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Miniature Pinschers (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) ePub download

by D. Caroline Coile

  • Author: D. Caroline Coile
  • ISBN: 0812093461
  • ISBN13: 978-0812093469
  • ePub: 1697 kb | FB2: 1145 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Pets & Animal Care
  • Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing (March 1, 1996)
  • Pages: 104
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 881
  • Format: lit azw lrf rtf
Miniature Pinschers (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) ePub download

Known as the "king of toys," these dogs are hardy and active, and make excellent pets. Here is information on purchasing, raising, and maintaining a happy, healthy miniature pinscher.
I selected this book for a friend who was considering a Miniature Pinscher. I actually had seen this particular book in a store and thought it would give enough information as to help him make a decision as to whether he would really be interested in the breed. It did that. There are more comprehensive books which is why I only gave this one 4 stars but it is a nice little volume for those wanting to know about the breed. I'd even say that it gives more information than you'd expect from a small, paperback.
A detailed book of general information about miniature pinschers. Being a first -time puppy owner this book was helpful, however I'm not sure whether it was the information about puppies in general or the breed-specific information that was of most use for me.. It did appear to be quite dated but generally it didn't seem to matter, I would hope any pet owner would consult with a vet as their first /most up to date/relevant source before any books.
a gift for my daughter. while she learned a lot from the manual, most of it was somewhat useful in a generalized way. I also think a lot of the issues we were having with Gabby was due to the fact that she was my daughter's pet. Minipins are a one person pet...they don't do well with more than one individual disciplining them.
This is a very good book that introduces you to the world of the Miniature Pinschers. My Min Pin was rescued from the shelter. I had no knowledge what so ever of this dog breed. After reading the book - which is very informative - I can now say that I am far more knowledgeable about the breed. I refer to the book whenever I may have a question or concern about my dogs behavior or activity. Having a better understanding of the breed has made me love my baby even more.
As a new pack leader to my three month old min pins, I have been trying to get as much information on this breed as possible. when I got this in the mail I couldn't stop reading it and is now sitting in my library of reference material for my new additions to my family.
This book has a ton of info but isn't too long. It's to the point. My only complaint is there are special "how to" pages in the middle of some chapters, making it so you have to go back and forth between pages to finish a paragraph. Would definitely recommend for someone who is thinking of or has a new Min Pin!
Just not enough SPECIFICS!!!!
I just adopted a Min Pin and knew nothing about the breed until I got this and another book about the breed!
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