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by Christian Moerk

  • Author: Christian Moerk
  • ISBN: 0805092080
  • ISBN13: 978-0805092080
  • ePub: 1576 kb | FB2: 1904 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; 1 edition (March 2, 2010)
  • Pages: 320
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 610
  • Format: lit azw rtf docx
Darling Jim: A Novel ePub download

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But Moerk manages nicely in his first novel, which opens with gruesome death. An affable mail carrier in a small Irish village grows uneasy enough about the occupant of one of the houses on his route to venture inside. His discovery of the dead home owner is only the beginning; when garda officers arrive, they find the corpses of two emaciated young women, obviously held captive in the home.

Darling Jim. A Novel. Darling Jim is wickedly good. From its shocking beginning to the unwinding stories of three sisters, the tale spirals like a Celtic knot, wending back into authentic Irish folklore and forward into the modern world where storytellers have a dangerous charm. A page-turner of the highest sort. Keith Donohue, author of The Stolen Child. A dark, seductive fairy tale of a book. Christian Moerk is a thrilling storyteller. Gillian Flynn, author of Sharp Objects. Darling Jim is a delicious, dangerous and very original story within a story, exactly what I love to read.

Originally published by Politikens Forlag, Denmark in 2007"-T. When two sisters and their aunt are found dead in their suburban Dublin home, it seems that the secret behind their untimely demise will never be known.

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A modern gothic novel of suspense that reveals, through their diaries, the story of sisters who fall in love with a beguiling stranger, and of the town that turns a blind eye to his murderous ways. St. Martin's Griffin.

Darling Jim: A Novel. A modern gothic novel of suspense that reveals, through their diaries, the story of sisters who fall in love with a beguiling stranger, and of the town that turns a blind eye to his murderous ways

Darling Jim: A Novel. A modern gothic novel of suspense that reveals, through their diaries, the story of sisters who fall in love with a beguiling stranger, and of the town that turns a blind eye to his murderous ways.

The widely acclaimed debut novel-about three sisters, three tales, and a very dark secret-that's a "chilling bedtime story for adults.

2010: Darling Jim: A Novel by Christian Moerk. 2011: Paranormal - Beautiful Creatures: Beautiful Creatures, Book 1 by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Narrated by Kevin T. Collins. Narrated by Stephen Hoye and Justine Eyre. 2009: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Narrated by Josh Clark, Scott Menville, Jim Meskimen, Phil Proctor, Stefan Rudnicki, Fred Tatasciore and a full cast, published by Galaxy Audio. 2016: Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Narrated by Haley Joel Osment, Tatiana Maslany, Kate Mulgrew, and a full cast (Audible Studios).

The widely acclaimed debut novel―about three sisters, three tales, and a very dark secret―that's a "chilling bedtime story for adults."―People (three stars)

Fiona Walsh thought her family's secrets would follow her to her grave, but when her diary is found by a young postman, Niall, the truth about her untimely demise―and that of her sister and aunt―begins to see the light of day. It's the most tragic love story he's ever heard.

Niall soon becomes enveloped by the mystery surrounding Jim―an itinerant storyteller who traveled through Ireland enrapturing audiences and wooing women with his macabre mythic sagas―though a trail of murder followed him wherever he went. The Walsh sisters, fiercely loyal to each other, were not immune to "darling" Jim's powers of seduction, but found themselves in harm's way when they began to uncover his treacherous past. Niall must now continue his dangerous hunt for the truth―and for the vanished third sister―while there's still time.

And in the woods, the wolves from Jim's stories begin to gather.

DARLING JIM's characters are not only written with vibrant dimension, they will slowly draw the reader in and never let them go until the very end! Often opting for the classical, I was intrigued at the continual twists and turns of this complex tale within a tale set in many an Irish venue-
And though the story is surrounded by the lovely idyllic Hills of Ireland, there clearly lurks a danger there that cannot be underestimated; just when the audience thinks they've got the plot figured, they are taken for a loop!
The fact that the dimensional & richly developed female POVs were written by a man is indiscernible...a quality that many female and male readers alike will find appealing-
As a credentialed Literature Teacher, I would happily recommend this novel supplement Senior High & College Lit level classes, and have gifted this book to several individuals who have also exclaimed they have enjoyed the read greatly-
In short, and to recap, DARLING JIM is a Masterful Must Read!
Pick up a copy poste haste; you'll be glad you did!
This book was such a joy to read - one of those books you can't put down once you start it. From page one the novel grabs you with a dramatic jolt and sets the stage of immense curiosity as to what happened to these three sisters andd their aunt.

The author uses great literary skill to tell us just that. The introduction of the diary and using it to tell much of the story is very creative. Through this means we discover the true story of the Walsh girls and the mystery of the great Jim. He is such a huge part of this story but what is he all about. Do you really dare find out?

This book comes across as part fairytale, part horror, part suspense and part gothic. All of it works. The character of Niall the postman is a very creative, realistic persona. All the characters are fully developed. I gave the book 4 stars for a few times the diary sequences did drag a little but I highly recommend this book. It is all the things I said above and written expertly. The author has provided a great journey for the reader to take.
The opening pages of 'Darling Jim' are indeed emotionally rough going. I almost didn't stick with it but did... and about 4 chapters in realized I was reading a masterpiece of modern storytelling. It is a rollicking 21st century fairy tale told in exquisite crackerjack prose by the diverse voices of some of the most fascinating, finely wrought characters in literature.
Whew! I've run out of superlatives. Didja guess this is one of my all time favorite books?

I believe bad timing; it's release during the Millennium series craze, is the reason the world never went nuts over 'Darling Jim'.

Just read it.
Even though some of the Irish vocabulary was unfamiliar and cumbersome, I loved this book enough to give it 5 stars. The first thing I did when I finished the book was get on Amazon to find more by this author, and was very disappointed when I couldn't find anything else. Maybe he has another pen name(?). The author did an outstanding job with characterization. The antagonist was dark, dangerous, and alluring, and the author gave the reader an intimate look at his prey and how easy it was for them to fall victim. Most importantly, in my opinion, the book had a tremendously satisfying ending. I would love to see this made into a movie.
I enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. I just had to know more. I love the way it was a story within a story, it was all tied together amazingly!
As someone who rarely reads fiction I really enjoyed this novel. It has turned me on to this genre and I intend on reading more mysteries. This novel was entertaining, vivid and at times felt very real to me. I felt a part of these characters lives and I loved uncovering their stories throughout the novel.

I would highly recommend this novel!
Not the best book I ever read, but a decent listen on long card rides. The characters are interesting and the story-line keep you engaged.
This was a wonderful book and I hated it to end. The characters were masterfully drawn and the story line sucked you in and kept you there. Best book I've read in a long time.
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