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by Vince Flynn

  • Author: Vince Flynn
  • ISBN: 0743509307
  • ISBN13: 978-0743509305
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Abridged edition (October 1, 2001)
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Votes: 310
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Separation Of Power ePub download

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Separation of Power, . 7. Part of Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. Vince flynn series: Mitch Rapp. Rapp groaned, "Oh God. Don't you pay any attention to all of those stupid relationship books that you and your friends read?

Separation of Power, . Don't you pay any attention to all of those stupid relationship books that you and your friends read? They all say the same thing. Never, And I repeat, never use sex as a weapon.

Separation of Power is Vince Flynn's fourth novel, and the third to feature Mitch Rapp, an American agent who works for the CIA as an operative for a covert counterterrorism unit called the "Orion Team". The novel is set shortly after. The novel is set shortly after the events of The Third Option.

Following up Vince Flynn’s The Third Option, this electrifying Mitch Rapp thriller delivers first-class political intrigue from a master storyteller (Booklist)

Following up Vince Flynn’s The Third Option, this electrifying Mitch Rapp thriller delivers first-class political intrigue from a master storyteller (Booklist). The confirmation of Dr. Irene Kennedy as the CIA’s new director explodes into chaos as a deadly inside plot to destroy her and prematurely end the president’s term emerges. Meanwhile, as a dangerous world leader gains power in the nuclear arms race, Israel forces the president’s hand with a chilling ultimatum

SEPARATION OF POWER by Vince Flynn To Emily Bestler ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely wife, Lysa, for her patience and understanding while I labored over this.

SEPARATION OF POWER by Vince Flynn To Emily Bestler ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely wife, Lysa, for her patience and understanding while I labored over this novel-especially the last three months. Darling, you make it all worthwhile. To my agent, Sloan Harris, for all of his wise counsel and good humor. First and foremost, I have to thank my lovely wife, Lysa, for her patience and understanding while I labored over this novel-especially the last three months.

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SEPARATION OF POWER CIA director Thomas Stansfield is dead - a fact many individuals in and around the . Vince Flynn is an excellent writer. I have read many books by similar authors, but none come close to Vince Flynn.

But their happiness proves to be short-lived once they learn that Stansfield's successor is the late director's close friend and protege, Dr. Irene Kennedy. It is very difficult to put his books down until I've finished them.

With CIA director Thomas Stansfield dead, his protTgT, Dr. Irene Kennedy, is poised to take over the reins of the agency, much to the dismay of several high-ranking Washington power-brokers, while CIA operative Mitch Rapp heads to the Middle East to try to stop the chaos and terrorism that could ignite World War III.
Holy cow, this was a rough book to get through. I've become accustomed and addicted to Vince Flynn's style and stories, but this one was --well, not good at all. Towards the end of the book, it picks up the pace but until then, it's slow and Flynn seems to try and delve into the romance genre, and not too successfully.

I had no real opinion about Rielly in TRANSFER OF POWER, but got to really disliking her and truthfully, not wanting to read about her or even Rapp thinking about her. The relationship doesn't add anything to this storyline for me.

I hoped that Flynn would end the story with them breaking up, but I was wrong. I would have rooted for Donnatella except even that relationship and conversation was awkward and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the books that followed this one are all great again thus far! I'm on Consent to Kill now (book 7) and am enjoying of.
By chapter 18, about 200 pages in, I was ready to fling this book out the window. None of what grabbed my interest and pumped my adrenaline from about the first paragraphs of the first 4 books had shown up, and Mitch's girlfriend was making my teeth itch from boredom and irritation. And then ... it started to get interesting. And then more interesting. And then exciting. And then it turned into the total adrenaline rush I'd been waiting for. But I'm still removing 2 possible stars - 1 for each hundred boring, disappointing pages.
This is another superlative effort by the late Vince Flynn. Although each of these Mitch Rapp series novels purports to stand on their own (and to an extent they do), the reader really misses a vital flow and continuity by not experiencing them from the beginning. This, his forth novel and third in the Rapp series (although later he would re-number the storyline following his 2010 book American Assassin) picks up right where the previous, The Third Option, left off. Our hero, nearly killed in an Op in Germany, is now angry and determined to find out who sold him out. Back in the U.S., he is among his C.I.A. sponsors (the soon to be nominated new head of the Agency Dr. Irene Kennedy…this following the death of her and Mitch’s mentor, the previous head, Thomas Stansfield) to get as much intel as he can while also contemplating a life outside the agency with his true love Anna Reilly, the news reporter whom he’d saved in the previous episode when the White House was under siege by terrorists.

So as Rapp tries to determine where the leak has come from, another disturbing national emergency emerges…it seems that the Israeli Intelligence Group Mossad has uncovered the location of Saddam Hussein’s secret construction of nuclear weapons (this work was published in 2001, pre 9/11 and prior to the hunt, capture and execution of the Iraqi madman in 2006), directly under a hospital in Baghdad where the largest amount of collateral damage would ensue should the U.S. choose to strike.

With multiple and highly intriguing storylines that follow, it becomes amazing to the reader how Flynn balances each plotline: the Iraqi problem does in fact eventually converge with the plot to kill Mitch and of course Anna Reilly plays an important part, which adds another tone to the overall context of the story. The big thing that continues to impress me with Flynn’s novels is his ability to saturate the work with an amazingly high level of technical expertise that he’s clearly garnered from various sources while still making it fiendishly readable. I recall seeing Vince on a “Morning Joe” interview once for one of his later books and one of the commentators remarking that his books were “like crack cocaine!”

Whether it’s a criticism or not, the reader should be aware that this book ends very abruptly…all loose ends get tidied up efficiently which, of course, is the exact point of these series novels. This ending simply sets you up for the next work in the series, Executive Power, 2003, which I feel very challenged to engage upon completing this. My hesitation, of course, is that the next book will end just like this and It’ll put me on an unending course that won't end until I complete them all!

On a completely side note, I also realize what a tremendous loss the literary community suffered in 2013 with Vince’s passing. And with respect to Kyle Mills continuation of the Mitch Rapp series using Vince Flynn’s name, I was initially aghast that anyone would slander Vince or the Rapp character…my feeling, though, is that although I currently have no intention of reading anyone who would shamelessly exploit this brilliant author’s name, upon further review and as a proviso, when I near completion of the Vince series, I (who understands myself far too well) may very well find myself hopelessly addicted to Mitch's final outcome and I may very well fall into a shameful self-shallowness and pick up these objectifying efforts…all with tremendous guilt of course.

We shall see...in the meantime, though, I'm fairly satisfied that I've recognized the problem and I hope to rectify it one way or another before I confront the issue and have to face it again with the very same authorial exploiters of Tom Clancy's legacy. As for the actual Vince Flynn catalogue, I find them completely enjoyable and look forward to the next in the series.
If you like empathizing with the super hero who gets the bad guys against all odds and political opposition (and who doesn't), Mitch Rapp is the guy for you. Easy to read and always engaging with nice, clear divisions between good (us) and evil (them). There are 13 in the series before Mr. Flynn passed away. I recommend reading them in order. There is a substitute author writing newer ones. I haven't reached that point yet, but am enjoying the ride with Mr. Flynn.
Vince Flynn is an imaginative and prolific writer who exhibits a true genius for research. His knowledge of the inner-workings of our government and its weak-points is impressive. Equally impressive is his ability, willingness, and courage to "tell it like it is".

In his series of Mitch Rapp novels, Vince Flynn grabs your attention and his face-paced story-telling style holds it in a vice-like grip. I found myself unable to put any of his novels down once I started them. Considering the fact that most of these novels run somewhere between 500 and 700 pages, this is no small feat for any author.

I have read every one of the Mitch Rapp novels and believe me when I say that there is not a bad apple on that tree. Each of these novels may be read as a stand-alone but you may find yourself with a better grasp of the overall flow of characters and events if you read them in proper sequence. By the way, the proper reading sequence cannot be determined by publication date alone as a couple of the Mitch Rapp novels were written (more or less) as prequels. I recommend that you read these novels in the following sequence:

(1) "American Assassin"
(2) "Kill Shot"
(3) "Transfer of Power"
(4) "The Third Option"
(5) "Separation of Power"
(6) "Executive Power"
(7) "Memorial Day"
(8) "Consent to Kill"
(9) "Act of Treason"
(10) "Protect and Defend"
(11) "Extreme Measures"
(12) "Pursuit of Honor"

There is another novel ("The Survivor") in the Mitch Rapp series scheduled to begin shipping in hardback around October 8, 2013 by Simon & Schuster and it can be pre-purchased via Amazon.com.
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