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by Lisa Campbell Ernst

  • Author: Lisa Campbell Ernst
  • ISBN: 0689715846
  • ISBN13: 978-0689715846
  • ePub: 1125 kb | FB2: 1369 kb
  • Language: English
  • Category: Animals
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (March 30, 1992)
  • Pages: 32
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Votes: 725
  • Format: lit mbr lrf docx
When Bluebell Sang ePub download

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When Bluebell sings, no one can resist her. A diva in demand, she packs. This is an appealing book about a singing cow with an unexpected ending. Children can sympathize with the cow and her understanding farmer

When Bluebell sings, no one can resist her. Children can sympathize with the cow and her understanding farmer. The story tells of this cow's talent and her exploitation by a greedy talent agent.

in the Teachers Store. By Lisa Campbell Ernst. Other Books You Might Like. A singing cow's talent brings her stardom, but she soon longs to be back at the farm-if she can get away from her greedy manager.

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Lisa Campbell Ernst was born in Oklahoma but now makes her home in Kansas City, Missouri

Lisa Campbell Ernst was born in Oklahoma but now makes her home in Kansas City, Missouri.

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When Bluebell Sang, Bradbury (New York, NY), 1989. With husband, Lee Ernst) The Tangram Magician, Abrams (New York, NY), 1990. Ginger Jumps, Bradbury (New York, NY), 1990. Recognized both for her own works and for the books she has illustrated for other authors, Lisa Campbell Ernst creates picture and concept books for younger readers, among them Duke, the Dairy Delight Dog and the exuberant Wake up, It's Spring! Consistently lauded for her skill as an artist and graphic designer, Ernst has been praised as the creator of delightful stories that feature engaging characters and clever concepts.

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When Bluebell Sang by Lisa Campbell Ernst Scholastic.

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Bluebell is a singing cow -- and a dream-come-true for unscrupulous talent agent, Big Eddie. When Bluebell sings, no one can resist her. A diva in demand, she packs concert halls, sets fashion trends, and travels across the country in style.

But while Big Eddie rakes in the profits, Bluebell longs for the green pastures of homes. Plotting a clever escape, she leaves the fast life behind and teaches Big Eddie a lesson. Readers will cheer as Bluebell outwits the wily impressario in his whimsical story of fame and its rewards.

Everything was good, as advertised.
If you look at Lisa Ernst Campbell's oeuvre on Amazon.com, you'll notice, 1) how prolific she is, 2) that she has worked with some of the best children's book authors, and, 3) that reviewers give her books 5* and 4* out of 5. She's a remarkably talented illustrator (some of her work has appeared in The New Yorker, quite an achievement even with that magazine recent decline), who delivers whimsically plausible story lines, and astonishingly beautiful illustrations.

As in "Walter's Tail," the protagonist is a beloved animal, this time a cow. "Bluebell" enjoys the bucolic setting she shares with farmers Swenson and Hazel. When Swenson discovers that Bluebell can sing ("Ya," Hazel said, hearing Bluebell. "It is the most beautiful singing I have ever heard." Apparently the farmers have a Scandinavian background), he takes her to town to sing, and then to the local music hall. The audience cheers. Bluebell gets rave front page headlines. And the mayor writes his brother in Deluth, an agent named "Big Eddie."

That's when the trouble begins. "Big Eddie" is a portly man with a tiny moustaches, downward pointing eyebrows, , and an enormous appetite for money. He's drawn like a villain from some silent movie, and this conceit works: After all, Ernst's border illustrations (a great touch!) show beautiful vintage trains and playbills, and a note dated June 1, 1916. It soon develops that Big Eddie has no scruples; he promises Swenson that Bluebell will only tour for a month, but, with Bluebell's continued success he keeps adding more months--and more ridiculous costumes for Bluebell to wear onstage.

Bluebell and Swenson tire of the road; they want to back to their simple, less demanding farm routine. They escape back to the farm, and Bluebell hides among scores of other black and white cows. Eddie can't find her and leaves, and Bluebell teaches the other cows how to sing, warning them, "When you sing, go out to the field, in the shade of a large tree. No one will suspect a thing." This answers Ernst's opening attention-grabbing opening--the real reason that cows often gather under shade trees. I think children will acept the plausibilty of Ernst's playful explanation.

Whether depicting broad rural expanses or the interior of a grand theatre, Ernst's compositions, palette, and combination of full-page illustrations with smaller "side" pictures are uniformly outstanding. In some, she conveys a luminescent quality found in "Walter's Tail." In that book, and perhaps here as well, she achieves this look by building layers of colors (with pastels), then adding lines with a quill pen. The result is a mixture of shine and that adds vibrant lighting effects. In the flyleaf, Lisa Ernst states, "...it's magical when all the right elements of story, illustration, design, pacing, and concept come together in a book. Fortunately for her readers, Ernst's talent is up to these requirements, for this is such a book.
If, like most folks, you think that cows sit under the shade of a tree to keep cool, you are going to be "educated" reading this book :) Bluebell surprises her owner, Swenson, one day by singing for him! Not only that but it is beautiful singing so Swenson loads Bluebell up and takes her to town to sing. From there, fame hits and they start traveling. Unfortunately their manager is not so honest or nice but read to see how Bluebell outsmarts him.

If you have never read this book to your child you are missing out! It is well-written and illustrated and amusing. A truly delightful story that is sure to bring a smile to all around.
When Bluebell Sang is a touching story about an ugly cow named Bluebell who has a stunning voice. She is an excellent musician and can sing with the best of them. However her odd appearance is what catches the attention of Big Eddy. Bid Eddy is a talent agent who thinks that Bluebell is just what everybody's looking for...and he end up being right. Before long, Bluebell is a huge star. However, she grows homesick and yearns to return to her farm of old. So she plans to escape...
This is an appealing book about a singing cow with an unexpected ending. Children can sympathize with the cow and her understanding farmer. The story tells of this cow's talent and her exploitation by a greedy talent agent. The illustrations are big and uncluttered and well illustrate the story's events and emotions. Delightful!
Don't pay any attention to the synopsis given for this book, it is wrong. This book has nothing to do with rabbits. It is about a cow.
This is a wonderful book, a great story to tell or read to children, by a wonderful author. Answers the question "Why do cows gather under trees in the summer?"
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