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by Allan Folsom

  • Author: Allan Folsom
  • ISBN: 0765313057
  • ISBN13: 978-0765313058
  • ePub: 1184 kb | FB2: 1903 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Forge Books; 1st edition (2007)
  • Pages: 554
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 454
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The Machiavelli Covenant ePub download

The MACHIAVELLI COVENANT. Forge books by allan folsom. The machiavelli covenant.

The MACHIAVELLI COVENANT. This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 175 Fifth Avenue.

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, SPECIAL CARE UNIT, 10:10 . The slow pound of Nicholas Marten's heart sounded like a drum buried somewhere inside him. His own breath, as he inhaled and exhaled, resonated as if it were a movie sound track. So did the sound of Caroline's labored breathing as she lay on the bed next to him. For what se.

He wrote five books: The Day After Tomorrow (1994), Day of Confession (1998), The Exile (2004), The Machiavelli Covenant (2006) and The Hadrian Memorandum (2009)

Allan Reed Folsom (December 9, 1941 – May 16, 2014) was an American screenwriter and novelist. Born in Orlando, Florida, Folsom grew up in Boston, United States. He wrote five books: The Day After Tomorrow (1994), Day of Confession (1998), The Exile (2004), The Machiavelli Covenant (2006) and The Hadrian Memorandum (2009). His first novel, The Day After Tomorrow, debuted at on the New York Times bestseller list and netted over . million copies. He lived in Santa Barbara, California with his family

The Machiavelli Covenant. The group’s origins go back 500 years. Author: Allan Folsom. Bonded by vicious rites and ritual slaughter, dedicated to their vision of global rule, they have over the centuries prospered beyond dreams of greed and domination.

The Machiavelli Covenant book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. John Barron/Nicholas Marten by. For Karen and for Riley. George washington university hospital, Special care unit, 10:10 . For what seemed the tenth time in half that many minutes he looked at her. Her eyes were closed, as they had been, her hand resting gently in his.

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Спасибо, что скачали книгу в бесплатной электронной библиотеке BooksCafe. Эта же книга в других форматах. People that I have known and trusted for years. But people who, in reality and as a group, are probably the most dangerous and powerful in the country. To my knowledge this is the closest thing to a coup d'état America has ever experienced. As a result, my life is in grave danger, and so is the future of not just our country but many other countries. Moreover, the window in which I can attempt to do something about it is extremely short.

Machiavelli Covenant, The, by Folsom, Allan
Billy Granson
Opens with Marten sitting at the deathbed of his childhood sweetheart, Caroline. Before she dies she tells him that she was poisoned. Marten is determined to find out who was behind this, as well as the deaths of Caroline's husband and son. The Machiavelli Covenant takes you across the globe with conspiracy twists and turns and surprises on every page. Were Martian meets French photo-journalist Demi Picard whose mother disappeared when she was young? Martian and the president John Henry Harris of the United States meet and with nobody else to trust the two men end up on the run together. The president’s own cabinet have been plotting against him and other presidents around the world. They want control of the world with a plot that will shock and disturb you. Think of 9-11, the Wall Street crash and it will make you realise that even though this is fiction today it could be truth tomorrow. Together they uncover the truth about the most devastating and powerful group the world has ever known. This book is superbly written and without giving too much away it is a roller coaster ride open the book enjoy the mystery and suspense and then read Alan Folsom next book. If this is your first Alan Folsom book you may wish to start with his first book Exile.
I had previously read three books by the author: Day Of Confession, The Day After Tomorrow and The Exile. I enjoyed them all. Particularly Day Of Confession. So I was looking forward to this read. The theme of this is how a group of powerful people are plotting to take over the world. Ancient religious rituals and witchcraft are integral parts. Where I fall off the Folsom Express here is the actual book dialogue. President John Henry Harris is surrounded by conspirators highly placed in the government. He turns to Nicholas Marten the former LAPD detective currently living in England working as a landscape architect. Marten was the hero in the previous book The Exile. About the only person loyal to the president is his secret service detail head Hap Daniels. As the plot develops a Spanish limo driver and some of his young relatives are recruited to help them escape from the plotters. To me things just weren't adding up. It takes 690 pages to get thru this. And believe me I had major problems staying focused and continuing. I would say this is by far the worst of his books I've read.
I recently discovered Allan Folsom. Have "Haven" waiting for follow-up.
I've enjoyed reading this book. Passed it along to another to read.
A typical Folsom story.
A very riveting story only able to told by Folsom.
Would definitely recommend The Machiavelli Convenant
Elroy Leonard once said that there are parts in every book that readers tend not to read. Most of this book is like that. It is one big information dump after another.
This continuation of detective Marten's knack for hooking into trouble doesn't quite have the speed of Folsom's (previous) EXILE. There's less blood shed with lots more intellectual problem-solving, but it didn't keep me up late like EXILE did. Never-the-less, Folsom is good with words and obviously likes the brain twists that he inserts. I'm wondering though, (in the next book)will we really know who was knocking on Marten's door at 2:22 am or will it be left to dangle like who the hell found Marten on the beach and wrote on his car?!
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