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by Burton Kate,Lisa Scottoline

  • Author: Burton Kate,Lisa Scottoline
  • ISBN: 0060743751
  • ISBN13: 978-0060743758
  • ePub: 1382 kb | FB2: 1595 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (January 1, 1975)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 203
  • Format: mobi lit txt lrf
Courting Trouble CD SP ePub download

Courting Trouble (Audio CD). Published November 18th 2008 by HarperAudio. Lisa Scottoline (Goodreads Author), Kate Burton (Narrator).

Courting Trouble (Audio CD). Abridged, Audio CD, 0 pages. Author(s): Lisa Scottoline (Goodreads Author), Kate Burton (Narrator). ISBN: 0061673633 (ISBN13: 9780061673634).

Courting Trouble book. Another blockbuster legal thriller from New York Times bestselling author, Lisa Scottoline. Courting Trouble is a fast–paced, sexy, witty story, dealing with love, jealousy, and the differences between men and women.

Home Lisa Scottoline Courting Trouble. To my readers, with my deepest thanks. Right again, Sal. Anne tossed her leather briefcase and a Kate Spade messenger bag onto the conveyor belt. Courting trouble, .

Written by Lisa Scottoline, Audiobook narrated by Kate Burton. Narrated by: Kate Burton. Length: 5 hrs and 19 mins. Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Legal Thrillers.

Courting Trouble Audible Audiobook. Another suspenseful book by Lisa Scottoline! With just enough legal jargon to make the novel educational and believable, Moment of Truth captured my interest within the first few pages. While the reader is led to believe that Jack Newlin confessed to a murder he didn't commit, as the story unravels, you find yourself beginning to doubt his innocence.

Follow Lisa Scottoline Audio and others on SoundCloud. After Anna" by Lisa Scottoline - Chapter 1. 235 plays235.

In Courting Trouble, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline is back with another fast-paced thriller, which sends a young woman lawyer racing to find out who's trying to kill her - after she's wrongly been reported murdered

In Courting Trouble, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline is back with another fast-paced thriller, which sends a young woman lawyer racing to find out who's trying to kill her - after she's wrongly been reported murdered. Anne Murphy is smart, gorgeous, and young, the redheaded rookie at the Philadelphia law firm of Rosato & Associates.

As the all-female firm of Rosato and Associates wages war on a predatory white-shoe, old-boys firm in the courtroom, Murphy, a young associate for Rosato who has captivated the court, soon discovers that someone wants her dead, in the latest legal thriller from the New York Times best-selling author. Simultaneous.
Another big hit for Lisa Scottoline! I obsessively wait for each new book in her Rosato and Associates books to come out! Each book focuses on one of the key characters in her books which give you a chance to really get to know them, their history, sad events, issues, etc. Even if you haven't read all the books in the series each one can stand on its own. Plots are believable, tightly written, with a great pace and enough excitement to keep you engaged from beginning to end. No lulls.
I'm only half way through this book right now and can say it's keeping me on my toes. I'm in the process of getting the rest of the collection just to see if this agency ever quits. Doubtful.
I agree with a previous review. The book is good--very good, but whoever formatted it for Kindle screwed it up. When I first opened it, it read like a bunch of first chapters from other books. It was the poor formatting that did it. I finally figured out the problem and was able to overcome it, but not before I call Ms. Scottoline a few very undeserved names. Whoever at her publishing house formatted this book for Kindle, they did a poor job. On the other hand, Ms. Scottoline did a wonderful job of writing it--as usual.

Sorry for my former one-star review.
I bought this novel after some discussion on an Internet Forum. The novel provides some light reading - something like chocolate for the mind. Anne Murphy is similar to Stephanie Plum. If you like the novels about Steph, you will like this novel. If you don't like Steph, than you won't like Anne. The novel is not great literature, but the three stooges were not great theater. Publishers are in a business to make money and novels of this type appeal to an audience looking for light comedy. The novel has its moments, like when the women from the law firm act like happy hookers. The novel opens with a male stripper showing his stuff in a courtroom, and that sets the tone.

There is a plot, actually a couple wound together. Anne is having trouble with a stalker, the reason she left California, and she is defending a man in a lawsuit in a case where he is charged with sexual harassment. There is also a sub-plot about her relationship with her mother. There is a twist at the end, something one expects in Scottoline's novels.

You get a little Philadelphia background along the way, and a picture of 4th of July activities ranging from traffic to the beach, to block parties in the city, to the main event with fireworks.
Sorry, not sure if the download had an error, but it is not what I expected. The book contains the first chapter of all the previous Roasato and Assoicates series, very confusing, can't even get to the part of the book that I am interested in. Lisa Scottoline books are awesome and I have previously read the first 6 of the series...disappointing!
I am puzzled by this novel. We have a good character, a nice plot twist, a great setting...but. Anne Murphy, bright and beautiful young lawyer, recently moved to Philadelphia from the west coast is presumed victim of a homicide, and like Mark Twain, reports of her demise are premature. The plot revolves around an axis of her resurrected self and law firm partners attempting to bag the murderer. While this goes on, she learns a bit about the art of personal relationships. That's a valuable character twist. And there is a plot "sting." It's fun. Still, the author can be disappointing. The use of upscale brand labels in the first few chapters comes close to today's movies. And there is just a bit too much self doubt in the partners of her well educated, Philadelphia, female law firm's partners. I guess the disappointment is that Anne is almost a "mensch." Oh, well. I think this author might really have it. I'll read another one. But please no more attack of the brand names.
I don't like to review books that I don't really like, I normally just review the ones I read that I can give at least 4 stars too.But....this book was such a disappointment. I normally like her books, I like the characters in the law firm that Ms. Scottoline writes about, and I normally like the stories. This book, however, was silly, very silly, and very hard to get through. Hard really to explain, just not a good addition to the Lisa Scottoline library.I felt like it was rushed and the characters were portrayed as silly and shallow. Not like themselves at all. It won't stop me from reading her next ones, but I might wait for other reviews or paper before I rush out to purchase it! So...Ms. Scottoline, if you are out there, try again, and any new readers to Ms. Scottoline, try her others before you read this one, I'm afraid this one will discourage you from reading her others, and I hate for that to happen.
The lead character is a lawyer who is supposed to be intelligent but had no sense. She acted like an idiot on several occasions and was not very believable
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