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The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book 3) ePub download

by Katherine Kellgren,Kevin R. Free,Rick Riordan

  • Author: Katherine Kellgren,Kevin R. Free,Rick Riordan
  • ISBN: 1455808466
  • ISBN13: 978-1455808465
  • ePub: 1500 kb | FB2: 1715 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (May 1, 2012)
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Votes: 115
  • Format: lit mbr rtf lrf
The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book 3) ePub download

The Serpents Shadow, . Part of Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan.

The Serpents Shadow, . 1. We Crash and Burn a Party. 2. I Have a Word with Chaos. 3. We Win a Box Full of Nothing. 4. I Consult the Pigeon of War. 5. A Dance with Death.

The Kane Chronicles, Book Two: The Throne of Fire. We Crash and Burn a Party

The Kane Chronicles, Book Two: The Throne of Fire.

The Kanes' only hope is an ancient spell that might turn the serpent's own shadow into a weapon, but the magic has been lost for a millennia. To find the answer they need, the Kanes must rely on the murderous ghost of a powerful magician who might be able to lead them to the serpent's shadow. or might lead them to their deaths in the depths of the underworld. Nothing less than the mortal world is at stake when the Kane family fulfills its destiny in this thrilling conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.

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Summary With hilarious asides, memorable monsters, and an ever-changing crew of friends and foes, the excitement never lets up in Th. .

Listen to unlimited audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. With hilarious asides, memorable monsters, and an ever-changing crew of friends and foes, the excitement never lets up in The Serpent's Shadow, a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicles. Read on the Scribd mobile app.

Written by Rick Riordan, Audiobook narrated by Katherine Kellgren, Kevin R. Free. Kane Chronicles, Book 2. By: Rick Riordan. Narrated by: Kevin R. Free, Katherine Kellgren. Length: 12 hrs and 48 mins.

Rick Riordan The Kane Chronicles – The Serpent's Shadow. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. the vulture Nekhbet, who’d once possessed my Gran (long story); the crocodile Sobek, who’d tried to kill my cat (longer story); and the lion goddess Sekhmet, whom we’d once vanquished with hot sauce (don’t even ask).

When young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane learned how to follow the path of the Ancient Egyptian gods, they knew they would have to play an important role in restoring Ma’at—order—to the world. What they didn’t know is how chaotic the world would become. The Chaos snake Apophis is loose and threatening to destroy the earth in three days’ time. The magicians are divided. The gods are disappearing, and those who remain are weak. Walt, one of Carter and Sadie’s most gifted initiates, is doomed and can already feel his life force ebbing. Zia is too busy babysitting the senile sun god, Ra, to be of much help. What are a couple of teenagers and a handful of young trainees to do?

There is possibly one way to stop Apophis, but it is so difficult that it might cost Carter and Sadie their lives, if it even works at all. It involves trusting the ghost of a psychopathic magician not to betray them, or worse, kill them. They’d have to be crazy to try it. Well, call them crazy.

With hilarious asides, memorable monsters, and an ever-changing crew of friends and foes, the excitement never lets up in The Serpent’s Shadow, a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the Kane Chronicles.

I love this entire series...Rick Riordan wrote a great trilogy bringing Ancient Egypt into modern times. As a parent, what I like the best about this series is that my kids learned Egyptian history and mythology without realizing it...sort of like slipping a vitamin into mashed potatoes. The kids ate it up and learned something at the same time. I took my kids to the Field Museum in Chicago shortly after my oldest read this series, and I was amazed at how much she knew...she saw statues and could immediately identify them and tell the basic story about them just because of this series.
It's a continuation of the Red Pyramid Series. It's good for ages 10-15, boys and girls. The easy, language is not too challenging except for the foreign names. It provides background for Egyptian mythology and doesn't confuse other civilization's mythology into the book. It continues Riordan's good but not overbearing humor. It's not a comedy book. The main female protagonist is strong, snarky and loyal. There is a brainy, hopeful male character who balances her. The plot is different from the first two books, nor was it a logical step from the rest of the series. The first half tried to pull together plot points that the previous books had left unfinished, without the strong narrative that the first two did so well. The second half of the book seemed less polished, in that some places they visited were too unexplained, but then others were delved into too deeply. The ending was overly dramatic and didn't need to be. Like some of his other books, he ends up losing sight of the main goal, because he brings in too many unresolved plot threads from the previous books. It would be good for a gift if the whole series accompanied it.
Apophis is rising and chaos is about to destroy the world. And only Carter and Sadie Kane can stop him. But the only ones left to stand with them are the young magicians of Brooklyn House as their allies are being attacked, the House of Life is divided and on the brink of the civil war, and the gods themselves stand apart. To put an end to Apophis they need to find a spell that has been lost for a millennia and the only one that can lead them to it is the ghost of a deadly magician. Can Carter and Sadie do the impossible one last time? Or will the world fall into chaos?

In this third and final book in the Kane trilogy, Riordan once again weaves his magic to create an epic battle and a memorable story. Riordan weaves a tale that will keep the reader on the edge of the seat through the twists and turns that are created, wondering and hoping that all of our heroes survive to do battle one more time. There's plenty of humor, some romance, the return of old friends, and lots of fun twists in this tale. And possibly a hint or two of future adventures to come. It's an epic read and I highly recommend it.
The Serpent’s Shadow brings the Kane Chronicles to an end as the third (and “probably”) final recording of Sadie and Carter. Just like the previous two novels, this one has a great hook:

“Sadie Kane here.
If you’re listening to this, congratulations! You survived Doomsday.
I’d like to apologize straightaway for any inconvenience the end of the world may have caused you. The earthquakes, rebellions, riots, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and of course the giant snake who swallowed the sun — I’m afraid most of that was our fault.”

So there you have it: Apophis swallowed the sun! That’s one burning question down, and a whole lot of others to go — like, how did they survive Doomsday if the snake got away with his plan? Well, I guess that’s when you need to read and find out.

However, I did have some other very serious questions at the end of The Throne of Fire:

Are they making the right decision? Despite Ra being a crazy old guy who played with cookies, he was rather needed.

Is this a trap? Everything’s a trap! You need to go with it anyway.

Why would anyone try to ride a double-headed snake? Clearly this earned Carter some serious street cred. It was totally necessary.

What’s with the zebras and the weasels? Well, Zebras are clearly awesome and Ra’s very favorite… and Weasels are sick… though not beyond salvation.

Who’d make a better boyfriend, Walt or Anubis? The answer is… YES.

So many things go wrong as Doomsday approaches — go figure. Sadie and Carter, along with Walter and Zia, the Brooklyn House, and any stragglers… er, supporters, of the First Nome, must fight the greatest threat to human kind. What could possibly go wrong? … Well, they survive to tell the tale, so clearly a few things go right.

The Serpent’s Shadow is driven not only by the impending deadline of the end of the world — as Sadie and Carter search for a way to defeat Apophis and vanquish him– but also by the characters’ interactions, hilarious events (just imagine a kindergartener running around with crayons, screaming “Die! Die! Die!”), and senile senior gods who just want to partake in the fun of fighting the forces of chaos. The third and final installment of this trilogy may not tie everything into a neat little bow (because we know Rick Riordan loves his loose ends… as do we, since it leaves the possibility of continuing the tale), but it is a satisfying end.

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