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Children's Favorite Classic Fairy Tales ePub download

by Madison Park

  • Author: Madison Park
  • ISBN: 0982445474
  • ISBN13: 978-0982445471
  • ePub: 1522 kb | FB2: 1809 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths
  • Publisher: Pacific Publishing Studio (February 5, 2012)
  • Pages: 176
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 605
  • Format: lit lrf docx mbr
Children's Favorite Classic Fairy Tales ePub download

These classic tales complete any child's bookshelf. Stories vary in length from two pages to twenty; perfect for bedtime reading or story time.

These classic tales complete any child's bookshelf. Online Stores ▾. Audible Barnes & Noble Walmart eBooks Apple Books Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Indigo Better World Books IndieBound.

Madison Park, Pacific Publishing Studio.

Classic-new takes Little Red Riding Hood All the Little Reds. children's book illustration, fairy tales and folk tales. Jessie Willcox Smith William Wegman Mabel Lucie Attwell Cheong-ah Hwang Julianna Swaney Bernadette Watts Lisbeth Zwerger Nicoletta. Little Red Cap by my vintage book collection.

Calling all classics fans! This gorgeous collection of five famous fairy tales: Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Puss in Boots will tug at any big kid’s heartstrings. Based on the original Ladybird retellings by Vera Southgate, these wonderful stories carry a sense of tradition and are a wonderful start to any budding book lover’s library.

The Classic Fairy Tales has been added to your Cart. Great book that has all the classic fairy tales in one place! This book gives an analysis of the fairy tales and their history before the actual story. One person found this helpful.

Children will be enchanted by these magical fairy tales and contemporary retellings

Children will be enchanted by these magical fairy tales and contemporary retellings. For some more unusual and lesser known fairy tale reading, why not try out some Scottish folk and fairy tales? In this gorgeously illustrated hardback, you can read all about the amazingly magical creatures of the old Scottish tales like selkies and the terrifying stoorworm.

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Vintage Princess - Belle by selinmarsou on deviantART. Totally doable photo op at Benson park.

THE DIAMOND FAIRY BOOK - 19 illustrated children's fairy tales from around the world.

Classic Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Anderson. No, answered the theologian of the time of King Hans: that book is not written by a Heiberg, but was imprinted by Godfrey von Gehmen. Oh, is that the author’s name? said the Councillor. It is a very old name, and, as well as I recollect, he was the first printer that appeared in Denmark.

Books specifically for children existed by the 17th century. Before that, books were written mainly for adults – although some later became popular with children. In Europe, Gutenberg's invention of the printing press around 1440 made possible mass production of books, though the first printed books were quite expensive and remained so for a long time

A delightful collection of all the original favorites: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Pea, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rumpelstiltskin, and many more including the lovely and original version of The Little Mermaid. These classic tales complete any child's bookshelf. Stories vary in length from two pages to twenty; perfect for bedtime reading or story time.
Simple fellow
For a book with a 5-star rating, I am sorely disappointed in this one! These may be favorite classic fairy tales, but they are definitely not written in a classical manner...not quite like the stories with which I am familiar. The first sentence in Jack and the Beanstalk has grammatical errors that make it difficult to read. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have errors that also should have been caught by the proofreaders (those were the 3 stories I read before I put the book aside). Also, there are NO illustrations of any sort. It's no wonder the publishers didn't want prospective buyers to peruse the book's pages. There is nothing to see...and children want to SEE something when they are being read to, or at least the ones who are in the age of fairy tales want to see illustrations. The stories are there, but so are grammatical errors and some changes I am not familiar with. 'Sorry I bought it, but it may be just right for you...never can tell about that.
My child loves this book. I bought for the wide selection of stories it contains. Each is between 2 -5 pages, with a couple of longer ones for older kids. I figure it will be a great book for my son to grow into and explore new stories as he becomes older. He has his favorites that we read over and over, but he loves to explore new ones as well.
Wanted a book of classic stories for my children to have, but something more versatile and travel friendly than the 1000+ page one we have on the shelf. This one is nice because it's fewer than 200 pages--perfect for throwing in the bag for a short trip or vacation. I even bring it to the babysitter's instead of grabbing 5 or 6 books, I throw this one in.
Great collection of all the classic fairy tales we grew up with: Cinderella, Snow White, Thumbelina, Red Riding Hood, on and on. Very nice collection with slightly larger print (nice on the eyes, when I'm reading to my daughter)
This is a great book full of all the best tales ever told: Rumplestiltskin, Frog Prince, Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty, even the Ugly Duckling. The large print is nice if you have eyes as bad as mine are!
I keep this on hand for whenever we have children visiting. It's full of different tales, so the kids can pick out the one they want and we can read it together. All in one book makes it easy and tidy for the toy area.
This book is perfect for young children who just want to know some of the magical fairytales. It is not to long and not to short. Trust me this is a wonderful book!
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