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Ceremony in Death (In Death #5) ePub download

by Susan Ericksen,J. D. Robb

  • Author: Susan Ericksen,J. D. Robb
  • ISBN: 1423313712
  • ISBN13: 978-1423313717
  • ePub: 1313 kb | FB2: 1339 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (October 25, 2006)
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 122
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Ceremony in Death (In Death #5) ePub download

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Ceremony in Death has been added to your Cart. Ceremony in Death Audio CD – Abridged, Audiobook, CD. by J. D. Robb (Author), Susan Ericksen (Narrator).

Ceremony in Death book. This series just keeps getting better. Susan Ericksen is an excellent narrator and has developed the tone in the characters voices to perfection. She is so talented she can do Officer (Delia) Peabody with a cold, LOL! This one is about witches – both good and evil.

Ceremony in Death Audio, Cassette – Abridged, Audiobook. Robb (Author), Nora Roberts (Author), Susan Ericksen (Narrator) & 0 more.

In Death: Rapture in Death 4 by Nora Roberts and J. Robb (1996, Paperback, Reissue). Romance, lust, witch craft, suspense, death and more abound in book I liked it, just as I liked the other death books. But never guessed the ending. Новые 484,14 RUB. Б/у: 211,66 RUB. Paperback. Worth reading if you like the author. оставлен teensreadtoo13. Personal Read IN DEATH" series, CEREMONY IN DEATH finds Eve Dallas dealing with things that mere science can't explain.

Th. n Death series of novels and short stories are written by Nora Roberts under her pseudonym, J. Robb. Set in a mid-21st century New York City, they feature NYPSD ("New York City Police and Security Department") Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. The stories also regularly feature other characters, including Captain Ryan Feeney, Detective Delia Peabody, Detective Ian McNab and Dr. Charlotte Mira.

D. Robb, Ceremony in Death. Series: In Death 5). Thank you for reading books on GrayCity. Other author's books: Naked in Death.

Susan Ericksen engages each and every listener with her voice once again as she narrates this fifth part in high passion without any sort of break or laziness. Susan has now become an ingredient that cannot be separated from the series till the last part as she knows the characters right to the core. Report Broken Book to Admin for Fixing.

Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warnning personally.

Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own sense of right and wrong—and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil….
"Murder had come into her life before and would again. But someone would pay for bringing it into her home."

FINAL DECISION: Not as tight or interesting as the prior books in the series, I enjoyed this one more for the relationship side of the story than the mystery itself which seemed a bit unreal and less grounded than others in the series. Still a good book.

THE STORY: Eve is tasked with investigating the death of a police officer. There is some suspicion that Feeney might have been involved in a coverup of drug abuse by the officer, so Eve not only has to do an investigation, but also hide it from her mentor and substitute father. Eve's investigation takes her into a group of Satanists.

OPINION: Personally I was only marginally interested in the mystery in this book, but I really loved how the book pushes forward the relationship of Eve and Feeney. He is her mentor and her father in many ways, but here she is ordered to engage in an investigation keeping him in the dark (as he is a possible target). This causes Eve to have to acknowledge the importance of their relationship. For me, the scenes with Feeney are the highlight of the book.

The underlying theme in this book is family and the book raises issues that Eve and Rourke have to confront time and time again.

Wiccans make several appearances in Robb's romance books and therefore it is not surprising that Robb makes a point of separating the practicing witches from the Satanist cult members who are involved in the murders.

The feeling of this book slides more magical. At times it threatens to disrupt the grounded and realistic tone of the series.

WORTH MENTIONING: The introduction of the character of Jamie.

CONNECTED BOOKS: CEREMONY IN DEATH is the fifth book in the In Death series. While each book is a standalone in terms of the mystery involved, there are continuing character stories throughout the series. I believe the books are better read in order, but this book can be read as a standalone.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4 stars.
Ceremony in Death is the 5th installment of the Lt. Eve Dallas series. This was a re-read for me. While I wouldn't say it's a stand out book for the series. It does give background on Eve and Captain Feeney and his God-son Jamie who is a frequent character.

Eve is called in to investigate the suspicious death of a officer. Who was seen by an undercover officer. Because the officer was once partners with Feeney. Who now runs EDD. She is forbidden to work with Feeney in any way. This doesn't sit well with Eve because he is her friend/mentor and surrogate father figure. She is one part technophob and one part technodinosaur but, swears that electronics are out to get her. Luckily her new husband Roarke is an electronics wizard with equipment Captain Feeney doesn't have access to. Together they set out to clear two cops good names and find a murder.

During the investigation Eve a down to earth and by the book (mostly) cop finds herself dealing with paranormal forces of good and evil. Wicca verses Satanist. Neither has Eve given any thought to.

I would recommend this series to others who enjoy police drama series.
Eve encounters evil and stares it in the eye. One thing I can always count on when I pick up the next book in the series is a growing appreciation and respect for this tough as nails cop who takes the hard hits each case brings and gets right back up to fight some more.

Ceremony in Death is the fifth installment of the series. There is a subtle series arc running through where characters have been introduced and become fixtures, private development between friends and romance has developed, and a couple reference back to stuff that happened on certain cases. I say all that to advice readers to get these in order, but also to acknowledge that a person can read them standalone or out of order to a certain extent.

In this latest, Eve is up against a personal conflict because her commander is ordering her to work alone and tell no one- even Feeney who will never forgive her if he learns she hid this from him. But, she is also up against a killer who doesn't hide evil, but embraces it. Satanists, Wiccans, and a trail of bloody death.

I appreciate how the author not only delivers a good murder mystery, but many times infuses thought-provoking aspects that challenge Eve to analyze what she thinks about a philosophical, cultural, social, or religious more. In this case, its religion and superstition. Eve deals in facts and won't countenance the idea that the spiritual or beliefs are real.

I want to say that I found this a powerful story and really loved it. I'm going to bring up a few things that may make it sound like I didn't, but I really do- in spite of these issues, shall we say? So, I was totally into this one and it was on its way to five stars, but I couldn't do it.
The mystery in this one was obvious from the beginning and it frustrated me to no end that Eve latched onto every theory, but the right one. In fact, one of her arrests drove me nuts because I felt she wasn't even looking beyond the pat set up. She's shown more intuitiveness in the past and just flat out shut that stuff down in this book. I felt she was so fixated on sneering and denying these folks- the Wiccans in particular- because they had beliefs that made her uncomfortable that she really didn't stay objective enough and got downright mean and cruel to the suspect and to her co-workers. She recognizes that she owes poor Peabody and Feeney apologies and delivers them which is something I really love about the way the author wrote her. She screws up, but she owns it and owns it to others. It was a nice touch to see her struggle with this as the book progressed, but then I felt it ended abruptly without her actually coming to terms with this issue. Maybe it will be brought out and addressed in a later book.

And, it will be no surprise that Roarke is was magnificent in this one. He does his usual stellar job of forcing Eve to take care of herself and he has her back during her work and private moments of pain. I enjoyed seeing a different side of him when he is more open about the spiritual.

The author continues to write superbly and with each case Eve and her tough cop, gritty determined, flawed, wry, and vulnerable character grows on me and I fall more deeply in love with she and Roarke's romance.
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