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  • ISBN: 1415930473
  • ISBN13: 978-1415930472
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Books on Tape
  • Rating: 4.6/5
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The Husband ePub download

See, the thing about Dean Koontz is that he has a very large vocabulary, as well as immense powers of description. And he's not afraid to use either of those talents. This makes his stories very rich, but also very challenging. Thankfully, however, once the story gets going this gets easier to deal with.

And his stories, or at least the ones I've read, are always very compelling and original, if somewhat offbeat, dark, bizarre and odd. Perhaps it's precisely that oddity and darkness that makes his stories so compelling.

In any case, in this story he revisited a familiar theme present in many of his other works- that of family dysfunction. Reading his stories often makes me very appreciative of the family I have. In this particular story the dysfunction centered mostly around greed and betrayal, with the bad behaviors taking place between brothers. Actually, the evil deeds were done by one brother, and his cohorts, with the other brother reacting in an incredibly resourceful, intelligent, courageous and admirable way. This resourceful character theme is also a recurring one in many of his stories. I like to believe that I would behave in such a courageous and intelligent manner as this, if I found myself caught in such a difficult predicament, but I probably wouldn't.

That's interesting enough, but when you add in the theme about money, where one brother is willing to do some interesting things for the sake of the almighty dollar, well, that just adds fuel to the fire, or, rather, momentum to the story.

In closing, I'd just like to say that I choose to believe that there is only a small segment of the population that is as deviant as many of Koontz's characters are. Am I living in a bubble? Maybe. But I sure hope not.
I thought this was a great novel. It had me surprised a lot at things that happened. Things I would never expect. There is a reason Dean Koontz has sold a zillion books. I have written one novel so I know very little about writing in comparison to Dean Koontz. But when I read about his approach to writing and how many times he re-writes a sentence etc. it made me think his writing would be stilted. But, of course, it is not. He is a great writer and this book gets you from the opening and holds you wanting more right to the very end.
Unlike the last book of his which I hated beyond words, I see redemption in this book. Bought it for Kindle, though I own it in print, since this is my preferred medium for reading.

One question... does Koontz fancy himself a botanist?
This is a novel I had read years ago, among many of his others, and I haven’t read any of his works recently. Reading this story again makes me wonder why I’ve waited so long. To say I couldn’t put it down is an understatement. What a read!!
Very fast paced beginning to a rollercoaster ending. Twists and turns and angst about their plight will keep you up at night. The suspense was nerve racking .
What I thought would be a cozy mystery
turned out to be a thrill ride.
This book was an excellent, exciting read. It was fast paced with some surprising twists and turns. The plot shows how evil people can be and still show a normal face to the world as they continually commit evil deeds. The main characters in the book are fascinating with unsuspected depths to them. I highly recommend this book.
I am a big time fan of Dean Koontz and I really haven't read one of his books where I would give him a low rating. I am so surprised to see such a mix of hot and cold on this site since he really is a great writer. This book is no exception and I read it in one day (couldn't put it down). He introduces his characters with such detail you are imbued with a sense of being with one where you cry, slap, hug, follow them around as a puppy in each step of the novel as he draws you in.

Mitchell Rafferty is one of those characters who throughout the book amazes you with the changes in his personality and of course the surprises you get with his brother Anson's character puts you on the edge of hate and wanting to buy a gun to shoot the guy. Holly, Mitch's wife takes a little longer to materialize into the main stream but here you just want to hold her hand and kiss her. These three are the most memorable but Koontz depicts a number of others who get into your head and stay there.

This is a murder, suspense, crime thriller so enjoy!
The Husband is the first Dean Koontz book I've read and it leaves me wanting to read more of his work! Piqued my interest on the first page and I wasn't bored for a moment reading it. So many unexpected twists and turns! If you're thinking about trying out a Dean Koontz book I highly recommend The Husband! My mom is now reading it and I'm hoping she loves it as much as I did!
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