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  • Author: NAVIN CHAWLA
  • ISBN: 0749316047
  • ISBN13: 978-0749316044
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Ministry & Evangelism
  • Publisher: MANDARIN; New Ed edition (1993)
  • Pages: 256
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Votes: 525
  • Format: docx lit lrf mobi
Mother Teresa ePub download

Navin Chawla (born 30 July 1945) is a retired Indian civil servant and writer, who served as 16th Chief Election Commissioner of India.

Navin Chawla (born 30 July 1945) is a retired Indian civil servant and writer, who served as 16th Chief Election Commissioner of India. Four phases (out of five) of the Indian general election to Loksabha were executed under his supervision in April and May 2009. Chawla is best known for his biography of Mother Teresa and for conducting the 2009 general elections in an even-handed manner to national and international acclaim.

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Chawla, Navin (1 March 1992). Mother Teresa: The Authorized Biography. Diane Publishing Company. BMJ. 312 (7022): 64–5.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. An authorized biography describes Mother Teresa's mission of faith and the principles that guide her.

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Shri Navin B. Chawla, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India delivered 2nd Annual Mother Teresa Memorial Lecture on Electoral Democracy in India and released a Book on Monday 21st December09 at IGNOU campus. It is being organized by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil, Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI). Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Menamparampil, Chairman, CBCI, Commission for Education was the Guest of Honour. Thomas dAquino Seqeira, Deputy Secretary General, CBCI paid tribute to Blessed Mother Teresa.

Here, Navin Chawla tells Mother Teresa's story with great sensitivity & perception. Mother Teresa offered love & compassion to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Calcutta, London, . & in the shadow of the Vatican itself

Here, Navin Chawla tells Mother Teresa's story with great sensitivity & perception. The result is an authoritative biography of one of the most extraordinary lives of our time. & in the shadow of the Vatican itself. In recognition of her unique work, the world gave her its highest honors & awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Mother Teresa by Navin Chawla.

Extraordinary woman! The book captures her story and the work that she did. We can all learn from her.
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Pleased with shipping time. Great value for hardback book! A beautifully written book.
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What makes this hagiography stand out from the many other profiles of Mother Teresa is Navin Chawla's unprecedented access to the Saint of the Gutters. In addition to knowing Mother Teresa for over twenty years, she asked her sisters, associates, and volunteers to cooperate with him in compiling her life story. As a result, readers are privy to Mother Teresa's private one on one meeting with Queen Elizabeth, her phone call from Sadam Hussain, and a hodgepodge of other historical tidbits that provide nearly unfathomable contrasts.
Like any accurate biography of Mother Teresa, the book discusses her tremendous respect for non-Christian religions. One of her lifelong goals was to make people better at their religion-better Buddhists, better Muslims, better Jews, or better Christians. The author subtly portrays that as just one of the many ironies to Mother Teresa. With the possible exception of the Pope, nobody stood as a more widely know avatar of the Catholic Church; yet, millions of the people she aided were not Christians. An unflinching defender of Catholic dogma, she unquestionably reached out to those whose problems were the direct result of what she considered sinful behavior. From the many hospices she established to care for AIDS victims to the Missionaries of Charity's loving worldwide support for unwed mothers, Mother Teresa's devotion knew no bounds.
With its publication about five years before her death, Navin has produced a felicitous tribute to a woman whose eleemosynary life will serve as an inspiring example for the remainder of humanity's existence.
Here is an authoritative account of the inspiring life and extraordinary achievements of that frail and ordinary looking little woman named Mother Teresa, written by a friend and admirer from India, who does not even share her faith. Navin Chawla is a senior civil servant working with the government of India, who came into contact with Mother Teresa and was inspired by her to take up the cause of those affected by leprosy, about which he has written another book. This book is the fruit of his hard labor of five years which consisted of various personal conversations with his subject herself and numerous visits to the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta and elsewhere. He traveled to different continents to visit the innumerable friends and helpers of Mother Teresa in order to gather direct information. He had access to the various letters, records and documents of the Missionaries of Charity through one of the senior members of the congregation specially designated for the purpose by the Mother herself.
He narrates the story of this Catholic nun and Nobel Prize winner with great sensitivity and intuitiveness, never idealizing his subject nor belittling her magnificence. He manifests a clear grasp of the details of the government of the Church and the faith of Mother Teresa though as a Hindu these were foreign to him. He focuses very much on the work of the Mother in order to describe her personality and convictions thereby heeding to her repeated calls "write about the work". The distressing recollections of the children in the Shishu Bhawan, like those of Bapi and Dadda, the tales of woe heard from Balu, Jehangir and many others at the Leprosy Centre and the poignant glimpses of the dying men and women at Kalighat are indeed moving. Mr. Chawla writes with ease and elegance, required for the biography of a person of her stature, intending it for an international audience. This is the best biography of hers written by an Indian who knew her well personally.
I am not a brilliant reviewer, and probably don't have anything scholarly or outstanding to say about this book. I don't know if saying that I know it has and will change my life is the truth and I hope that is enough to make you want to read this book.

I was home sick with the flu. Getting out of bed was a task seeminly unaccomplishable. I had this book in my pile to be donated to the library. I was struck to read it, although it had been too long in the donation pile I had never been struck to read it before.

"The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions". Confucious (551-479). This quote, no, is not in the book but makes me think of Mother Teresa. This book, Written by a dear friend of hers in such an easily readable style, we are not bombarded by profound literary thought, or brilliant quotes, but the true to life story of a living saint. I had always known Mother Teresa was a wonderful person, but I did not know what a miracle worker this woman was! This Godly woman set foot with three saris a few pennies into the slums of India, hoping to give love and hope where none existed. With no money, little education and having left the security of the confines of the Convent where she did her missionary work for years in India as teacher and Principle of a school for both Young Nuns and the poor children of India. I believe the year was 1942 that Mother Teresa had a vision that she was to go amongst the poor and serve them in the streets where it is needed most. With much meditation and consultation with her spiritual advisor father van exem it took much time for her dream to come to realization. She wanted to remain faithful to her catholic faith and not be seen as a "secular" that had abandoned her role as Mother. Years later with nothing more than three Saris and pennies she was on her way into the streets. She was offered money by the Catholic Church, but refused all, saying that God would be her provider. And God was.

This is a European woman that stepped out into the poorest of the poor streets of India with no money, no home and no guarantees. She has been ridiculed, starved had stones thrown at her been threatened and persecuted. Rejected and lacking in support from the Catholic Church. This is a woman who started her first school in India with a twig that she drew out the Bengali alphabet in under a tree. She didn't believe in saving, as she always believed that God would provide. She never asked for donations, but sometimes would resort to begging as the poor did. Never for herself always for others. The amazement of this woman was that she did it all on faith. today there are homes created by mother Theresa in over 130 countries including the U.S. Her Missionary Services called Missionaries of Charity continues to grow even after her death. There are Sisters and Brothers that serve and have all taken the poverty vow.They live exactly like the poor. No possesions, sometimes starving and always depending on God. I cried the whole time I read the book, because it became so evident to me how one humble little heart could change the world. She always refered to herself as a mere instrument of God and all the work was done by God. This amazing woman has services that take care of almost every need. no one is left out. From the dying, the homeless, leprosy victims, to drug and alcohol rehab services. Everything created without a bank account. This amazing book changed me. I hope it will change all.
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