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Hard Rain (John Rain Series) ePub download

by Dick Hill,Barry Eisler

  • Author: Dick Hill,Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: 1441841075
  • ISBN13: 978-1441841070
  • ePub: 1622 kb | FB2: 1906 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (October 29, 2010)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 350
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Hard Rain (John Rain Series) ePub download

Hard Rain (John Rain) Audio, Cassette – Audiobook, Unabridged. by Barry Eisler (Author), Dick Hill (Narrator). Great read as are all the John Rain Novels, Barry Eisler is an exciting read.

Hard Rain (John Rain) Audio, Cassette – Audiobook, Unabridged.

John Rain (also Junichi Fujiwara) is a Japanese-American international assassin. A Clean Kill in Tokyo (John Rain, A Lonely Resurrection (John Rain

John Rain (also Junichi Fujiwara) is a Japanese-American international assassin. John Rain (also Junichi Fujiwara) is a Japanese-American international assassin. Book 1. A Clean Kill in Tokyo.

Previously published as Hard Rain and Blood from Blood All John Rain wants is to get out of the killing business. But with his discretion, his reliability, and his unique talent for death by "natural causes," no one is willing to let him just retire.

The second book in the John Rain series, 2003. If you were to die in, say, a bus accident, you’d wind up buried in an obscure municipal graveyard, just another John Doe, no flowers, no mourners, hell, no mourning. It’s natural, probably even desirable, to be afraid of all this. You make my heart sing.

Author: Barry Eisler. Featuring many of the characters so vividly brought to life in Rain Fall, Barry Eisler takes us on another journey into a world of spooks, double-crosses and elaborately executed ‘terminations’. I insist on only a few questions. Stylish, page-turning and authentic, Barry Eisler is in the front rank of thriller writing.

Barry eisler series: John Rain Novel. When John Rain decides to get out of the business, his hand is forced by rogue CIA operative Jim Hilger. Dox SS. Requiem for an Assassin. If you had to kill three people to save your best friend's life, would you do it? When John Rain decides to get out of the business, his hand is forced by rogue CIA operative Jim Hilger. Hilger kidnaps Dox, Rain's trusted partner and closest friend, and offers Rain a choice: carry out a final assignment, or bear the responsibility for Dox's murder. For a professional like John Rain, the choice ought to be easy: Do the job-a series of three hits-then walk away  .

John Rain is a fictional character created by Barry Eisler. Ex-Special Forces and ex-CIA, he is now a freelance assassin for hire who specializes in making his victims appear to have died of natural causes. Rain is offering his assassination services to any client willing to follow his three rules: 1) No women or children, 2) No secondary team working separately on an assassination Rain is handling, 3) Principal actors only (.

John Rain - half-Japanese, half-American, raised in both countries but at home in neither - is trying to leave his life as a freelance assassin. After killing a CIA officer who hunted him halfway around the globe, Rain goes underground, hoping to find the peace that has eluded him. But then Tatsu, his old nemesis from the Japanese FBI, comes to him with one last job: to find and eliminate a killer at large, a creature with neither compassion nor compunction, whose activities could tip the balance of power in Japan's corrupt politics and who seems to have designs on Rain's few friends. To protect them, Rain will have to pursue his most dangerous quarry yet through the crosshairs of the CIA and the Japanese mafia, where the differences between friend and foe and truth and deceit are as murky as the rain-slicked streets of Tokyo.
heart of sky
Not as good as the first in the series which I thought was excellent. This one is a bit slow to start and the glimmer of humanity shown by protagonist John Rain-(an assassin) in the first novel is now absent. I feel this detracted considerably from the characters appeal. Still it's a good book, but be aware, this novel is very much a sequel and anyone trying to read it without first reading A clean kill in Tokyo, is going to find much of the story confusing.
A very good read. Really enjoyed it.

John Rain is doing a job of his pal Tatsu. Tatsu is head of the Japanese FBI.

To do the job Rain has to get close to the guy. He's an iron freak named Ishihara who worked out every day at a gym he owned.

Rain started going to the gym and one thing leads to another and he "gets" his man.

Rain meets with Harry, his nerd computer guru. Harry has a girlfriend. Harry with a girlfriend?? That just doesn't compute as far as Rain is concerned.

Rain decides to check this "girlfriend" out. She works at the Damask Rose a social club where pole dancing and lap dances and other things are the norm.

Rain gets a good look at the girl. Yukiko is way, way, way out of Harry's league. Suspision abounds for Rain.

He starts watching Harry to see if anyone is following him. Yes indeed.

He ambush's Kanezaki and his companion.

Seems Kanezaki, an American Japanese, has been tasked with finding Rain. He works for the CIA. He wasn't supposed to contact Rain, just find him. He tailed Harry to find Rain. Of course Rain found him.

Kanesaki tells Rain about a program, Crepuscular. A program thats supposed to remove impediments to reform. Reform that would help the Japanese economy. The CIA wants Rains assistance. Assistance to "remove" impediments.

Tatsu also has another favor he wants Rain to do. This one involves a MMA killer. This guy is also a dog fighter and a murderer. Oh boy.

So begins another really good read where Rain loses a friend, and ends up going head to head with a murderer.

Five Stars and then some.
I stumbled upon the first John Rain book about a month or so ago (A Clean Kill in Tokyo) and was shocked at how exciting it was. I hadn't expected much since I never heard of this series before. But it was a really fun book. This second book was also exciting and fun. A lot of pop authors are really not up to par, but a few can really tell a tale, and I have to say that Barry Eisler is one of them. Along with Harlan Coben and Lee Childs, and very few others.

My main complaint about the book is that the character's age does not jibe with the new-improved timeframe of the book. Apparently these works were started/written in the 90's when the main character would have been in his 40's. But this revised version of the book actually mentions 9/11, so clearly takes place in the 2000's. However, John Rain was a Vietnam vet, and this book mentions his interactions with his father as a child in 1960, all indicating that he was born in about 1950. So his highly expert physical moves surely should start to degrade now that he is in his 50's? Plus, sleeping around with girls in their 20's and 30's (and they just love him?). Not comfortable.
I love the Rain series! I've read them before but it it was great to come back and read this one again. Having lived in Japan for three years it's nice to hear all the places that he goes to. It brings back so many memories. I think that is one of the things I enjoy the most, the attention to the details and the descriptive writing. Also I like that John Rain is such a complex character. He is at times very American and yet he's so Japanese. He can be so heartless and cold, but then he cares too deeply. Great writing! You feel for the main characters.
In this sequel to the first John Rain novel, the excellent, "Rain Fall," Anti-hero rain is forced into action again as his old nemisis Tatsu tracks him down and recruits him to take care of a very tough character.

Despite the fact that he's a hired killer who specializes in making his hits look like natural causes, Rain is a very complex individual who has his own rules of engagement. He's intelligent, appreciates fine things and is a connoisseur of cuisine, single malt Scotches and beautiful women. He's able to laugh, cry, regret, and act from loyalty, and these contradictions make him not only fascinating but also so likeable the reader can not help but root for him to come out on top.

In "Hard Rain," the overall reason for Rain's presence is not as clearly defined, the enemies don't seem larger than life as they did in the series debut, the intervals between action scenes are longer and although the author's depictions of Rain's careful stalks are as vivid and satisfying as ever, the action itself seems less hard-edged. Still, the enemies are plenty dangerous and Rain is at his most engaging as he fights to save Harry, his electronics-genius collaborator and friend, and come to terms with the loss of Midori, jazz singing daughter of a man Rain killed before they met. Despite its shortcomings, this is the kind of read you fly through, then start looking around to the next one in the series. Not quite a five star, though.

Art Tirrell is the author of the 2007 adventure "The Secret Ever Keeps."

"Simply put...the best underwater scenes I've ever read." - reviewer Meg W.
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