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by Michael Veranov,Angus McGeoch

  • Author: Michael Veranov,Angus McGeoch
  • ISBN: 1578660556
  • ISBN13: 978-1578660551
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  • Language: English
  • Category: World
  • Publisher: Galahad Books (July 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 624
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 700
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The Third Reich at War ePub download

The writing in Third Reich at War is at times somewhat inconsistent and imprecise.

The writing in Third Reich at War is at times somewhat inconsistent and imprecise. On page 490 we read that von Rundstedt "believed that the invaders had to be hit hard while they were still on the beaches, and driven back into the se. But two pages later, we are told that von Rundstedt wanted to hold panzer units back "in readiness to respond wherever events dictated. The authors assert that "some of the plotters had hoped that, with Hitler dead, Rommel would agree to take over as Fûhrer and lead the Reich out of the wa.

First published in the UK by Robinson Publishing 1997. I ask only once a year: please help the Internet Archive today.

The book begins with a perceptive examination of the Third Reich's tortured roots in modern European history and a. .Massive in scope and exhaustive in content, The Third Reich at War is for everyone who wants to know the full story of those twelve years that shook the world.

The book begins with a perceptive examination of the Third Reich's tortured roots in modern European history and a forceful narrative of Adolf Hitler's irresistible rise to power in mid-1930s Germany. Successive chapters detail the ferocity of Hitler's massive war machine that ultimately came to dominate an area extending from the Arctic Circle to North Africa, and from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus.

The Mammoth Book Of The Third Reich At War (Unknown Binding). Published January 1st 1997 by Scarlet (UK). Michael Veranov, Angus McGeoch. Unknown Binding, 624 pages. Author(s): Michael Veranov (Contributor). ISBN: 1854875264 (ISBN13: 9781854875266). ISBN: 0752558714 (ISBN13: 9780752558714).

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THE THIRD REICH AT WAR - THE RISE AND. £. 5. item 2 the third reich at war - the rise and fall of hilter'S awsome military machine, -the third reich at war - the rise and fall of hilter's awsome military machine, £. Military, Wars, Books, History, World War II, Military History, World History.

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Items related to The Third Reich at War. The Third Reich at War. ISBN 13: 9781578660551. ISBN 10: 1578660556 ISBN 13: 9781578660551. Publisher: Galahad Books, 1999.

World war II, third reich history hardcover book lo. The Third Reich At War by Veranov Michael - Book - Soft Cover - Military.

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An overview of the Nazi military machine details key battles and campaigns, profiles the Third Reich military leaders and generals, and discusses Hitler's "final solution"
Rather dull reading which is not supported either by notes or by a bibliography or by identifying the authors. It could have been a decent introductory book (if it had notes and bibliography) but there are just too many serious distortions.

Probably the most striking distortion is on p512 where the book claims that "Some of the plotters [of July 20 1944] had hoped that Rommel would agree to take over as Fuehrer". The July 20 conspirators did not intend to keep the "Fuehrer Prinzip" alive and to only change the person holding the unique position and power of Fuehrer but in fact intended to replace the dictatorship with a conservative government with retired general Ludwig Beck as head of state and former Leipzig mayor Carl Goerdeler as chancellor. Rommel would certainly have been given an important role in the Wehrmacht (to sustain military and civilian morale given his popularity) but was not slated for a top position in the new government (FeldMarshall Witzleben was to become commander in chief of the Wehrmacht and General Hoepner was to take command of the ErsatzHeer).

Another very dubious statement is made on p53: "Hitler even believed that Great Britain might somehow be persuaded to help in the conquest of the USA". It seems irresponsible to me to present such far fetched suppositions without any corroboration by notes or bibliography. A history book that does not present the reader with the opportunity to check statements through notes or bibliography should limit itself to established facts.

Another distortion is that on p20: "Through all this time [since September 1914] the Kaiser's high sea fleet sat idle bottled up in the Baltic by the royal navy". Even though correct for most of the war, the Kaiser's and the Royal Navies did engage in the largest sea battle of WWI on May 31-June 1 1916: the battle of Jutland.

The book has other errors, of lesser impact than the above distortions. Here are a few:
The map of Italy on p 302 shows the invasion of Sicily occurring on 10 July 1945, instead of 1943.
P274 states that "Rommel launched his offensive code-named Venezia in the afternoon of 26 May" when the code name for the operation was "THESEUS" ("Venezia" was the radio code word for the flank march around Tobruk during the night of 26/27 May, see Citino's death of the WehrmachtDeath of the Wehrmacht: The German Campaigns of 1942 (Modern War Studies)).
On p489 the Atlantic Wall housed "50mm and 210 mm artillery pieces" where one should read 150mm instead of 50.
P490 states that "Rundstedt believed that the invaders had to be hit hard while they were still on the beaches and driven back into the sea" which was actually Rommel's position which Rundstedt opposed.

In summary, it is hard to recommend this book because of distortions and errors, and because of lack of even a bibliography, not to mention notes and identity of author(s).
This is a fast-moving and immensely readable book about Germany's military rebirth after Versailles under Hitler's aggressive leadership. WWII enthusiasts should be familiar with many of the chapters within the book, but it also examines some of the Third Reich's lesser known military operations (e.g. the invasion of Norway, the helter-skelter airborne operation at Rotterdam, the Kriegsmarine's surface raiding activites, and the conquests of Yugoslavia/Greece/Crete). This 619-page book moves fast, just like the Third Reich's Wehrmacht from background info on Germany to the final bunker scene in Berlin and ending with the discovery of Hitler's maliciously horrific 'final solution' throughout Central Europe.

Michael Veranov's book is organized into 15 chapters, including: Germany's Three Empires, The Irresistible Rise of Adolf Hitler, The Forging of the Third Reich, Blitzkrieg, Conquest of the Balkans, The Invasion of Russia, The Desert War, The Struggle for Italy, War at Sea: The Surface Fleet, War at Sea: The U-Boats, Stalingrad and the Retreat from Russia, The Liberation of France, The Final Reckoning, The Death-Throes of the Reich, and The Greatest Crime in World History. There are thankfully numerous maps to assist the reader in understanding the many battles and campaigns.

Having read numerous books on WWII, I still managed to learn several new things from reading Veranov's book. I thought the airborne invasion of Rotterdam was especially interesting. The Allies persistent early failures against Germany were the result of caution, indecisiveness, amateurism, and lack of total commitment. German leadership, despite being vastly outnumbered as usual, was totally committed, agressive, and decisive. However, with Hitler's increasing military interference and failing sense of reality resulting in numerous debacles (e.g. huge winter 1941 frostbite casualties, Stalingrad, Tunisia, Kursk, Normandy to name but a few) the Third Reich began rapidly declining. At the same time, the Allies had gained confidence and became totally committed to victory, but still suffered from often mediocre military leadership.

I read this book very quickly - perhaps in about a week or two. This is a interesting and fast-moving overview of WWII in Europe. I certainly recommend it to any student of WWII - it will fill in a few knowledge gaps regarding the lesser known campaigns.
Somewhat ambivalent about this book. Enjoyed the second half more than the first, but perhaps because prefer to see tne Wermacht in retreat. The chapters on the sea war were interesting. Other chapters were hard to follow at times, and it is not clear why this book necessarily is about the Third Reich. The maniacal orders from Hitler are a constant theme, however. For a somewhat entertaining overview of the war this book is a reasonable choice. If one is looking for historical detail or in-depth analysis, this might not be the best choice.
Veranov and McGeoch have done a scholarly job of compacting 12 years of turbulent history into 618 pages of vivid text. Even as I have read the chapters out of sequence, it was easy to comprehend the big picture of events, whether looking in at one of Rommels desert tank briefings or sitting in at one of Hitlers Berchtesgaden conferences. One of the better WWII books I have read. Despite numerous typos in the hard cover edition, it is an altogether extraordinary work.
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