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by Andrew Pyper

  • Author: Andrew Pyper
  • ISBN: 1409122549
  • ISBN13: 978-1409122548
  • ePub: 1801 kb | FB2: 1681 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Orion (February 1, 2011)
  • Pages: 368
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 224
  • Format: lit mobi mbr rtf
The Guardians ePub download

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The Guardians: Selected as A Globe and Mail Best Book of 2011 and a Best Book of the Year in the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handlesblad. Archived from the original on 12 September 2015. Retrieved 28 March 2015.

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Книга The Guardians автора Пайпер Эндрю оценена посетителями КнигоГид, и её. .First published in Great Britain in 2011. by Orion Books, an imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd. Orion House, 5 Upper Saint Martin's Lane.

Онлайн библиотека КнигоГид непременно порадует читателей текстами иностранных и российских писателей, а также гигантским выбором классических и современных произведений.

From acclaimed author Andrew Pyper, a gripping novel of psychological suspense about four men haunted by a secret from childhood

From acclaimed author Andrew Pyper, a gripping novel of psychological suspense about four men haunted by a secret from childhood. Trevor, Randy, Ben and Carl grew up together in the small town of Grimshaw as many boys do-playing hockey on the local team, the Guardians, and forging friendships that run deep. Twenty-four years later, Trevor, recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and faced with his own mortality, learns that his old friend Ben has committed suicide.

What a mistake that would have been. So I got on to Goodreads and added it to my to-read list. Where it stayed for about two years.

From acclaimed author Andrew Pyper, a gripping novel of.Pyper is the most striking Canadian crime writer to emerge in recent years and The Guardians is a characteristically intelligent move into Stephen King territory. Mail on Sunday (UK).

From acclaimed author Andrew Pyper, a gripping novel of psychological suspense about four men haunted by a secret from childhood.

Don't all kids think there's a haunted house in their neighbourhood? Can you remember yours? What if, as a child, you knew something bad really had happened in that house? What if you actually saw it? Then you tried to forget it for the next thirty years. And then, one day, you had to go back inside that house? Andrew Pyper's THE GUARDIANS is a ghost story for grown-ups. Prepare to enter the Thurman House on Caledonia Street. You have been warned...

This is only my second Andrew Pyper novel; I was fortunate to read an ARC of his upcoming novel THE DAMNED (publication February 2015) and so loved it I immediately became a devoted fan. THE GUARDIANS is set in small-town Ontario, a community.where high school hockey rules and everybody knows everything about everyone else. It's a good place to grow up, a good place to raise children, a fertile ground to form lifelong friendships. But every tasty apple might conceal a worm; for the small close-knit community of Grimshaw, that worm coils at 321 Caledonia Street, beside the hill leading to the hospital and nurses' residence, across the street from the home where adolescent hockey player Ben McAuliffe lives with his widowed mother. Known as the Thurman House for its owners in the 1940's, it's decaying, long-uninhabited, and harboring a bloody history: some forgotten, some always remembered.
This is really, really good with that rare mixture of creepy menace and psychological insight. The novel took me back to the glory days of horror in the seventies--you know those gems that weave terror from childhood to adulthood and back again. Both the kid and grownup versions of the characters are just like the readers and yet they are not. Most of us don't have to physically face the demons our fictional friends do. And these characters are like our friends because they are so realistically portrayed and realized that we can pick out bits and pieces of real people in them. Didn't we know the Trevors and Randys and Carls and Bens in high school? We probably didn't take too much time with them then, but we can certainly appreciate them now that we've grown up. Nostalgic would be a good word to describe the book. And scary. What a perfect combination.
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This is my second Andrew Pyper novel, and I have to say, although I enjoyed The Demonologist slightly more, this story was well worth the read. Despite its familiar elements -- four childhood friends linked by a tragedy, and an evil house that haunts their dreams -- this novel's first person narrator is troubled enough, and his friends quirky enough, to keep the reader engaged. Chapters alternate between the present, when the friends have returned to their home town for a funeral, and the past, to the inciting incident that set the four boys on their separate and mostly lonely trajectories. Like the best horror novels, this tale combines otherworldly elements with the much more persuasive and lasting damage done to us by our own minds, no monsters required. Pyper's assured handing of the psychologies of his flawed but captivating protagonists makes him a novelist worth watching.
I'd have loved to give the book 5 stars, but from the beginning, there were shadows of S. King's It. I won't call it plagiarism, but the author for sure based the story on the same premises as King's. I enjoyed the book, no doubt about that, and I like Andrew Pyper's work. And I recommend this book, it's well written and keeps the reader interested to the end. But I kept thinking of King's It while reading it.
I felt the story was well written and it held my interest but it isn't the type of novel I normally read. The subject matter was not what I expected after reading other peoples critiques so I was a little disappointed but that was my problem not the writers. As ghost stories go, I'm afraid it was a little boring and very unrealistic also a bit predictable. But I gave it 3 stars to be fair.
No spoilers ahead. I was recommended this book by my sister, who had stayed up all night to finish it. I've just spent the entire day hooked and have been moved to stir my stumps and write a review. This isn't just another ghost story, the real ghosts are the memories, relationships and unspoken truths between a group of childhood friends whose lives were rocked by a murder. Pyper writes in such an eloquent style, it's natural, unforced and his characters are flawed, realistic and ultimately likable. He writes with humor, and a style that makes this such an easy book to devour without coming up for air. I am now off to download the rest of his kindle novels.
Loved this book. Am rather a sucker for books on kids who grow up and are stilled trapped in their childhood. Really nice and a fun read.
This story kept me hooked from the first chapter. It played out in my mind like watching a film. I definitely recommend it.
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