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by Barbara Hambly

  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 0345420608
  • ISBN13: 978-0345420602
  • ePub: 1291 kb | FB2: 1908 kb
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Publisher: Del Rey Books (October 1997)
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 213
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Witches of Wenshar ePub download

That was only nine months ago. Altiokis got much of his silver from the mines of Wenshar-it’s a sure bet Pardle Sho and every little mining town along the Cordillera was riddled with his spies.

That was only nine months ago. She has to have remained silent, like Yirth of Mandrigyn did, in self-defense. Sun Wolf wiped the beer foam from his thick, raggedy mustache and said nothing.

Barbara Hambly (b. 1951) is a New York Times bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction, as well as historical novels set in the nineteenth century. After receiving a master’s degree in medieval history, she published The Time of the Dark, the first novel in the Darwath saga, in 1982, establishing herself as an author of serious speculative fiction. Since then she has created several series, including the Windrose Chronicles, Sun Wolf and Starhawk series, and Sun-Cross series, in addition to writing for the Star Wars and Star Trek universes

Accompanied by his lieutenant, Starhawk, he travels across the forbidding desert to the land of Wenshar, where witchcraft is said to flourish.

The Witches of Wenshar. Accompanied by his lieutenant, Starhawk, he travels across the forbidding desert to the land of Wenshar, where witchcraft is said to flourish. There he seeks out a witch with powers far beyond her years, who is rumored to have mastered the ancient art of white magic. But when he and Starhawk finally reach her, there is evil in the air-an evil against which all their might is useless. Sun Wolf must learn to harness his newfound powers-or be taken by this sinister trap.

The Witches of Wenshar book. Ranging from fantasy to historical fiction, Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story. Her twisty plots involve memorable characters, lavish descriptions, scads of novel words, and interesting devices.

THE WITCHES OF WENSHAR Barbara Hambly. CHAPTER 1 "You may be a wizard, my lady," Sun Wolf said, tucking his big hands behind the buckle of his battered sword belt, "but you're also the biggest damn fool I've ever met in my life. Every man has a gift, Starhawk sighed to herself. Accompanied by Starhawk, he sets out for the faraway land of Wenshar, seeking the wisdom of a famed "good" witch-only to find himself in the midst of an evil greater than he has ever known.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Barbara Hambly, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.

Once, it was said, Wenshar had been a city of witches, summoning and controlling demons for their evil magic. Wenshar had been destroyed, and the witches were supposedly no more. But in nearby Tandieras, Kaletha claimed to have found their lost book of spells.

The Witches of Wenshar - Barbara Hambly. THE WORD WITCH is a connotative and emotionally charged term.

The Unschooled Wizard (The Ladies of Mandrigyn & The Witches of Wenshar omnibus; 1987). The Dark Hand of Magic (1990).

This article is about the American author. For the British field hockey player, see Barbara Hambly (field hockey). Benjamin January mysteries. The Unschooled Wizard (The Ladies of Mandrigyn & The Witches of Wenshar omnibus; 1987).

Barbara Hambly's "The Witches of Wenshar" is the 2nd in her Sun Wolf and Starhawk series:

- The Ladies of Mandrigyn (The Sun Wolf and Starhawk),
- The Witches of Wenshar (The Sun Wolf and Starhawk), and
- The Dark Hand of Magic (The Sun Wolf and Starhawk).

Like "The Ladies of Mandrigyn," it's a fairly self-contained book in the series with an interesting plot and good writing. In general, Hambly's main characters are excellently done, but her secondary characters tend to be very archetypical for their roles. "Ladies" was a bit of an exception to this rule, as the secondary characters weren't quite as narrow. "The Witches of Wenshar," unfortunately, doesn't continue this trend. As usual, her primary characters are excellent. But, the secondaries become entirely one-dimensional. There's a king who's always drunk and always belligerent. An antagonist who's solely self-righteously holier-than-thou. A sycophant who's constantly simpering and toadying. No amount of reason or situational necessity changes their behavior in any way until the very end. The characterizations are so irritating that I'm reducing my rating by a star (down to a merely Very Good 4 stars out of 5) and actually considered reducing it by two stars. But, in the end, I decided that this is still a very good book and a very good entry in the series. So, I kept the 4 star rating.
Sun Wolf and Starhawk arrived in a city that hides a secret , first he has to teach the future heir to fight. Second to solved the mysterious happening of city. Something has woken something dangerous , and it's loose in the city. Sun Wolf and Starhawk have bare survive a wizard. And now something else is loose. But before the lost ed of magic because of the wizard. They have done something, but now, Sun Wolf is checking old texts books that possibly survived the wizards rein. To stop it. Cage it if you can. Or destroy something you know nothing about.
The Sun Wolf is trying to learn the arts of being a wizard from experts in Wenshar, a desert region. It isn't easy, and the local politics, as always, are complicated and deadly. Fortunately, so is the Sun Wolf and Starhawk!
Good early Hambly.
Barbara Hambly is an author who demands that her books be read multiple times. My grandmother used to tell me “read it once for the plot, and the second time for the prose”. I truly cannot tell which is my favorite; her plots are intricate but her prose, the description of the desert , for example, is most excellent.
I also read this book many years ago and loved it then. When I found it available on Kindle, I decided that I would get it again so I can revisit the characters and events relayed in the story. I have lost track of where this falls in the series, but the whole Sun Wolf and Starhawk series is well worth the read.
Besides the Protagonists this book features a god cast on interesting characters: a drunken king, his son and daughter and sneaky brother in law. This is the sequel to the "The Ladies of Mandrigyn" and continues building that world. The plots are good although the snap surprise ending of the "The Ladies of Mandrigyn" is missing. Still an excellent read although it does drag a little in a couple places.

I don't believe in writing a book report or blowing the plot.

I rate books on a sliding scale:
1 star not recommended
2 stars abut average for the genre
3 stars better than average
4 stars outstanding
5 stars a book the rest of the genera can aspire to equal, a home run.
I'm glad i discovered this author.... I liked the book. if you like this kind of science fiction you will enjoy this book and the three in the series
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