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Anthony Bidulka - Amuse Bouche (Russell Quant Mysteries). Читать pdf. Anthony Bidulka - Stain of the Berry: A Russell Quant Mystery (Russell Quant Mysteries).

A gay wedding gone bad. A missing groom. An unsullied reputation at risk. Enter Russell Quant-cute, gay, and a rookie private detective. With a nose for good wine and bad lies, Quant is off to France on his first big case. From the smudgy streets of Paris, he cajoles and sleuths his way to the pastel-colored promenade of Sanary-sur-Mer.
This was the third of the Russell Quant mysteries I read. The second one was "Tapas on the Ramblas", which took place on a cruise ship, and as I had just finished a Mediterranean cruise, it was very easy to put myself into the story. Each of the books was a new adventure and this one was another new and exciting adventure. I actually feel like I know personally a lot of the characters, especially Russell. And I've learned so much about a part of Canada that I knew nothing about. When I finished this one I couldn't wait to get on to the next one.The writing is so good.
Anthony Bidulka gives us a gay private investigator, Russell Quant, in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Russell is celebrating his first year as a PI, when a case is dropped in his lap. A man has gone missing on the day of his wedding nuptials to a member of Saskatoon's upper class. This takes Russell on a wild chase through France, and ending up back in Canada, where the case continues to unfold. Refreshingly, unlike most gay fiction, Mr. Bidulka doesn't rely on tons of sex with everyone Russell meets in order to tell his tale. Amuse Bouche has a slightly slow start, while we learn about who Russell is, and how he works, but it pays off in the end. If you can, read this, then A Flight of Aquavit (the next book in the series), and you will get an excellent idea of how Russell works.

All in all, a charming first book in a series, and I look forward to reading the rest of them!
The book itself really rates a five, and I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Bidulka's works, but I'm getting a little fed up with the quality of the editing in most eBooks. This one is particularly aggravating as the book is interupted every third or fourth page with editor's notes which were apparently intended to be removed before publication and weren't. Also, when are these editors going to learn how to edit and not rely on spell-checkers. Lastly, someone should teach these editors the difference between "then" and "than". I thought they taught this gramar rule in grade school, but most eBook editors seem to have missed this class!

I hate to give this book a one star rating, but the editing errors in this book were the last straw.

The book, without errors, deserves a five star rating, and yes I will continue to buy and read Mr. Bidulka.

If you correct the editing errors in this book, I will gladly adjust or delete this review.
The rating is not for the quality of the writing or of the story. It is a fine piece of detective fiction and I have enjoyed it very much. I intend to read more of the author's work.

Rather my commentary must be devoted to the unacceptably sloppy presentation of the author's work. If a printed volume were offered for sale in the condition that this work has been, no one would buy it. It has not been proof-read, the digitization is erratic, it even alternates scans of the pages of the printed version with the digitalized version. That means that almost every page has to be turned at least twice and you never know what junk is going to head up the new page once you get to it.

I know that these e-books are sold for less money than the printed versions. So what? I am sure that someone is making money. If the publisher and Amazon can't do a certain amount of due diligence, they shouldn't be in any part of this business. This is lazy, incompetent, and ultimately customer disrespectful merchanidising. Shame on them.

Since I don't see others commenting about this, I wonder if my Kindle is somehow uniquely dysfunctional. I don't believe that it is. E-book buyers have the same right to a competent presentation of the literature they buy as hard copy readers. It would appear that the only way we will get it is if we complain long and loudly.

How about it, folks?
I read Anthony Bidulka's two mystery novels in the reverse order in which they were written. It didn't matter: they are both absolutelty delightful. The setting in Saskatoon is refreshingly creative. The writing is crisp and inventive: the last four paragraphs will leave you smiling appreciatively for days. As the title involves food, all I can say is "please, sir, may I have some more?"
Bidulka is an entertaining writer, albeit an over-chatty one. I had read his "Flight of Aquavit," hardly memorable, but nonetheless enjoyable. Thinking his earlier novel, "Amuse Bouche," would be equally entertaining, I dove in.

The dedication page is the book's highlight. It's all downhill from there. While an engaging author, if not a bit too flippant, he knows how to direct a scene -- maybe excessively. Here we have only three basic scenes, three abrupt diversions, and a lot of conversational clutter. The little mystery that there is, is whether Bidulka tried to write three different novels, or decided to combine three incomplete thoughts into one. The narrative, while clear and attractive, often comes to abrupt end, only to restart again in another vein. It doesn't take a mindreader to figure out who will be dead (well before the five chapters later) and who will be the culprit (if you have any intuition at all).

While the writing is engaging, the story is not. If you like to read campy phatic communication for its own sake, you'll tolerate this novel's other disappointments, but if you know of invited guests that overstay their welcome -- and simply refuse to call it a night, then you'll know the feeling one has by novel's end. Pass.
I was pleasantly suprised by the first book in the Russell Quant mystery series. An intersesting unstereotypical Gay PI as the main character, original plotting w/ plenty of twists & refreshing, interesting locales & characters. I was soon hooked & upon finishing immediately ordered the rest of the books in the series. Highly recomended.
This was a totally enjoyable reading experience! Interesting characters, a refreshing location (Saskatoon!!), highly visual descriptions, totally believable plot, easy and relaxed humor and, oh yes, an engrossing mystery with a twist or two. I'm going to read his two more recent novels and anything else that he creates. Felicidades on a job well done!
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