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by Shelley Freydont

  • Author: Shelley Freydont
  • ISBN: 0758201273
  • ISBN13: 978-0758201270
  • ePub: 1847 kb | FB2: 1455 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Publisher: Kensington; Reprint edition (October 1, 2004)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 639
  • Format: txt doc lrf docx
A Merry Little Murder ePub download

A Merry Little Murder book. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

A Merry Little Murder book.

A Merry Little Murder. Mass Market Paperback. This book had all the potential of being a really good read, instead it was filled with distractingly extraneous bits.

A former dancer herself, Shelley Freydont has created a believable and interesting mystery series set in the world of dance. This Christmas, former dancer Lindy Haggerty leaves her toe shoes behind to hit the glitzy International Ballroom Competition in Atlantic City, where it takes two to tango - but only one to kill.

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But his words didn’t console her. Stu looked worried. Stu guided her through the questioning. Lindy was glad to see that her words. The typist hadn’t been happy about staying late, but Stu insisted that to cause Lindy any more distress would be harassment. Grappel 134 Midsummer Murder consented with a brusque grunt. She made Stu read every word along with her. It seemed okay. 2003) (The fifth book in the Linda Haggerty series) A novel by Shelley Freydont. Similar books by other authors.

Book [email protected] Shelley Freydont. What others are saying. Midsummer Murder (A Lindy Haggerty Mystery by Shelly Freydont. Wasn't crazy about the story line and there wasn't enough of Chaz. Sudoku Puzzles Puzzle Books Cozy Mysteries New Series Book Lists Mystery Series Reading Mcdonalds Fiction. The Sudoku Murder: (A Katie McDonald Mystery by Shelley Freydont. Book [email protected] Shelley Freydont.

As Shelley Freydont I write amateur sleuth mysteries. As Shelley Noble I write women's fiction  . 10 August ·. Dont' miss it!

A Merry Little Murder. The Violet Carlyle Mysteries. Book 4. By: Beth Byers. Violet laughed and picked up a stack of her books, noting the unread Tarzan novel. She had been off lately. Violet gobbled up the new Edgar Rice Burroughs novels the moment they arrived.

Author:Freydont, Shelley . The Sudoku Murder: A Katie McDonald Mystery (Katie Mcdonald): A Katie McDonald Mystery (Katie Mcdonald). Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. This intriguing first in a new series from Freydont (A Merry Little Murder and four other mysteries featuring dancer Linda Haggerty) introduces mathematician and Sudoku whiz Katie McDonald. Katie, a self-professed geek who works for a hush-hush government think tank, returns to her hometown of Granville, NH, at the behest of her former mentor, .

Former dancer Lindy Haggerty finds drama, scandal, and catfights when she works at the International Ballroom Competition in Atlantic City where rival studios, determined dancers, and vibrant costumes are no match for murder. Reprint.
This is a fine author and an easy to read mystery. The story line is good and entertaining
This time the Jeremy Ash Dance Company is in Atlantic City. Lindy Haggerty is the rehearsal director. They will be performing at the International Stars Ballroom Competition.
Ballroom dance instructor and competitor Shane Corbett is found murdered. His partner, Katja Abdretevsjty, is missing and a suspect in his murder. Dawn Gilpatrick, owner of Stepping Out Dance Studio, is frantic to find Katja. She does not believe Katja had anything to do with Shane's murder.
Junie Baker, Dawn's ex-husband and ex-partner, is stealing teacher's from Dawn's studio for his own. His studio is located only 4.8 miles from Dawn's and there is a lot of bad blood between them. He was trying to steal Shane right before his murder.
Designer Enrico was to unveil his new collection of ballroom gowns during the competition, but someone got into his studio and slashed all the dresses.
Are the murder and dresses related? Who could have done these things? Where is Katja? Lindy's "friend" Bill Brandecker, a professor and former New York detective, has come to spend a few days with Lindy. She still isn't sure what the situation is between her husband Glen and herself. Glen has been in Paris for months and recently said he wasn't coming back. But, he hasn't asked her for a divorce. She is so confused.
Rose, a co-worker of Lindy's, is a close friend of Dawn's. Rose persuades Lindy to help Dawn find Katja. Of course, Bill is not happy. He doesn't want Lindy involved in another murder.
Ms. Freydont has a real winner with this series. She has created terrific characters and always sets the book in an interesting setting. I enjoyed the ballroom competition as the backdrop in this book. I learned a lot about the competition. All I'd ever known before was what I'd seen on TV. This gave me a lot of background to the competitions.
I like the way Lindy and Bill begin to work together at times during this murder investigation. There are plenty of twists and turns and Lindy puts herself and others in danger more than once.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and this series
The Jeremy Ash Dance Company is going to perform at the International Stars Ballroom Competition at the Grand Pavilion Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Lindy Graham Haggerty tries to get into the spirit of the occasion but she can't because her husband told her he is not coming home to her, but stops short at asking for a divorce. Lindy's wannabe lover Bill is meeting her at the hotel but by the time he arrives, she is standing over the murdered body of a ballroom dancer who had a great shot at winning the contest.
The victim, Shane Corbett, was about to leave his dancing partner and lover Katya for her rival. The police are searching for Katya who disappeared at about the same time because they know she found out Shane was dumping her. Lindy becomes involved in this melodrama because Katya's teacher is friendly with Rose the Jeremy Ash Wardrobe mistress. Rose wants Lindy to find out who really killed Shane. Dispute Bill's objections, she agrees and almost has the curtain rung on a near final performance.
Readers hearts will go out to the beleaguered heroine as she works to find the killer, struggles to understand her husband's actions and wonders whether to do what her heart dictates her to do with Bill. A MERRY LITTLE MURDER is a whimsically charming amateur sleuth mystery filled with false trails and red herrings.
Harriet Klausner
Nothing merry here - one of the worst Christmas/Mystery/Cozies I have come upon, this story deals with a murder in a ballroom dance competition in Atlantic city, with the main character being a part of a dance troup. While the premise sounds fun and interesting, believe me - it is not. Too many characters pour into the first chapter and by the final page I cared not one bit for any of them - there was no realism and no character development. Language is strong, backstabbing is laced throughout the book, the Christmas part is limited to a study of the tacky decorations in an Atlantic City casino. There is not a bit of charm, cleverness, or grace - ballroom dancers are represented as toupee wearing, shallow and out of touch, with partners frequently betraying each other. If you look are looking for a bright and cheerful Christmas cozy, look elsewhere.-Mamalinda
Went Tyu
loved the book and received quickly.
Shelly Freydont writes great books. I haven't read this book yet but it looks like it has murder and mystery in it.
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