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Introduction to Electric Circuits, Sixth Edition 2005 JustAsk! Edition ePub download

by Richard C. Dorf

  • Author: Richard C. Dorf
  • ISBN: 0471728209
  • ISBN13: 978-0471728207
  • ePub: 1627 kb | FB2: 1108 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Engineering
  • Publisher: Wiley; 6 edition (2005)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 462
  • Format: doc lit lrf azw
Introduction to Electric Circuits, Sixth Edition 2005 JustAsk! Edition ePub download

Introduction to Electric Circuits (Hardcover). Published December 1st 2005 by Wiley.

Introduction to Electric Circuits (Hardcover). Hardcover, 880 pages. Introduction to Electric Circuits (Hardcover). Published January 1st 2010 by John Wiley & Sons. Hardcover, 886 pages.

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Richard C. Dorf, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Davis, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in electrical engineering in the fields of circuits and control systems. Professor Dorf has extensive experience with education and industry and is professionally active in the fields of robotics, automation, electric circuits, and communications.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. All of the problems in the back are different which is causing a head ache for me in my class for homework.

Introduction to Electric Circuits, 6e By R. C. Dorf and J. A. Svoboda.

The book offers numerous design problems and MATLAB examples, and focuses on the circuits that we encounter everyday.

I needed this book for a class and so I had lectures that explained the material decently. I found that the book was okay. It does have examples that help understand the basics, but some of the problems are tricky. I think you definitely could self-learn the stuff from the book, but you would probably have to look up some things online. The weird thing about the book was it had a few answers and were generally the easier problems that had the answers.
The book covers general circuit components - resistors/caps, amps, sources, AC power, and a little bit on filtering.
I found the book to be mostly about establishing general knowledge about circuits.
Sidenote: the book seemed a little bland.
This book isn't really as horrible as other reviews indicate. The basic fact is that you gotta have a strong foundation in calculus and basic physics before trying to take on this book. I strongly reccomend these pre-requisites are very crucial in order to understand even little bit of what goes on inside this book. I agree ithe book is very confusing for a beginner or a person who's totally new into circuits but in my opinion the whole thing depends on how strong your background is in calculus and university phsyics. For me the book works, i haven't encountered much difficulty although i did have to struggle sometimes with some chapter problems in the book. Overall, i'd give this book 7 and a half out of 10, on a scale of 0 to 10.
The author talks about real industrial circuits and not theoretical circuits. Richard is a good author.
I appreciate his good work toward teaching other engineers to learn Electrical Engineering better.
I needed this book for an introductory Circuits class. In my case, the instructor rarely used the book for anything other than chapter problems for homework. however, when I did use the book however, I felt that It did not explain some circuit basics well, making it hard to continue through the rest of it. Also, most of the problems have no example that is even remotely similar to the problem, which makes it hard to get through the tougher problems. If possible, Look for another book to learn circuits.
This book will help me out in my studies, and I would buy from this website again.
Delivered exactly as described. Definitely helped me with my coursework and would buy again if I needed to.
I took the electrical engienering course with this book and it was a pain in the ass. first of all the material is very difficult, the professor tries to rush through everything and there is no time for any practice. When i try to do the practice at home, there is NO answer key whatsoever. And the book examples are extremely limited. I also question the author's summarizing skills, mentioned too many redundant formulas and not enough explaination and focus. Overall a very bad book for an already difficult course.
I only bought this book for class, and it was kinda of useless other than doing the problems in it. It doesn't explain everything very clearly.
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