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by Anja Kroenke,Debra Jaffe,Rona Berg

  • Author: Anja Kroenke,Debra Jaffe,Rona Berg
  • ISBN: 0761101861
  • ISBN13: 978-0761101864
  • ePub: 1659 kb | FB2: 1531 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Beauty Grooming & Style
  • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (January 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 416
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 597
  • Format: lrf lit txt mobi
Beauty: The New Basics ePub download

In Beauty: The New Basics she demystifies the subject with thorough discussions and recommendations.

In Beauty: The New Basics she demystifies the subject with thorough discussions and recommendations. The emphasis is on beauty from within and making the most of one's own attributes. Her models are real women at various stages of maturity, and she doesn't shy away from discussing aging early on. In each section Berg evaluates products on the market, offers advice on inexpensive alternatives and includes her own "Rona's Remedies.

Beauty: The New Basics. by. Rona Berg, Anja Kroencke (Illustrator).

Ms. Berg lives in New York City. Библиографические данные. Beauty: The New Basics. Фотографии: Deborah Jaffe. Издание: иллюстрированное.

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Beauty The New Basics: Rona Berg, Anja Kroenke, Debra Jaffe: Hair and Makeup: Books. Beauty The New Basics by Rona Berg. 1 of The 6 Must-Read Beauty Books featured in Vogue India. Beauty, The New Basics, a book I styled and photographed. Great basic makeup and hair history and how to's. I photographed friends and family, real women of all ages and races. No retouching or lighting changes.

It's the new basics of beauty, with more than 400 jam-packed pages of information, techniques, and attitude. Comprehensive and compelling, its focus is head-to-toe beauty for woman of all ages, ethnicities, and stages of life.

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Big, ebullient, brimming over with know-how and passion, Beauty by Rona Berg is the only beauty book you'll ever need-a one-size-fits-all, 500-page guide of information, anecdotes and attitude. Illustrated throughout in two-color and featuring a 96-page full-color section, Beauty is filled with step-by-step how-tos, professional techniques, brand and product comparisons, and inside tips gleaned from a pro's pro who's covered the world of beauty for The New York Times Magazine, Elle magazine and other national publications.

The book tackles all three major categories-The Face, Hair, The Body. The emphasis is on simplicity and a healthy, natural approach, and the range cuts across all ethnicities and ages. There are five minute skin regimes, facials, makeup tricks and health tips. How to reduce stress in the bath and pamper yourself with an easy home spa. The long and short of hair care-including what to do on bad hair days. Remedies for beauty emergencies (eyes puffy from fatigue? do what the models do and use a dab of Preparation H). Plus make-overs, recipes, historical lore, stories, time-lines, and an extensive glossary and list of resources. It's a knock-out.

Like wishing to be more creative, I suspect that wishing to be more beautiful is pretty common. Personally, I'm not unhappy with how I look; it's more that I wish I knew more ways to do my hair than a pony tail, could put together outfits that look like I just stepped out of a catalog, and had some idea where to start with eye makeup. Some people just seem to know these things naturally - my sister, for instance, seems to have it all figured out - while other people have a mother or friends who teach them the basics. Unfortunately, I've never had either the desire to spend time learning or a natural inclination for such things. And it's still not something I want to spend a lot of time on. This book was the perfect solution.

What really made this book useful was the distinction between "essentials" and extras. The author often identified the minimal work she believed necessary to keep your body healthy and looking good. Since that's exactly what I'd like to do, I found that incredibly helpful. Another high point was the help the author provided picking products to use. The sheer number of foundations, shampoos, or eye shadows can be pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, for most of the product types the author recommended using, she also had lists of the specific products she would recommend for different hair or skin types. This would have been more helpful if they were ranked by quality since the prices varied widely. However, since I'm not interested in spending a lot of money on beauty products, this was still a good way to find cheap but quality products. If you wanted to identify the best though, you'd just have to try them. The author also provided general advice for particular skin, hair, and eye colors which was a nice way of simplifying some of her more complicated advice.

Compared to the amount of relevant information content, this book was pretty long. In some cases, I felt the author dragged out saying things and she definitely included more fun facts than I really wanted. Mostly though, this book is just not meant to be read straight through. It wasn't something I found particularly enjoyable reading and I even skimmed some of the less relevant bits. This isn't much of a weakness though. Just remember that it's a reference and a how-to guide, not a book to be read cover-to-cover!
This is the most complete, fun, practical and informational book about beauty that I have ever read.
If the author's knowledgeable-without-being-patronizing and pleasant tone doesn't make your reading fun. If the great illustrations and paper quality doesn't make you fall in love with this book. If the easy-to-use index and cross-referencing doesn't make you come back to it for endless checkups and casual browsing. Then the information contained in the book, the author's use of personal experiences to illustrate particular points and the vast amount of practical advice for you to try out will.
The book is divided in three sections that cover: The Face, The Hair and The Body. The Face includes information on the basics of cleaning and caring for your skin, the benefits of facials, advice on aging-skin and techniques for choosing and applying makeup. The Hair section deals with the basics of hair care, coloring and styling (from cuts that fit the shape of your face and body to styling solutions for perfect hairstyles). In the Body the author explains the many rewards of bathing and the care of hands and feet, and gives you the inside scoop on spas.
Every section tells you everything you need to know to create and customize your own beauty regimen for each part of your body. Includes special advice for different types of skin and skin tones, different hair colors and textures, eye shapes and colors, body types and beauty techniques (from cleansing gel to surgery). The accurate and up-to-date product recommendations let you easily find tried-and-tested products and worthy splurges without having to go through innumerable tryouts, and her explanations on product ingredients allows you to make a preliminary elimination of harsh or unfavorable new products.
Interesting fun treats are the timelines in beauty development at the end of each section, where a lot of interesting and curious tidbits about beauty abound.
The only problem the book has is the soft cover binding. At around 400 pages of heavy graphic paper and after a few months of browsing and night table reading, the covers are somewhat worn at the corners and the side is a bit creased.
Buy this book if you want to start enjoying the benefits that the knowledge of the basics of beauty can offer, and want to have fun at the same time. Get it in hardcover if you can afford the price.
--Reviewed by M. E. Volmar
So many times it seems beauty editors are overly influenced by the hordes of free samples they get from obscure/expensive make up/hair companies and they forget about us real folks. Not everyone can spend $$$$$ on Creme de la Mar although I'm sure it's completely worth it--but so is my car!
This books uses the faces of everyday folks--warts, wrinkles and all so you can clearly see that makeup is an improvement--it won't fix many years of bad decisions and wear and tear. Many good suggestions on products (by name) and techniques, but the homemade products were less successful for me. I made three of the masks and they were awful--just a waste of food. One of the best books out there for all purpose beauty/hair/makeup info.
I think I've read and owned them all -- all the books on beauty and make-up application. This one is the best to date. It is well-researched, authoritative, and packed with useful information for the sharp consumer who wants to look her best.
Most books of this type merely scratch the surface, but this one goes deeper and delivers even more than what it promises. Workman's books are always works of art, and this one is no exception. Thanks for an intelligent beauty book that requires more than an evening to explore! Wish more beauty books were like this one, but we don't need more after this one (other than an updated edition, hopefully, when the future calls for it!)
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