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The Insiders: A Thriller ePub download

by Craig Hickman

  • Author: Craig Hickman
  • ISBN: 1439216045
  • ISBN13: 978-1439216040
  • ePub: 1142 kb | FB2: 1996 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (January 28, 2009)
  • Pages: 588
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 296
  • Format: doc rtf mbr azw
The Insiders: A Thriller ePub download

The Insiders was recently named a Finalist in the iller category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

The Insiders was recently named a Finalist in the iller category of the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Craig Hickman is a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books, among them such international bestsellers as The Oz Principle, Creating Excellence, Mind of a Manager Soul of a Leader, and The Strategy Game.

Concealed Measures: A Thriller (The Insiders Series Book 2. New York Times bestselling author Craig Hickman continues the story that began in The Insiders, his 2009 heart-pounding thriller that kept over 100,000 readers on the edge of their seats.

Concealed Measures: A Thriller (The Insiders Series Book 2). by. Craig Hickman (Goodreads Author). Concealed Measures, his latest book, picks up the story of Wilson and Emily Fielder and their deadly fight to destroy The Governors, a global shadow government of financial manipulators. lt; New York Times bestselling author Craig Hickman continues the story that began in The Insiders, his 2009 heart-pounding thriller that kept over 100,000 readers on the edge of their seats.

Congrats to Chicago author Craig Hickman, finalist in the iller category of the 2009 Indie Book Awards for his new novel, The Insiders-being adapted for a Hollywood film. There's plenty of real-life fodder to write exciting non-fiction-think Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Bernie Madoff-but those scandals only skim the surface of how manipulation takes place. The Insiders captures the corporate world. A great thriller! As good as anything on the market today. Rick Kogan, WGN/Chicago Tribune. If you want to delve beyond the.

His latest thriller, THE INSIDERS, is pure adrenaline, fury and light. An unsuspecting hero must expose the corruption destroying the American dream in this high-octane ride of cunning manipulation, economic conspiracy, and global revolution.

At first she thought it was Dr. Drury, but as her eyes slowly focused she realized he was a stranger. Who are you? she asked in an alarmed but groggy voice. Her body felt like cement. Her body felt like cement r.

This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. President rutherford b. hayes, 1888. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people

Политические детективы. The Insiders - Hickman Craig. Even in bad markets, the firm stays fully booked with spin-outs, roll-ups, PIPEs. Wilson cut him off.

Политические детективы. What I don’t understand is what makes Fielder amp; Company’s approach to IPOs, spin-outs, roll-ups or PIPEs worth five billion dollars.

Craig Hickman (Hickman, Craig). used books, rare books and new books. Find all books by 'Craig Hickman' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Craig Hickman'. Creating Excellence: Managing Corporate Culture, Strategy and Change in the New Age. by Craig Hickman, Michael A. Silva. by Roger Connors, Tom Smith, Craig Hickman. ISBN 9781598599206 (978-1-59859-920-6) Oasis Audio, 2011.

Thrill, suspense, conspiracy, mystery, corporate corruption, and more clash in this new brand of thriller by New York Times bestselling author Craig Hickman. Untainted by political, journalistic, or legal manipulation and uncorrupted by fear or threat of retribution, The Insiders enthralls you with an alarming tale of how corrupt CEOs, secret societies, corporate deceit, domestic espionage, murder for hire, and cunning manipulation are destroying the American dream, influencing our daily lives, and reshaping global society. Wilson's father, Charles Fielder, one of the richest men in the world, has just murdered two women and tried to kill himself. Or did he? Lying in a coma, Charles cannot help his only son understand the mysteries of his life nor his role in founding an exclusive club of the world's most powerful CEOs--the ultimate insiders club with unparalleled perks. Wilson must face this cutthroat world of concealed machinations, corporate espionage, international finance, and economic conspiracy on his own--in order to uncover his father's real agenda, expose the secret society of insiders, and fight to change the face of capitalism. That is, if he can stay alive. Take a plunge into this dangerous and deceitful world of the rich, the famous, and the powerful. Witness the unholy alliances between business and government and the real forces behind our recent financial crisis. The Insiders is a heart-pounding tale full of twists and turns and eye-opening revelations that will make your adrenaline rush last until the very end. Sometimes, the truth can only be told through fiction...
I might be mistaken but I think this author had an agenda when he wrote this book. He starts out quoting a few former U.S. Presidents who had express negative views on capitalism. Our current President ends this list with his own negative comment. Then I find this novel makes it appear that the majority of capitalists today are scheming individuals. I just do not like reading a NOVEL that is political in nature. Yes, he does have a good story but it is very biased against big business.

I found it so depressing to read that I stopped after getting half way through. I can see where a young reader might be influenced by this novel to hate our way of life here in the United States. Indeed this has already happened based on the many Occupy Wall Street demonstrations we have now. I believe this is because most young readers have not lived in other countries and seen how bad the standard of living is there when compared to here. I grew up in the South Chicago slums, but my family still lived much better than people I saw living in the slums of Central America and Far East. Our capitalistic society enabled me and my siblings to get educated and become productive members of our country. How many other countries can do this as well as our country?

This novel is certainly well written but can persuade the naïve reader that capitalism is a bad. This is what worries me. I have to give a one star rating because of this. Normally I do not write reviews on books I don’t like but I feel I must do something to defend capitalism.
I gave this book two stars rather than one star because I bothered to finish it. I kept hoping that it would actually surprise me. Needless to say, it did not.

The problems
- The characters are one-dimensional, hackneyed stereotypes. There is no nuance at all. All of the major players are beautifull, brilliant, talented, etc.
- The endless pontificating about capitalism and American idealism belongs in a political science class not a novel that is labeled a "thriller."
- Believe me, nothing is "thrilling" about this tale. You can see the supposed plot twists a mile away.
- The writing is cheesy and the dialouge is awful. Here's an example: "At one point, Wilson proclaimed his love from the balcony, causing Emily to clutch his mouth in sweet delirium." Come on - sounds like a gothic romance novel. The expression "crossing the line" was used 3 times on one page. We are told that men "nibbled on cheese" on three different occasions. Really?

As others have pointed out, the proofreaders must have taken the day off because there were many typos and grammatical errors throughout. It was distracting and annoying; I had to read some sentences two or three times to understand the intent.

Skip this book. It is on par with the worst of Mary Higgins Clark's novels.
This book had a great concept, but was too long with too many details that weighed the action down. After the first couple chapters, I thought to myself, "This seems like a novel written by an accountant." I didn't know the author's background at that time - he actually is in the finance field. I kept wanting to stop reading, but I have a hard time with not finishing a book, even when I'm not enjoying it, so I kept slogging through. The ever changing viewpoints made the story confusing and slow. I felt like the whole thing was in need of a good editor to make it about half as long and weed out the unnecessary elements to help the action move at a faster rate. The result of the bogged down action was that I just didn't care much about the characters or what happened to them.
Billy Granson
The author handled intertwined several plots but kept the book readable. He used vulgar or curse words only where they were necessary. His mechanics of good writing were fine. I understand very little about high finance, but I had no trouble understanding the book. The author has a great talent for writing. The book got my five stars.

The idealist market manipulator did so for a cause greater than personal gain. The idealistic dream lived on is the basic principle I found in the book. By book's end conspiracy theories of any kind no longer seemed far fetched. I plan to re-read THE GODFATHER because the action in both books is very similar.

Thank you, Mr. Hickman, for a good read.
This story has more twists and turns than a bagful of pretzels. Though the topic bears some relationship to current news and public discussions, it is WAY too contrived and unrealistic to hold your attention for very long. There are good guys in white hats, bad guys in black hats, good guys in black hats, bad guys in white hats, then good guys in black/white hats ... get the picture? The impression I'm left with is of a book for which the author got paid by the page, so he kept adding another twist and another twist and another twist ... to maximize the number of pages. Many of the pages - large portions of the book, in fact - contribute not a whit to the story development, thus may be skipped without being missed in the total scheme of things. The largest redeeming value of the book consists of the two main characters and their (short) love story. The "shocking expose" ends up rather boring.
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