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by Fran Drescher

  • Author: Fran Drescher
  • ISBN: 0786246111
  • ISBN13: 978-0786246113
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Arts & Literature
  • Publisher: Thorndike Pr (November 1, 2002)
  • Pages: 360
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Votes: 523
  • Format: mbr lrf lrf lit
Cancer Schmancer ePub download

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Part inspirational cancer-survival story, part t, picks up where Fran's last book left off.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Fran Drescher’s road to a uterine cancer diagnosis was anything but easy Drescher, who is now in remission, ended up creating the Cancer Schmancer Foundation to help women be more aware of the early signs of cancer.

Fran Drescher’s road to a uterine cancer diagnosis was anything but easy. The actress, best known for her role as Fran Fine in the hit sitcom The Nanny, spoke about her ordeal at the Chasing Cancer Summit in . It took me two years and eight doctors to get a proper diagnosis for uterine cancer, Drescher said, per The Washington Post. I got in the stirrups more times than Roy Rogers. Drescher, who is now in remission, ended up creating the Cancer Schmancer Foundation to help women be more aware of the early signs of cancer. We have a medical philosophy that if you hear hooves galloping, don’t look for a zebra, it’s probably a horse, she said.

Fran Drescher’s Master Class Edu-Series.

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In her book Cancer Schmancer, the actress writes: "My whole life has been about changing negatives into positives.

American film and television actress, comedian, screenwriter, TV director, producer, author and activist. Drescher at the Ultimate Women's Expo in 2018.

The actress continues her life story and reveals how she overcame many obstacles and challenges, including cancer, and shares the insights and wisdom she learned along the way.
I'm not sure if she wrote this by herself, but I think she did. And for a celebrity author, it's well written and not terribly self absorbed.

I just finished this book in January 2014, though I have known that she had cancer and has been an advocate for women's health for years. What struck me as odd is that she describes her years long journey bouncing back and forth between 9 doctors and suddenly gets diagnosed by doctor number 9 and has surgery a week later without getting a second opinion. The book reeked of being uninformed or underinformed, but she is a celebrity, so.......take everything with a grain of salt. Maybe she was just so tired of going to doctors and just decided to trust doctor 9 because that was the only doctor who actually diagnosed her with something. And obviously, she wasn't misdiagnosed, I'm just saying that this particular part of the book was strange for me.

I understand that her battle was hers and no one elses but part of the book made her seem like a martyr when, all things considered, she had it pretty easy since she never had to do chemo, radiation, reconstruction, or some of the worst things cancer has to offer. Not saying cancer is easy, just saying that she only knew she had it for a week, had one surgery and she was cured. In cancer world, that's "easy"

I did enjoy the book overall. But I knew I would since I was a huge fan of The Nanny. I wish I could give it three and a half stars because it's better than "just ok" but not quite worth of 4 stars.
I loved it! I was diagnosed originally with uterine cancer and picked up Fran's book. I dig people who can still have a since of humor through times of stress. However after my surgery I was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer (mucosa adenocarvinoma of the cervix) that cannot be detected through surgery. (the tumor was on the inside not the outside of my cervix) It's rare but it's showing up more and more. Women should know about it! None the less Fran's book helped me feel less alone in this stressful time in my life. I am forever grateful. Congratulations to her on her marriage. So good to see her beaming with happiness! ????????
I've never had cancer, but, just before age 22, I developed a rare illness - minocycline-induced pseudotumor cerebri. It lasted for several months and I have never felt worse. The symptoms were hard to describe and I didn't always appear (visibly) to be ill. It was a very difficult time for me.

It was caused by a medicine prescribed by my dermatologist. It was supposed to clear up my skin. I was NOT supposed to make me sick. In fact, the doctor didn't even mention that there were ANY possible "side effects." He was the doctor. I was just 21 and wanted clear skin. - It was inconceivable to me that a medicine for something so simple could possibly be dangerous.

I later learned, through my own research, that I was predisposed to be more likely to be affected by it due to my weight and other factors. (While I did weigh more than my ideal weight, I was not obese.)

This book gives an interesting perspective and makes me more determined than ever to take charge of my health and be my own advocate. Kudos to Fran for sharing what she learned and making us all more aware.

M. Camp, Author of Relevantly Random
Sitcom star Fran Drescher has written a heart-felt book about her experience with uterine cancer from her first suspicions that something was wrong, through the tests and the waiting, and finally the terrifying diagnosis and life-saving treatment.

On the audio book, her distinctive voice reveals the horror of it all, punctuated often by her unique dry humor. Her story is candid and above all, informative and helpful. She had to go to nine doctors before she was properly diagnosed and she encourages her readers to trust their insticts and demand answers so necessary treatment can be done in time.

The audio book is only three hours long and is thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. While cancer is the central theme, she also discusses her readjustment to single life after her long marriage and the loving support she received from family and friends. Heartily recommended.
Very helpful to women. Whether they have been diagnosed with uterine cancer or not, all women should treat themselves to this book so that should the time come when they experience the symptoms Fran had or know someone who has, they will be educated. And a word of caution: EVEN IF a D & C shows no cancer cells, you STILL can have uterine cancer. I know firsthand of someone who did. The cancer was hidden in the muscle of the uterus, Stage 1-C, undetectable by a D & C. If symptoms persist, a good doctor will recommend a hysterectomy. Don't settle for a "wait & see" attitude. The doc of the person I know said he had not had a case like my friend's in his entire career & made the right decision by recommending a total hysterectomy.
I'm not sure what brought me to this book other than my admiration for Fran Drescher, but I now know that I am grateful to her for her openness in sharing such a difficult, emotional, and painful experience.
This is a MUST read for any woman who just doesn't feel right (or JAR, as I call it: just ain't right). Search for answers until you find not only the right one, but the right cure.
This well-written journey made me smile, laugh and cry.
I wish years and years of joyful cancer-free living to one of my favorite actresses.
Sometimes when celebrities write books it seems forced. This was from the heart. I relate to the book not just because of the topic but also in the true emotions of relationships with her family, friends, the men in her life and the pets. It was all so very real. Her quest for defining herself and then redefining as needed was inspirational. The Nanny was a great show but this book is about a great person. It is so real. The messages are strong but not preachy.
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