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Lord of the Fire Lands: A Tale of the King's Blades ePub download

by Dave Duncan

  • Author: Dave Duncan
  • ISBN: 0380791277
  • ISBN13: 978-0380791279
  • ePub: 1991 kb | FB2: 1794 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Publisher: Voyager (September 5, 2000)
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 513
  • Format: txt mbr lrf lit
Lord of the Fire Lands: A Tale of the King's Blades ePub download

One issue is at the end. The author changed history.

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LORD OF THE FIRE LANDS A Tale of the King's Blades. th Print symbol inciator and lower-case thorn. If somebody could replace these with their correct symbols I would appreciate it. Book jacket information. Duncan is an expert at producing page-turning adventure.

The Blades are back! Dave Duncan's deftly done swords-and-sorcery series adds its second chapter with The Lord of the Fire LandsĀ .

The Blades are back! Dave Duncan's deftly done swords-and-sorcery series adds its second chapter with The Lord of the Fire Lands, the worthy standalone followup to The Gilded Chain. Duncan's triumph with the first tale of the King's Blades-a trend that thankfully continues with the second-is his unabashed confidence in the genre.

A Tale of the King's Blades. A ritual of magical steel thrust through the heart binds them to their noble lords for eternity. As unwanted, rebellious boys, they found refuge in Ironhall.

By the author of The Gilded Chain.

This is the second in the "Tales of the King's Blades," a series I'd seen recommended. Finally I saw what Duncan was intending with this tale and was rewarded with a tale steeped in much more intrigue and politics than its predecessor. I couldn't find the first, The Gilded Chain in stores but took a chance on this one, and fortunately as Duncan tells you upfront, this is a stand-alone. I find the premise intriguing: the king's blades of Chivial are superbly trained swordsmen who are bound to their wards. Thoroughly enjoyable, but slightly less rewarding than I'd hoped for, but still worthy of the series so far. On to A Sky of Swords!

SKY OF SWORDS A Tale of the King's Blades by Dave Duncan Volume IV of Four Volumes Pages i-ii and 605-796 Published by: EOS 10 East 53rdĀ . It is not true that calamities come only in. threes. They often come in sixes or nines.

SKY OF SWORDS A Tale of the King's Blades by Dave Duncan Volume IV of Four Volumes Pages i-ii and 605-796 Published by: EOS 10 East 53rd Street New York, New York. After that, the day could get no worse, but it.

As unwanted, rebellious boys, they found refuge in Ironhall. . .Years later they emerged as the finest swordsmen in the realm—

The Kings Blades

Once bound, a Blade's life is no longer his own. Only death can break the gilded chain of enchantment that binds the bodyguard to the man he is sworn to defend. And never in living memory has a candidate refused the honor of serving his king. . .until now.

Young Wasp never intended to be a rebel. Yet, at the sacred ceremony of binding, he follows the lead of his friend Raider, and together they spurn the wishes of King Ambrose himself. Now Raider and Wasp are outlaws hunted by the very Blades whose ranks they were a breath away from entering, and joined together by a destiny that binds them more securely than any knot tradition and sorcery might tie. Amid the turmoil their "treachery" has inspired, Wasp and Raider must undertake a desperate journey into the heart of the dreaded Fire Lands. And the outcome of their terrifying confrontation with dark truth and darker magic in this realm of monsters, ghosts, and half-men will ultimately determine the fate of two kingdoms.

Lord of the Fire Lands by Dave Duncan is the second book in the series titled, A Tale of the King's Blades. From what I understand this series is a group of novels that can be read by themselves without losing anything to the story. However, I was recommended a certain order by someone so I will read them that way. The first book I read in this series is The Gilded Chain, which was a fantastic boo

I think it needs to be said that I have never read a book where the author `warns' the reader before the start of the book. When I first read the warning I was confused and wondering what he meant. Of course, this made me want to read the book even more. Here is what the warning states:

This book, like Gilded Chain, is a stand-alone novel. They both cover much the same time interval and certain characters appear in both, but you can read either without reference to the other. The same is true of the upcoming third volume, Sky of Swords. However, the three taken together tell a larger story. If you read any of the two, you will notice certain discrepancies that can be resolved only by reading the third.

Well, after finishing this second book, I fully agree with this warning. The ending of this book throws off the ending of Gilded Chain in so many ways. I `think' I know what is going to happen, but I am rarely right. So I won't even speculate here.

The plot of this book is just as tight and well written as Gilded Chain. Duncan quickly gets the reader to care about his characters. Raider and Wasp are two very memorable characters and ones that everyone should read about. The development of Raider in particular is just great to read. Following him from his time at Iron Hall to where he ends up (sorry no spoilers here). I would like to touch on all the memorable characters within this book, but I don't want to write a novel myself. Suffice it to say that the characters in this book are fantastically written and just fun to read.

The plot in this book is a little cliché at times, but Duncan spins it in such a way that it seems new and refreshing. This plot has all the elements readers enjoy. Fight scenes, murder, intrigue and much much more. There are a few plot twists in this book that surprised me, but looking back they really made sense. It's evident from reading the first two book sin this series that Duncan knows how to structure a plot and make sure everything makes sense. This is series that I will recommend to people for a long time to come.

Now, as I mentioned above, the ending of this book directly conflicts with the ending of Gilded Chain, so I am eagerly awaiting the resolution of how this will work itself out. There was one part of this book that took a little while for me to get into. It seemed a little slow and forced at the start, but after reading he entire book, it makes a lot of sense why it was included within the pages of this novel.

If you are a fan of well written, concise fantasy books this series is a must read for you. I can't say enough about how much I am enjoying this series so I won't even start.

Another great book from Dave Duncan!
Include me among those who can't believe they've never heard of Dave Duncan until recently. His Reluctant Swordsman books were recommended in a fantasy discussion here, and since they were not all available at the time, I started with The Gilded Chain. And couldn't put it down. What a great story! Durendal is one of my favorite characters now. I've now read Lord of the Fire Lands and Sky of Swords, and they were all fabulous, full of action, court intrigue, complex stories that can be read as stand alones but should be read in order. The characterizations are wonderful, fully realized people who you can believe may have existed in this marvelous and magical world. The concepts of honor and loyalty predominate, something that always appeals to me in a fantasy story.

The discrepancies were curious at first, and unlike other reviewers, I had no idea how he was going to resolve everything as he promised in his forwards. But he did, and it was satisfying and imaginative.

I rank Dave Duncan with my favorite fantasy authors of Tolkein, Steven Erickson, Roger Zelazny, Patrick Rothfuss and George RR Martin. And unlike the latter two, Duncan is a prodigious author with many books in print, and is still going strong.
The book starts out familiarly -- Ironhall, the epitome of a warrior's finishing school is going full force and the seniors are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the King. Once the king arrives, at least generally, the most senior student is bound to the king, or whomever he may choose, for years. There's a twist, though. One of the seniors refuses to be bound and that's where the real story begins. Partly based on Nordic and very early English sagas...remember reading Beowulf?...this book makes the leap to fantasy in a most satisfying way. Fair warning -- it's not really a sequel to the first installment and there is an alternate reality ending, which I actually preferred to the ending Ambrose faced in the first book. This is a rousing story of friendship, honor, betrayal and duty interwoven with magic, incantations and dragons. An absolute pleasure to read. Can we hope for more "Blades" in the future?
I really enjoyed this book. Really fun world building, interesting believable characters and a fast paced plot. I immensely enjoy this author. I have read every book by him in our county library and am now going to ebooks for the ones I can't find in the library. Surprise. Surprise. My husband is now a big fan as well and he is very picky about what and who he will read.
... but I certainly don't intend for it to be my last! This story was tremendous: a richly portrayed world; engaging characters; as well as a depth of detail in everyday medieval activities; and I enjoyed the entymological elements. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
The moment a clerk, Gerard, awakens to defend himself a little too effectively for his own good, he alters the fate of nations. His subsequent efforts at survival achieve effects far beyond what he, at first, believes himself capable. Tapping his talent at political intrigue, Gerard soon envisions his own success, through riding the coattails of his new patron.
The impact of the several Blades also runs deep. The Blades are often countered by the foresight of the King's foes and sometimes foiled by the human factors even a Blade bears. But among them one helps reshape the contest between Chivian and Bael.
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