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by Robert Petkoff,Michael Palmer

  • Author: Robert Petkoff,Michael Palmer
  • ISBN: 1427209936
  • ISBN13: 978-1427209931
  • ePub: 1238 kb | FB2: 1816 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio; Unabridged edition (February 15, 2011)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 681
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A Heartbeat Away ePub download

Michael Palmer, read by Robert Petkoff.

Michael Palmer, read by Robert Petkoff. Mass Market Paperbound. Robert Petkoff proves to be the perfect choice to narrate Palmer's latest medical thrille. etkoff never misses a beat in his reading of this high-octane medical thriller, fully realizing each scene and character with ease. His energetic and skillful performance will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

I'm a long time Michael Palmer fan. Unfortunately, this book not only strains credibility, some of it is simply too dumb to believe. I was very disappointed in this latest effort by a heretofore terrific author. In the case of "Resistant," that something was pacing.

A Heartbeat Away: A Novel. Written by Michael Palmer. Narrated by Robert Petkoff. The first book of Palmer's I read was "The First Patient" - a thriller about being the doctor to the President of the United States who comes down with a bizarre affliction, was a book I enjoyed cover to cover. This story centers on the President delivering his annual State of the Union message to Congress, when a terrorist group releases an airborne virus in the House Chamber.

Written by Michael Palmer, narrated by Robert Petkoff. Narrated by: Robert Petkoff. Length: 11 hrs and 38 mins. Categories: Crime & Thrillers, Suspense.

Best-selling medical thriller author and physician. Best way to honor his memory today is to pick up a Michael Palmer book (plenty to choose from) and give it a read.

Also by Michael Palmer. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. 2. Speaker of the House. 3. President Pro Tempore of the Senate. 4. Secretary of State. 5. Secretary of the Treasury. 6. Secretary of Defense. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Michael Palmer's latest will keep listeners’ blood pumping. He’s especially proficient as the crafty female Speaker of the House. Petkoff's virtuosity makes this thriller intense and as close to reality as one dares to think about. has secretly developed an aerosol that will kill those exposed to it within two weeks.

Narrated by Robert Petkoff. The New York Times bestselling author and master of suspense delivers another novel at the crossroads of politics and.

As Michael Palmer’s books rise in popularity, he raises the stakes higher and higher Read by Robert Petkoff 11 hours, 42 minutes.

As Michael Palmer’s books rise in popularity, he raises the stakes higher and higher. His earlier books focused on doctors running afoul of conspiracies in their local hospital; now, his writing eye is fixed on terrorism and government conspiracies - with a medical twist, of course. Read by Robert Petkoff 11 hours, 42 minutes. The premise behind A Heartbeat Away is simple and brilliant: What if terrorists released a biological weapon into the House chamber during the President's State of the Union Address - the one time when just about everybody who is anybody in the Federal government is all in one room together? The follow through, however, is not so hot.

The New York Times bestselling author and master of suspense delivers another novel at the crossroads of politics and medicine in this shocker of a thriller On the night of the State of the Union address, President James Allaire expects to give the speech of his career. But no one anticipates the terrifying turn of events that forces him to quarantine everyone in the Capitol building. A terrorist group calling itself “Genesis” has unleashed WRX3883, a deadly, highly contagious virus, into the building. No one fully knows the deadly effect of the germ except for the team responsible for its development—a team headed by Allaire, himself. The only one who might be able to help is virologist Griffin Rhodes, currently in solitary confinement in a maximum security federal prison for alleged terrorist acts, including the attempted theft of WRX3883 from the lab where he worked. Rhodes has no idea why he has been arrested, but when Allaire offers to free him in exchange for his help combating the virus, he reluctantly agrees to do what he can to support the government that has imprisoned him without apparent cause. Meanwhile, every single person in line for presidential succession is trapped inside the Capitol—every person except one: the Director of Homeland Security, who is safely at home in Minnesota, having been selected as the “Designated Survivor” for this event. With enemies both named and unnamed closing in, and the security of the nation at stake, Griff must unravel the mysteries of WRX3883 without violating his pledge as a scientist to use no animal testing in his experiments…and time is running out.

Tense, thrilling, and entirely plausible, A Heartbeat Away will make you reflect, wonder, and be truly afraid.

It starts out like a slightly unbelievable B mystery and ends as an F. The plot is interesting, i.e. unkonwn terrorist group out to hurt the US, and ends in la la land. Much time spent in character develpopment in early parts, and ends with a fluury of plots, subplots and unbelievable twists. The operative word here is unbelievable. I think the author had a bunch of ideas he wanted to get into the book even if it was truly pushing the line. And then there are the final scenes with our protagonists new calling. Unbelievable doesn't even suffice here.

In the end, or at the end, as a result of reading this I had to give up mystery/thrillers for over two weeks just to cleanse my mind.
Intense, suspenseful book that I had trouble putting down. Excellently written. Unpredictable, yet has some characters you can cheer and others loathe because of the well drawn out character descriptions. One of my top 5 favorite books ever (and I've read thousands as both a reader-fanatic & an English teacher). My favorite of Michael Palmer's. Get this book; it won't disappoint!
I'll start with a confession: I literally had trouble putting this book down once I started reading it. If I'd had any experience with drugs other than a brief, youthful affair with marijuana, I might say that reading A Heartbeat Away was like a drug rush. However, I'm chagrined to note that, other than in the intoxicating suspense that builds throughout the novel, it's really not all that good. A competent piece of work by an author of nearly two dozen similar books, but just not great.

So, here I am, reading a book that's written without any special flair for language, about characters who are at best two-dimensional, in circumstances that are about as true to life as a James Bond adventure, and I'm loving the experience! Why is that?

First, I suppose, is the subject matter. A Heartbeat Away is about Presidential politics and biotechnology, both of which are topics I find irresistible.

Second, I'm sure, is the book's plotting. What's at stake in this story has nationwide, even global consequences, and the novel is full of surprises from beginning to end. It's like following a zig-zag course through a minefield (or, at any rate, what I imagine that would feel like!).

Third is technique. Chapters end with cliff-hanging suspense, sometimes in the middle of conversations, and elsewhere leaving you hanging while the scene shifts abruptly to the events unfolding in another tensely drawn subplot.

If there's more at work in A Heartbeat Away, I can't detect it. Maybe I should feel ashamed of myself for actually reading this book from cover to cover?

Very difficult to like this writing as the story is way too far fetched. Is this a farce? I'm not sure that the writer isn't poking fun at the genre-adventure mystery thriller politics. Just awful. Read other works of his and they were not that bad. Must say I am not finished yet but I am forcing myself to read to the end. Like a bad movie, you have invested so much time you feel you shouldn't be cheated out of the ending.
From the moment I started this book I couldn't put it down. I also have the Kindle app and made sure I was on the correct chapter so that, should I be without my Kindle, I could read it on my phone. The pace was perfect and never once was I not intrigued and wanting more. I knew I would finish it quickly, so there were times I would slow down as I really didn't want it to end.
The characters were fascinating and intriguing, as I wasn't sure who was the protaganist, and I liked it that way.
Keep it up Mr. Palmer as I am ready for your next one.
I have enjoyed all the Michael Palmer books I have read and this one is a departure for him, but it has a gaa test story line that grows into a thriller quickly. Wasn't sure where it could go at first but t
Although I enjoyed A Heartbeat Away it was, in my opinion, much to long. I am proud of myself for even finishing it. Although the plot was good the book dragged and was boring in spots. The author's medical background was evident but I found myself using a medical dictionary many times. Even though it was difficult, in places, to read I am glad I completed the book.

I will try another Palmer book before I nix further books from this author.
I have to say that when I started this book - was a little bored with the beginning - but I never give up on books. There weren't any characters that I really liked - nobody who I focused on. But......when the story picked up with getting the scientist out of a jail he shouldn't have been in - I found the story to go really fast, be very interesting and keep you guessing. Loved the way the book played out and I recommend it to everyone who loves mystery books.
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