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Who Wants Candy? ePub download

by Jane Sharrock

  • Author: Jane Sharrock
  • ISBN: 1557884323
  • ISBN13: 978-1557884329
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Desserts
  • Publisher: HP Trade (August 3, 2004)
  • Pages: 256
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 510
  • Format: azw lit lrf mbr
Who Wants Candy? ePub download

Jane Sharrock is a third-generation candy-maker from a large extended . This is an ok book if you want the short cuts in candy making. But for those few of you who want all from scratch, you may not be thrilled with this book. 17 people found this helpful.

Jane Sharrock is a third-generation candy-maker from a large extended family in Oklahoma. She has a passion for candy-making. I did not. But I know how to replace the package ingredients for home made so it will be better. I don't like that they say to use things like store bought caramels and melt them for the caramel in a candy recipe. I hate store bought caramels. I wanted a recipe for turtles, but from scratch.

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Eye candy is a person – man or woman – who is very good-looking. Earlier in the story, you heard the pop group Bow Wow Wow singing "I Want Candy

Eye candy is a person – man or woman – who is very good-looking. So, looking at this person is a treat for the eye, just like candy is a treat for the taste buds. Arm candy is also non-edible candy. Earlier in the story, you heard the pop group Bow Wow Wow singing "I Want Candy. The song at the end is Sammy Davis Jr. singing "The Candy Man," which was first heard in the famous 1971 movie "Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Marry Me Toffee Feller Who Wants Candy by Jane Sharrock Yield - 2 or so pounds 2 - 2 ½ cups chopped toasted almonds (I use pecans) 6 oz) Hershey’s milk chocolate bars 1 lb good quality butter 2 cups granulated sugar 3 tablespoons water 1 teas. Six Minute Caramels Ingredients cup butter cup white sugar cup brown sugar cup light Karo syrup cup sweetened condensed milk Directions: 1 Combine all ingredients.

com's Jane Sharrock Page and shop for all Jane Sharrock books. Books by Jane Sharrock. Who Wants Candy? Aug 3, 2004. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Jane Sharrock.

Jane Sharrock is a third-generation sweets-maker from a large extended family. She has a passion for sweets-making.

Food & Drink: General. Jane Sharrock is a third-generation sweets-maker from a large extended family. Country of Publication.

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In the "Heirloom Candies" section Sharrock covers old†fashioned cooked candies, brittles, toffees, old-fashioned hard candies, caramels, clusters, patties and pralines, divinities, nougats and similar candies, and old-fashioned candy rolls.

Third-generation candy-maker Jane Sharrock shares here some 400 recipes for mouth-watering candies, chocolates, pralines, crèmes, fudges, cookies, toffee, and holiday treats. This step-by-step candy bible covers everything from the traditional to the exotic. Complete with instructional chapters on the basics of candymaking, it deserves a place on every cookbook shelf. This collection features such irresistable treats as: Marry Me Toffee € Pistol Pete's Peanut Brittle € Grace's Walnut Butter Fudge € Cherry Almond Bark € Panache Penuche € Raspberry-Fudge Truffles € and something called Aunt Bill's Brown Candy... Plus: € No-bake cookies € Practical and fascinating information about ingredients and candy chemistry € Dipping candies in chocolate € A basic candy glossary
I really liked the way this book is laid out, and the way it was written. The author could not be more clear about how easy or difficult a recipe is, what it might taste like, and how to make an easy variation if desired. She really lets you know what to expect during the process, what's going on, and how to do the job well.

The "easy" recipe took me maybe 20 minutes to make, at the most, and there wasn't a whole lot of cleanup. I'm lucky to get a home-cooked dinner on the table that fast. To get a confection done in that time? Well, let's just say it made my Christmas party a whole lot easier. The ingredients didn't cost a fortune either.

I thought about taking off a star because the recipes are just a little sweeter and simpler than I like my candy - I would prefer something with a little more depth of flavor (e.g. darker chocolate, subtler flavor undertones). But I think most people would like these as-is, because all my friends and family loved it. To be fair, too, the author gave me options for how to change up the recipe and I can use those in the future. The best thing about this book is the know-how and the tips & tricks for success from the author. Those are the kinds of things one usually learns at the expense of burned ingredients, ruined pans, and a wasted afternoon. Not so with this book - it's foolproof.

As far as I am concerned, this book is a fantastic place to start learning how to make candy. I will use her recipes again, but also I can now use other more complicated recipes, perhaps in some of my other cookbooks, because the author has clear steps on what to do (something I could not find elsewhere). This book gives you real confidence to give candy-making a try.
I took a candy making class a few weeks ago, and was looking for a book to add to the five recipes we learned in the class. "Who Wants Candy" begins with clear candy making instructions, and lots of great recipes. The toffees are especially delicious, and I cannot think of anything not included in the book. Although there are a few color photos of finished candies, there are no photos, along with the candy making instructions. It may be hard for a beginner candy maker to understand some of the directions without photos to follow along with. Had I not taken the candy making class before getting this book, I may have been confused by some of the instuctions...not because they are not well written, but because candy making is something most people have never done before. Unless you have actually seen sugar in a soft ball stage versus a hard ball stage, it is difficult to tell if you are doing things correctly. Some instructional photos would have been very helpful. I suggest if you are brand new to candy making, get the book, and go to You Tube and watch an instructional video or two, so you have a bit more guidance the first time you make a recipe.
This is such a great book. I bought one a couple of years ago and loaned it to my daughter. She loves it so much that I couldn't ask for it back. So I ordered another one. I had to get a used one because there were no new ones. I didn't mind that so much except there is writing all in it and some of the recipes or ingredients are marked through making it difficult to read. But the actual content of the book is worth 5 stars.
Serious, this is the best book on making candy out there. I've looked, I know. I own over 300 cookbooks, and yet, if I want something sweet, this is my go to book. Not only has Jane Sharrock taken all the mystery out of making candy with 27 pages of easy to follow directions and instructions, she rates every recipe, telling whether it's Novice Super Simple, Novice Easy, Average, Advanced, and Expert. She tells you how much the recipe will make and exactly what you need to make it- not only the food ingredients, but all the utensils, so you can be sure you have everything on hand before you start.

The recipes themselves are a treasure hoard of delights from the elegant to simple, from complicated to comfortable. Generations of her family are represented by recipes and she tells delightful anecdotes about most of them along with the recipes. Because such a broad range of time is covered, you'll not only discover new treats, you'll find family favorites.

My only word of warning is that there aren't many pictures, so if you're someone like my friend Lindsay that thinks cookbooks need pictures I wanted to warn you, but I still recommend this book! It's perfect the way it is.
I bought this book a few years ago for a candy making aunt of mine, and eventually had to get one for myself. This book has a TON of recipes, and I (a novice cook) had no trouble following the directions.It includes all of the favorite old time candies that you would expect to get in a candy shop. The recipes are also all classified by difficulting, making it less likely for you to get in over your head starting out. I started out making the Marry Me Toffee (since it kept popping up in all the reviews), and it has definitely been a hit; I have already gotten a few (joke) offers of marriage and one adoption request.

Before even getting to the recipes, there is a large information section which can really someone move from a beginning candy maker to a more advanced level. It even breaks down simple instructions like "Stir Constantly" by explaining what method you should use stir constantly. It tells you what kind of cookware is ideal for candy making. It also has some troubleshooting to help see why you messed up. Plus, it includes some idea of what you can do you with you candy mishaps. I put my slightly overcooked toffee in chocolate chip cookies, and they turned out absolutely phenomenol; I am almost a little excited for when I can mess up the toffee again..

All in all, it is a great candy cookbook, especially for those who have just a little candy making experience.
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