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Tribulation House (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Mystery) ePub download

by Chris Well

  • Author: Chris Well
  • ISBN: 0786299258
  • ISBN13: 978-0786299256
  • ePub: 1879 kb | FB2: 1908 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher: Thorndike Pr (November 14, 2007)
  • Pages: 395
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 332
  • Format: docx mobi azw lrf
Tribulation House (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Mystery) ePub download

Nice follow-up to the pleasantly readable Christian mystery series by Chris Well.

Nice follow-up to the pleasantly readable Christian mystery series by Chris Well. Bus driver Earl Walker condemned to early retirement and a wheelchair by a violent miscreant, further crippled by the death of his beloved wife, was rescued from his grumpy old man existence by a young volunteer engaged in helping activities in his retirement community, which was on the verge of closing.

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Fiction. Hardcover: 543 pages.

This book also brings up the question of how Christians should protect themselves

This book also brings up the question of how Christians should protect themselves. The Mennonites beliefs of no violence was being questioned by outsiders and some of the members themselves. Do you completely trust God for His protection or do you take measures to protect yourself?

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However, Chris Fabry surprised me with Looking Into You. He gives Paige, Treha, and other female characters relatable and multifaceted voices without crossing into the maudlin.

ISBN-13: 978-1432839604. Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches. However, Chris Fabry surprised me with Looking Into You. His plot is tightly woven and written just sparingly enough to keep the pages turning. A premise of a regretful mother and abandoned daughter could easily turn into a Lifetime movie script. Chris Fabry does the exact opposite, making the situation and people in it real and three-dimensional.

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Hunter's Moon (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Mystery). Download (epub, 693 Kb).

Book by Well, Chris
This is the third novel featuring Kansas City detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch, who are investigating organized crime in partnership with the FBI. This time their target is mobster Ted Massey. For some reason, Massey is trying to buy properties in the Seventh District and has sent two minions, Ross Cleaver and Bill Lamb, to persuade the current owners to move out.

In particular, Massey covets the property currently occupied by the Last Church of God's Imminent Will, whose pastor, Daniel Glory, has predicted that the Rapture will occur in just a few weeks' time, on October 17 at 5:51 AM. With the big day only a few weeks away, the church largely ignores the threats of Cleaver and Lamb. However, one deacon in the church approaches Cleaver for a loan so that he can buy the boat he has always wanted before it is too late.

Meanwhile, evangelical Christian Hank Barton has decided to run for an open Seventh District City Council seat. He sincerely wants to make a difference but is disappointed by the political apathy of other Christians in the district. A number believe there is no point in voting with October 17 so close at hand. His aspirations draw attention from Cleaver and lead to conflict with Glory.

As in the previous books in the series, the various subplots provide plenty of humor, excitement, and food for thought. Suspense builds as the October days pass.
If I had to rate this merely as crime fiction, I might deduct a star, because there is no real "thriller" aspect or real mystery as I normally expect in the genre. Really, Tribulation House has nothing for the reader to actually solve. However, this story is more than the label "crime fiction" can encompass.

Chris Well has, again, kept me up reading: snickering at the doltish characters with more vices than virtues, nodding at the bits of truth, shaking my head at the blind spots of humanity, and just enjoying the wackiness that Chris does so well.

In this third novel with carry-over characters--my favorite being Charlie, the comic book, sci-fi loving cop and would-be writer--you can guffaw at Mark Hogan, the super-endtimer, hyperbolic Christian character whose first person narration/confession alternates with the third person perspectives of the rest of the book.

In his own words, Mark tells us how he went from your regular--if not at all profound or selfless or ideal--church leader with the wife and kids, to the Rapture and luxury boat obsessed looney who ends up wrecking his credit and reputation when, as he confesses, he kills the Rev Daniel Glory, who led him to believe the Lord would come to sweep up his faithful on October 17 at 5:51 am. Accidentally, mind you. But for some people, it's only when they lose nearly everything that they can gain something. Chris shows this in comical, perhaps tragicomical, form.

Add in the requisite dumb thugs, the mob boss with schemes up his sleeve, the cops on the chase, the Christian guy running for city council and realizing it's not that easy, a crook's ex-wife working at one of those cryogenics places, all sorts of quirky bits, and you have a trademark Chris Well tale sure to keep you up late reading as well. But as much as you may laugh, there's the simple truths about serving faithfully and attending to the work the Lord gives us to do, rather than looking for easy escapes from duty and integrity in all things. Wisdom and humilty--they go a long way. Without it, you fall a long way, and more than one character learns the hard way that a lack of integrity or wisdom or humility or, simply, self-control can be destructive.

The no-nonsense prose, quite spare in spots as is his stylistic mark, and the short chapters, hyperbole, pop culture references, keen-eyed but sympathetic spotlight on Christians trying to do right and not always making wise decisions, keener eye and less sympathetic klieg lights on the idiocies of modern Christianity, and a fine sense of the ridiculous, and it all works to make TRIBULATION HOUSE a cool read, indeed.

And that's why Mr. Well is an automatic buy for me. Or, considering this vendor, an automatic pre-order for me. I've not been disappointed by any of his books.

TRIBULATION HOUSE is not the end of the series. (And all the novels can stand alone, though reading them in order adds to the pleasure, I think.) The ending of TH makes it clear that unresolved issues will crop up in book four. And I'm ready right now to see what Grigg's and Charlie get up to and discover and learn. I especially hope there will be a wonderful romance for Charlie, as seems to be hinted at in TRIBULATION HOUSE. I love Charlie!

If I had one wish for book four, it would be more mystery and genuine suspense along with the laughs and lessons and kooky crooks and Christians.

Well done, Chris.

What would happen if someone was preparing for the rapture, but it didn't come as predicted? How would they react when it didn't happen? What would they do about the poor decisions made just prior to the anticipated date? Tribulation House takes a humorous look at the life of Mark Hogan who believes the rapture will occur on a set day, but it doesn't happen. Well takes us inside Hogan's mind, through his decision making process, and what led him to his confession to the murder of the Reverend Daniel Glory. Well does an excellent job of writing the first person confession, while at the same time working seemingly unrelated third person subplots into Hogan's life. The way all the different story lines come together is truly remarkable and incredibly enjoyable to read. While Tribulation House is just as hilarious as Well's previous two books, it has a serious point that takes a very deep look into the self centeredness of the human heart and nudges us to reevaluate our spiritual focus and goals. With the continuation of the lives of Detectives Griggs and Pasch, we get the opportunities to see both of them working through their very human struggles. I'd been looking forward to Tribulation House for several months, and was not disappointed. Now I will eagerly await the next book in the series.
good deal
The story pulled no punches in describing religious zealots and small time hoods. A cautionary tale. A fast read. Worth buying.
very funny and entertaining. hard to put down.
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