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  • ISBN: 0140126295
  • ISBN13: 978-0140126297
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Publisher: PENGUIN BOOKS LTD (1989)
  • Pages: 320
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 855
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Tantras (TSR Fantasy) ePub download

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Richard Awlinson Tantras Prologue Forester had lived in Shadowdale all of his life, and in the recent battle against the forces of Zhentil Keep, he had fought bravely to defend the bridge over the Ashaba River on the western edge of the dale. Now he toiled alongside his friends and neighbors, hefting bodies onto carts, trying to identify dead dalesmen. Forester had lived in Shadowdale all of his life, and in the recent battle against the forces of Zhentil Keep, he had fought bravely to defend the bridge over the Ashaba River on the western edge of the dale.

Waterdeep (TSR Fantasy). ISBN 10: 0140126309 ISBN 13: 9780140126303. Publisher: Penguin, 1990.

Richard Awlinson (pen-name for Scott Ciencin and Troy Denning), James .

Richard Awlinson (pen-name for Scott Ciencin and Troy Denning), James Lowder. Jeff Easley, Clyde Caldwell, Brom, Alan Pollack. Tantras by Scott Ciencin-originally under the pen-name 'Richard Awlinson' (June 1989). Waterdeep by Troy Denning-originally under the pen-name 'Richard Awlinson' (August 1989).

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OK. So here we have the second installment in a series in which I didn't have much faith after finishing the first book SHADOWDALE (Refer to my review for it.) The first thing I found annoying was the whole trial ordeal. With very little development, and alot of circumstancial evidence, the authors (remember, Richard Awlinson is a pseudonym for various authors) want us to believe that the heroes of the story, after putting their lives on the line to save Shadowdale with the whole town as witness, are accused of killing the sage Elminster because A: Elminster was nowhere to be found, only his hat and bits of his robe were found, and B: the ranger Silver... something, was very angry. Honest. That's how it was presented. It's believable that the townspeople might see things that way if the reader was told they were fearful of outsiders (we weren't), but to have the reader believe that the Lord of the town would also accuse them without giving them the benefit of the doubt after they SAVED HIS TOWN, makes for poor characterization, and a Lord or Reagent that is laughable.
Well, in this book, the characters start to show signs of a more developed personality (whether by design of the authors or just the fact that I know the characters from the first book is hard to tell.) The authors make some headway in telling us more about what drives the characters, and start being more descriptive about the surroundings and events the heroes are faced with (Something that was sorely absent in the 1st book). I recognize that this was probably the first attempt to write a novel by both authors (Or whomever else collaborated). I noticed in reading the 1st and 2nd books of this trilogy that the authors were struggling with motivations and personality traits for their main characters. What a character is feeling, thinking, and what drives him/her, are essential (in my humble opinion) to making people care enough about a story to read/buy it. When they showed it, it seemed forced, maybe because they were told it was missing. It felt they were more worried about the action in the story (Which is a mistake, the action doesn't make the story, it helps shape and define it).
In the end, it had small improvements among many gaping flaws. The end battle between Torm and Bane was boring and written like a description of a Ray Harryhausen Claymation movie, just not as entertaining. I hope the third fares better. Overall 2.5 rating

Read the Elven Nations Trilogy, its very good stuff.
Billy Granson
Overall, I thought Tantras was very good but, at times it seemed that the thought pattern of Lord Bane could have been written a little better. It just seemed to me that the intelligence level of a so called "God" should have been a bit higher. It was almost to the point of Lord Bane being even kind of stupid. The first time I read the book I saw right away that Kelemvor was going to betray his promise to Bane for getting rid of his curse. One would think that a god might and should see that coming, or at least entertain the idea. Even though I thought that that whole part of the book could have been written a little bit better, I still enjoyed the book (and the series as a whole) and would recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the realms.
In the D&D universe, Gods are a very important and involved group. Like the Greek Pantheon, these figures are very human and very prone to character flaws. This series basically follows the personal evolution of a god into a mortal, a mortal into a god, and all the while, the real God-character (Elminster) shows how cool he is by guiding the mere mortal into god hood.

It's worth reading for D&D fans. Others would be better served reading something else.
It's really difficult to rate only one book here. I wasn't getting into the series until about the 3rd one but you have to read the first two to appreciate the world. 4 and a half stars for the series as a whole but individually it's tough to fall into it because of the off the wall craziness it sometimes asks us to imagine.
I began reading this series in order to fill in my knowledge of The Forgotten Realms for a D & D campaign I am running. While having the story unfold in a world I have occupied vicariously for over twenty years is entertaining, if I have to hear Midnight described as "raven haired" one more time I may destroy the realm myself.

Frankly, the writing seems amateurish and the only thing drawing my onward through the tale is my interest for the world in which it is based.
greed style
another book
The story line is still good but the development of the characters and the world seems confusing and choppy. The book moves along well but not always in ways that are fully developed.
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