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by C. H. Collie

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Kinetic Theory and Entropy ePub download

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Book by Collie, C.

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The kinetic theory of gases is a historically significant, but simple model of the thermodynamic behavior of gases with which many principal concepts of thermodynamics were established.

oceedings{TA, title {Kinetic theory and entropy: C. H. Collie. Longmans, Harlow, Essex, . 1982) £1. 5}, author {David H. Parkinson}, year {1983} }. David H. Parkinson.

A general formalism based upon maximization of entropy is utilized to derive a kinetic theory for simple liquids. In: Skilling J. (eds) Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Methods. Fundamental Theories of Physics (An International Book Series on The Fundamental Theories of Physics: Their Clarification, Development and Application), vol 36. Springer, Dordrecht.

Kinetic Theory and Entropy. Book by Collie, C.

The books is a bit concise, but with a careful reading it really helps. It begins with three chapters introducing essentials of general relativity, kinetic theory, and general relativistic Boltzmann equation. Then it introduces the canonical example of one particle species with self-interaction. The general Lee-Weinberg problem of stable, neutral e species are treated in two chapters with great details.

Entropy in classical thermodynamics is a mathematical concept that is derived from a closed cycle on a reversible . However, entropy is a bit more difficult

Entropy in classical thermodynamics is a mathematical concept that is derived from a closed cycle on a reversible Carnot heat engine. For many students it lacks physical meaning. Most students have a physical understanding of variables like volume, temperature, and pressure. Internal energy and enthalpy are easy to understand, if not intuitive. However, entropy is a bit more difficult. The discussion that follows is an attempt to provide physical insight into the concept of entropy at the introductory level.

Kinetic theory with bounce-back boundary conditions. Transport Theory and Statistical Physics, Vol. 18, Issue. A well-known theorem in the classical kinetic theory for a gas states that the entropy is an increasing function of time. For example, it is enough to suppose that the wall reflects the molecules specularly.

The kinetic theory of gases deals not only with gases in thermodynamic . Viscosity and kinetic momentum.

The kinetic theory of gases deals not only with gases in thermodynamic equilibrium, but also very importantly with gases not in thermodynamic equilibrium. This means using kinetic theory to consider what are known as "transport properties", such as mass diffusivity, viscosity and thermal conductivity. Diffusion coefficient and diffusion flux. The diffusion constant is related to viscosity by the Einstein relation (kinetic theory).

Book by Collie, C. H.
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