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by Alecia Whitaker

  • Author: Alecia Whitaker
  • ISBN: 031612494X
  • ISBN13: 978-0316124942
  • ePub: 1314 kb | FB2: 1820 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Publisher: Poppy; Reprint edition (March 19, 2013)
  • Pages: 384
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Votes: 474
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The Queen of Kentucky ePub download

Fourteen-year-old Kentucky girl Ricki Jo Winstead, who would prefer to be called Ericka, thank you very much, is eager to shed her farmer's daughter roots and and fit in with the popular crowd at her small-town high school. She trades her Bible for Seventeen magazine, buys new "sophisticated" clothes, and strikes up an unlikely flirtation with the freshman class's resident bad boy. She's on top of the world, even though her best friend and neighbor, Luke, say she misses "plain old Ricki Jo."
I really enjoyed this book! The story was really good & took me back to when I was 14 and doing the same things Ricki JO (oops make that Ericka) was doing. I could relate to everything from working in tobbaco (it's not glamorous, but when you live in a small town in KY it's extra money) to the wanting to fit in & teen age girl drama. I liked how well KY was described. But of course the author is originally from KY. I also read The Wildflower series & look forward to reading more from her.
What were you like at 14? Did you try hard to be popular and fit in with the popular crowd? Did you lose friends in the process or forget your way as you tried desperately for the cool kids to notice you? Did labels and name brands mean a lot to you as you navigated your first year of high school? If so, whether you are a city girl or a country girl, you can all relate to Ericka (previously known as Ricky Jo when she was in 8th grade) in The Queen of Kentucky by Alecia Whitaker.

Ericka made sure no one called her Ricky Jo. She was starting 9th grade and had no intention of being known as poor farm girl Ricky Jo anymore. it was time to reinvent herself. She had a new wardrobe, she had tried out for cheerleading, and she was on the track of a new group of friends. Even though at home she still had to work in the tobacco fields, getting the crop ready, in school she was Ericka. She lucks out in home room by not only getting to hang out with the Fabulous Four (hoping to change it to the Fabulous Five), but she also sits right next to David Wolfbaker... the boy known as Wolf for more than just his name.

With a rampaging crush on Wolf, Ericka manages to carry on as cool as she can. She and the Fabulous Four have some fun together, but she never finds a way to get herself on the inside of the group. The girls always seem to have an inside joke she doesn't understand or an impromptu sleep over she wasn't invited to. The hardest part is how Ericka's transition has started to affect her best fried Luke and her friends from middle school. She wants to be a good friend, especially when Luke's alcoholic father's abuse can no longer be ignored, but her attempts to fit in are alienating everyone she originally cared for... and for what? Friends who usually don't seem to care about her as much as they say they do? And Wolf is the worst. She has a crush on a boy who insults her and humiliates her more than he flirts with her, but of course, he is always sweet and adorable the minute no one else is around. She has some big decisions to make: is she sweet farm girl Ricky Jo or cut-throat popular girl Ericka?

I am going to premise this by saying this girl was SO ME when I was in junior high. Everything Whitaker describes about trying to fit in, always finding yourself just outside the popular group, and always feeling sad or disappointed when they didn't include you is an exact description of most of my adolescent years. I look back to those years and cringe, which is why I struggled a little with this story at first. Not because it wasn't well-written, because it was, but because it was SO REAL! I found myself thinking, "Crap?! Did I know this author growing up?" No, but I am sure this story is a lot more common than uncommon. And the beauty of its realistic descriptions is that you feel every single emotion with Ericka. You want to tell her to tell those frenemies to go stuff it. You want pummel Wolf. You want her to kiss Luke. You want her to play basketball which she rocks at instead of wasting her time with cheerleading. And most importantly, you want to tell her she isn't alone, that you know how she feels because you lived through the exact same childhood (possibly minus the tobacco drying in the barn).

I think this is a great book for any girl, but the important thing to remember is that the main character is only 14. Therefore, she acts, speaks, and thinks like a 14 year old, which if you remember correctly, is a pretty bratty and immature time. So while 14 year olds would really relate to Ericka, I worry older girls might find her too bratty and annoying to give the book a chance, despite the fact that they would love it if they did. (Of course that might be because it hits too close to home about how bratty THEY were at 14!). There is a little talk of making out, but nothing too bad (the main character is mostly worried about getting her first kiss), one scene of silly slumber party streaking that showed girls more embarrassed than proud to take their clothes off, and an ugly bout of drinking that had the cautionary hangover scenes to follow. I think this is a great story for any young girl, whether she is strong and determined (even though we know that is usually a facade), or she is unsure of herself and trying to find her way. As an adult woman, if you read this story, you are bound to see a little of yourself in Ericka, whether you like it or not! And since we all remember what a nightmare it was to be 14, proceed at your own risk! But Alecia Whitaker is definitely an author to be watched! She has a fresh voice and wonderful characters and knows how to take a coming of age story and make it more... so much more!
This was a really cute book on the lower-YA spectrum, full of southern flavor and with a far more self-aware MC and more multi-facteted secondary characters than I was anticipating. Definitely enjoyed, even though it wasn't my usual thing!
This book made me want to be fourteen again and at the same time so relieved I'm no longer fourteen. Sweet, realistic story with a lovable protagonist. Can't wait for more from Alecia Whitaker!
I wanted to do some light reading and I saw this for less than $3, so I bought it. I wasn't disappointed, I liked the story and the ending was perfect.
Love the book I received the book as promised, good condition, WOULD ORDER AGAIN!
I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with this book and Ricky Jo. I am so sad that the book is over. It took me back to high school, which was nice. I couldn't put this book down, I did not want to finish it because I did not want it to end. I laughed out loud more then once and I also cried, hysterically.... at one point.

I also personally know this author and love her! The book had very funny lines. I am a terrible writer so I cannot express how much I love this book but everyone should read it.

I am so looking forward to much more material from this author.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful book.
This book is amazing there is always action going on. I wkuld recomend this book to anyone it does have a couple of inappropriate parts but other than that it is awrsome.
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