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Scary Godmother: Ghoul's Out For Summer ePub download

by Jill Thompson

  • Author: Jill Thompson
  • ISBN: 1579890520
  • ISBN13: 978-1579890520
  • ePub: 1864 kb | FB2: 1618 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Holidays & Celebrations
  • Publisher: Sirius Entertainment (August 19, 2002)
  • Pages: 128
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 834
  • Format: lrf mbr docx doc
Scary Godmother: Ghoul's Out For Summer ePub download

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Scary Godmother book.

Scary Godmother is a series of children's books and comic books created by artist Jill Thompson and published by Sirius Entertainment beginning in 1997

Scary Godmother is a series of children's books and comic books created by artist Jill Thompson and published by Sirius Entertainment beginning in 1997. Scary Godmother - A tall, skinny and pretty-looking fairy-witch with long curly red hair, pale green skin, small bat wings on her back, purple and green leggings. She lives on the Fright Side (a world where scary Halloween monsters live).

This volume collectsScary Godmother: Ghoul's Out for Summer;Scary Godmother: Holiday . School Library Journal" Jill Thompson'sScary Godmotheris another of this out punches.

Scary Godmother: Ghoul's Out For Summer. And as a huge bonus you get to find out how Scary became a scary godmother (or should I say THE Scary Godmother). I found this such a joy to read and hardly wanted to put it down.

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Curly red haired creator of Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie. Artist of Sandman, Beasts of Burden. Comicbook Ambassador. Full of fire!Подписчиков: 23 тыс.

Scary Godmother: Ghouls Out For Summer. Scary Godmother: Ghouls Out For Summer Issue 1. Issue Number: 1 Publisher: Sirius Entertainment Cover: Holiday 2001, . 5 Origin: United States, English Format: Black & White, Standard Comic Issue, 32 pages.

Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson & Various Authors on Apple Books. While trick-or-treating on Halloween night, Hannah Marie meets her Scary Godmother and a host of creepy creatures who make her welcome on the Fright Side on later Reading Literature Strands as well. It's Halloween night and it's up to Scary Godmother to show one little girl just how much fun spooky can be!

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It's summer break - Scary Godmother style! Hannah suffers through summer camp with her mean cousin Jimmy, Bug-A-Boo spends a frightening vacation with his nagging parents, Orson attends Summer Ghoul with the ancient and demented Dark Master and Scary Godmother runs into her old schoolmate Tinkaree only to wind up kidnapped and brainwashed! Will our favorite monsters save themselves in time to enjoy fun in the sun?
Super adorable! The visuals were so quirky and unique, almost Burtonesque. Extremely whimsical. Perfect visual setting and illustration for the actual writing. "Scary Godmother" is a short, charming Halloween tale, told in comic book format, about a little girl named Hannah, who is going out trick-or-treating with her cousin Jimmy and his school buddies. Unfortunately for Hannah, Jimmy and his pals think that having a little kid tagging along will just slow down their candy hunting and devise a plan to scare her silly so she'll just go home crying. They take her to an old abandoned mansion and tell her a spooky story about a monster that lives in the basement of the house that, unless appeased with an offering of candy on Halloween, he will emerge and wreak havoc. They tell her she should go leave some candy before they take off and she agrees, although she's visibly shaken. Hannah ventures into the darkness of the house and is at first startled by moving shadows or creaking floors. But then, something magical happens and Hannah is soon introduced to a de-frightful world full of ghouls, ghosts and monsters that are definitely not what she expected them to be like and they're preparing for a Halloween party at which she will be the guest of honor! However, learning not to judge a book by it's cover is not the end of this book... Or the series!

Come to think of that, that is one thing I personally enjoy about this book in particular. Hannah meets a group of seemingly terrifying beings, but soon learns that they all just want to be her friends. Too many kids are never really shown how not to judge others by appearance and I think this book would be a great help in that way. Hannah meets some of the toothiest, eyeballiest, ugliest, droolingest beasts any kid ever saw in a storybook and decides to be their friend as soon as she discovers that they mean her no harm. It also then doubles as a good book for helping kids to learn to face their fears, as the Scary Godmother makes it a point to Hannah that "there is nothing to fear.". Kind of goes well hand-in-hand with Disney Channel's perennial favorite, "HalloweenTown", in which Grandma Aggie says, "Oh, no, dear. You see, monsters are just like you and I. I mean, some are bad, some are good.".
This was my favorite tv movie growing up as a kid and when I found out it was a book I searched for years looking for it as a hardcover, this came in exactly on time and is in perfect new condition. No dents or folds or rips. It's a beautiful vibrant neon green and it's absolutely stunning. I just read the whole book last night with my cousins and they loved it although Halloween is over the girls told me they want to dress as Hannah and scary godmother next year. I'm thrilled for these stories and am so excited I finally found it.
It is good to know there are some writers out there that can still appeal to kids without boring the grownups. I was introduced to "Scary Godmother" in the Halloween specials they show in October, and I was intrigued enough to try to find the book.I found the book both funny and interesting as Scary introduced Hannah to the Fright side and allayed her fears by means of both fun and factual information, and helped Hannah to get her own back when the big kids bullied her by trying to scare her. It was also fun when Hannah tried to return the favor by helping Scary when she fell ill, and discovered Scary's job was harder than it looked, although she did a masterful attempt at it. This is one book that can interest a child without talking down to them and does add a bit of fact about those things the bump in the night by focusing on what actually makes Halloween fun without needing to scare them with mindless violence or blood and gore.
I am 25 years old and I find Scary Godmother to be absolutely adorable. This the the kind of book I hope to someday have any future child I may have read, not just for Halloween but any time of the year. And I find Orson`s crush on Hannah sweet as candy corn.
Wonderful for children, awesome art, and a charming story that I think is appropiate for the youngest of children who are able to follow it. The story is about a little girl named Hannah Marie about to go on her first trick or treat outing with older children instead of her parents. An older cousin, displeased at having been made to take Hannah, carries out a dirty trick to scare her bad enough for her to beg to go home so he can get rid of her. Only Hannah is saved by her Scary Godmother and the tables eventually get turned! In addition, it was even educational (such as explaining the different kinds of bats and why they're good creatures in a way that I think a 5-year-old could appreciate).

I believe this is a treat for all ages. I'm 24 and I've already read it all the way through twice, loving it the second time even more than the first (as I caught more details). And if that's not enough, I LOVE the smell of it! :-)

Though just a note: I ordered this in November and despite Amazon claiming to have it in stock, I didn't get it until a week ago. But I'm glad I'm waited for it instead of trying to get something else!
The Scary Godmother is one of the most unique characters to burst upon the scene in a long time. Ms. Thompson's second offering "The Mystery Date" is a grand adventure. She has a wonderful knack of developing "scary" characters and making you love them! Our darling Hannah builds on her relationships with Skully Pettibone, Bug-A-Boo and the rest of her friends, and adds more acquaintences to her circle.
What a treat to see another side of Scary Godmother, a side we can all relate to. Is it possible? Has she become even more endearing to the reader?
Just read "Mystery Date!" It is great for adults and kids alike.
Keep 'em coming, Jill.
A wonderful series, and this is a beautifully bound presentation. I love that the entire book is full color, too. I read the full book over the course of October with my kids (3 and 7) and they both love it.
I've always loved Jil Thompson and fell in love with the movies as soon as I found out about them. The comics are cute and entertaining. This will make a wonderful addition to my collection.
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