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Mistress of Mistresses (Fantasy Masterworks) ePub download

by E. R. Eddison

  • Author: E. R. Eddison
  • ISBN: 0575072849
  • ISBN13: 978-0575072848
  • ePub: 1109 kb | FB2: 1829 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Publisher: Gollancz; paperback / softback edition (2001)
  • Pages: 416
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 212
  • Format: lit rtf rtf azw
Mistress of Mistresses (Fantasy Masterworks) ePub download

Mistress of Mistresses book. The Worm Ouroboros was the first work from . Eddison that excited deeply felt enthusiasm from figures of literary stature.

Mistress of Mistresses book. James Stephenson says, "Mr. Eddison is a vast man. He needed a whole The second volume in the fantasy classic most often compared with .

Mistress of Mistresses. E. R. Eddison One of the greatest fantasy novels ever written, though less read because . First book in the Zimiamvian trilogy, and the best. Eddison uses this novel to begin to expound his esoteric philosophy. One of the greatest fantasy novels ever written, though less read because Eddison chosen to write it in a high renaissance style of English Читать весь отзыв.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Mistress Of Mistresses: A Vision of Zimiamvia (Fantasy Masterworks 21). Eddison. 371 Kb. Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older.

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Mistress of Mistresses is a fantasy novel by English writer Eric Rücker Eddison, the first in his Zimiamvian Trilogy

Mistress of Mistresses is a fantasy novel by English writer Eric Rücker Eddison, the first in his Zimiamvian Trilogy. First published in 1935, it centers on political intrigues between the nobles and rulers of the Three Kingdoms of Rerek, Meszria and Fingiswold, following the death of King Mezentius, an extraordinary ruler who has held sway over three kingdoms mainly through force of character. Dissolution of the realm seems certain as alliances are formed and begin to intrigue against each other

Mistress of Mistresses E. Eddison Aug 1967 Cover . Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series - Part 2. How good CAN a book about a fish dinner be, really? JERRY WEIST ESTATE: A FISH DINNER IN MEMISON . .

Mistress of Mistresses E. Eddison Aug 1967 Cover by Keith Henderson Second of the Zimiamvia books. Augen Fantasy Bücher Fantasy Serie Umwickeln Historische Fiktion Buchkunst Autor Requisiteurin Schreiben. The Worm Ouroboros E. Eddison Apr 1967 Cover by Keith Henderson First in a very loosely connected series of books about a world called "Zimiamvia". Three of four pre-date the BAF series, only this one printed later "Under the Unicorn Head". How good CAN a book about a fish dinner be, really? JERRY WEIST ESTATE: A FISH DINNER IN MEMISON E. Eddison (Pan UK 1972) FN.

Read Mistress of Mistresses, by . The first volume in the classic epic trilogy of parallel worlds, admired by Tolkien and the great prototype for The Lord of the Rings and modern fantasy fiction. According to legend, the Gates of Zimiamvia lead to a land ‘that no mortal foot may tread, but that souls of the dead that were great upon earth do inhabit. Here they forever live, love, do battle, and even die again. Edward Lessingham - artist, poet, king of men and lover of women - is dead.

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MISTRESS OF MISTRESSES was the first published novel in . Eddison's celebrated Zimiamvian trilogy. Like Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Zimiamvia is a world which mirrors our own - but passions run stronger there, and life, love and treachery are epic in their intensity

MISTRESS OF MISTRESSES was the first published novel in . Like Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Zimiamvia is a world which mirrors our own - but passions run stronger there, and life, love and treachery are epic in their intensity. And magic, of course, is a reality. ISBN 978-0-575-07284-8.

The books were numbered only through No. 50; in the 2013 reboot of the series the books are unnumbered, have a uniform look, and feature introductions by well-known writers and critics. Mistress of Mistresses.

1st Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks edition 2003 trade paperback, about fine copy
Very fast seller and the book was exactly as I expected
This is an excellently-written very original story with a pagan philosophical and romantic bent. It is unique in a way that A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay is unique.
I read E.R. Eddison's books many years ago, but they are still vivid in my memory. I loved the way the author could write Elizabethan dialogue as if he had lunch with Shakespeare every day. The characters were so colorful, the scenes richly painted, and the strange, time-and-space-roving Lessingham had another life here in this other Europe, that seems to me now like something Tolkien might have wanted for his Fifth Age of Middle Earth.

I yearned for years that someone would make a film or films of The Lord of the Rings. I grew old waiting, but then it happened. Maybe someday there will be a Worm Ouroboros or a Mistress of Mistresses. I know the language would have to be made more simple and most of the philosophy dumped, but to see Lord Gro, of Ouroboros, doomed always to be a traitor, come to his end, or that grand villain of Mistresses, the Vicar of Rerek take time out from his plotting to be 'a washing of his cursed dogs' in his casstle yard, would be a mad treat.

Winston Chruchill once said that schoolboys should be allowed to study Latin as a reward, and Greek as a treat. Readers with imagination and an appreciation for language should be made lighter nad dizzy with the richness of Eddison's prose.
king wolf offers a first review of this work with the kind of arrogance that may put off a potential reader. However, its an arrogance that Eddison himself would doubtless admire. The review, for all its naked boasts, simply tells the truth. Eddison is brilliant with a brilliance that shines from many angles, and with a light that at once terrifies and appalls

That Eddison is not studied at high levels of education, that he is barely read and marginalised, is a depressing condemnation of the literary world. I feel personally fortunate I was exposed to Eddison's work as a youth. Lucky old me.
This is a book of unearthly beauty. While I felt that Eddison's THE WORM OUROBOROS was somewhat on the light side, MISTRESS OF MISTRESSES captures the vision of romantic heroism, both in its peaks of joyful experience and its dark ambiguity. It is almost impossible to describe rapture in such a way as to actually evoke it in the reader---Eddison does this not once but several times. Yet looming behind the pleasures of flesh and spirit is a wintry grandeur, a coldness of sheer height and a thanatosis that makes one shiver.
The book begins and ends with death and the plot is standard. There is no character development---the characters are (sometimes literally) archetypes. It is not really a story. It is a vision---a painting that one would gaze at for hours. The value of this book lies in the strength of that vision and the beauty with which it is portrayed.
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It shouldn't even be necessary to point out that Eddison's books are the high point of twentieth century literature.

It should go without saying that he is the best prose artist in the history of the English-language novel; his writing, and his dialogue in particular, are at least fifteen percent better than whichever lesser genius comes in second (Lord Dunsany, perhaps?).

In a saner world, every college freshman would be expected to read his books, and to at least pretend to understand that the themes Eddison presents within them - the cycles of time, the duality of the godhead, human life lived as a work of conscious art - are the closest approach to Truth that are possible in fiction. (And they are only expressible in fantastic fiction, for we must come at these things indirectly and through the side door of Myth.) Eddison's novels are not mere works of fiction: above all else, they are works of esotericism. Mistress of Mistresses is the best esoteric novel ever written. The essential message of mysticism is contained in its very structure.

But not one man in a thousand can hear the real message this book contains. The reason that Eddison is obscure and his infinite virtues remain almost unsung is, of course, because ours is a civilization, and indeed a world, so unrepentantly degenerate that it isn't capable of understanding his works. A typical professor presented with The Worm or Mistress of Mistresses is in the position of an ape given a laptop computer: the best he can do is to bang his head against it. For what Eddison brings us is truth, at both the spiritual and mundane levels, and truth is more than little men can bear.

You, dear reader, are probably already a cut above, to even have taken time to find out that Eddison exists and to bother to read a review of his books.

If you haven't read any of these works, you now have a great opportunity to evolve further away from the "common muck", as Eddison might call them, and perhaps later on, even agree with the tone and substance of this review. Or, you can do what the common muck will do: instead of attempting to rise to Eddison's level, resent the fact that he is simply smarter, better and more enlightened than you, or any other novelist you've ever come across. And most of all, of course, resent that he doesn't care if you know it.

The chance, and the choice, are yours.
I really do like this Author.
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