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by John Glover,Alyssa Bresnahan,William Atherton,Donald H. Wolfe

  • Author: John Glover,Alyssa Bresnahan,William Atherton,Donald H. Wolfe
  • ISBN: 0787118079
  • ISBN13: 978-0787118075
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  • Language: English
  • Category: Arts & Literature
  • Publisher: Dove Entertainment Inc; Unabridged edition (November 1, 1998)
  • Rating: 4.1/5
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The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe ePub download

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Landau, who lived to the immediate west of Marilyn Monroe, had returned home from a dinner party late Saturday evening and had seen an ambulance and a police car parked in the cul-de-sac in front of the film star’s residence.

Mr. Near midnight neighbors heard a helicopter hovering overhead.

Atherton reads the "last days" parts and is good at injecting skepticism where he thinks it's warranted. Bresnahan covers most of MM's earlier life with clear diction and a hint of sympathy. However, Sheridan Morley's MARILYN MONROE is a more balanced and skilled biography. Retail pak, Dove/ NewStar Media, 1998.

I’ve sometimes let men fool themselves. Marilyn Monroe Joe DiMaggio was visiting Nunnally and Nora Johnson in London when they received the news of Marilyn’s problems with Fox. DiMaggio was working. as a public relations representative for the Valmore Monette Corporation, an East Coast firm that supplied American military post exchanges. When the Johnsons told DiMaggio about Marilyn’s dismissal, he quit his lucrative job and flew to Los Angeles.

Fred Lawrence Guiles. Marilyn Monroe's death has been shrouded in decades of deception, conspiracy, and lies. Donald H. Wolfe has written a startling portrait of the twentieth century's greatest film star that not only redefines her place in entertainment history but also reveals the secret conspiracy that surrounded her last days. However, the John Murray that the author alludes to being married to Eunice Murray and working with the military to set up Psychiatric services in Colorado was NOT married to Eunice.

Written by Donald H. Wolfe, narrated by William Atherton, Alyssa Bresnahan. Assistant District Attorney John Miner, present at the autopsy, reveals his secret interview with Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe's psychiatrist. He also explains why Marilyn Monroe was a homicide victim, and why he is calling for a new investigation and the exhumation of her body.

Marilyn Monroe's death has been shrouded in decades of deception, conspiracy, and lies. In The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, Wolfe confirms that the tragic actress was a homicide victim. He documents the mode of death, and names those involved and those who participated in the cover-up.

Author(s): Donald H. Wolfe, Alyssa Bresnahan (Narrator). William Atherton (Narrator). The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe (Audiobook). ISBN: 0787118168 (ISBN13: 9780787118167). Published November 1st 1998 by Audio Literature. Author(s): Donald H. Wolfe. ISBN: 0787118079 (ISBN13: 9780787118075).

Imprint: William Morrow Paperbacks. Donald Wolfe has far surpassed my exhaustive work and even Anthony Summer’s tour de force in 1985. It is the most astonishing work ever to emerge in the literary Monroe sweepstakes. Peter H. Brown, coauthor of Marilyn: The Last Take. Fred Lawrence Guiles, author of Norma Jean. Admirable! You do not need to agree with all his conclusions to see that Wolfe takes us very close indeed to the dark truth about Monroe, the Kennedys, and that lonely death in the California night.

And the book, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, to me, is even worse than Mr. Slatzer’s work. Due to the way it presents itself, a terrific package purporting the truth at last, I’d put it down as worse than the one that had the séance and the in-person, (if you can call Marilyn’s visitation from beyond the grave as such), with Marilyn pointing fingers and naming names. I‘m not saying this about all of the conspiracy books. Many of them, The Last Take and even Slatzer‘s book, have a great deal going for them and bring up a lot of questions- and attempt to answer those questions

-Fred Lawrence Guiles, author of Norma Jean. Wolfe takes us very close indeed to the dark truth about Monroe, the Kennedys, and that lonely death in the California night. -Anthony Summers, author of Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe.

An account of the final days of Marilyn Monroe's life explains how and why she died, who killed her, and the individuals who orchestrated the cover-up; discusses her relationship with the Kennedys; and calls for a new investigation into her murder.
I have a read a lot of books over the decades on MM, many of them in fact mentioned in this very book. This is the best one and I recommend it highly. I previously read this author's book on the Black Dahlia which was equally outstanding. Wolfe's research and detailed in depth examination of his subjects is really exemplary. Its always troubling that so many people, the majority women, were murdered in the Hollywood area (1920'a to 1960's) and all the murders were happily covered up and shut down. This is a tragic story from start to finish, and Wolfe covers all ground. Remarkably, MM completed 29 movies in just 16 years. MM unfortunately, swam in a toxic soup of acquaintances, all dangerous and ultimately deadly to her. Her friends were her enemies and the Kennedy's, Sinatra and the mob and her psychiatrist all used and manipulated her. It is possible or probable that Bobby Kennedy was the last Kennedy to see her alive and may even have personally manhandled her while she was being murdered. The intrigue is also deeply disturbing and its prudent for the reader to be reminded that The Pentagon Papers were seen in Russia before the US public did and Castro had full information on planned attempts against him by the CIA as well as The Bay of Pigs. That MM's psychiatrist was noted as saying he could "get her to do anything" is chilling considering both Kennedy's confided national secrets to MM whom she passed onto her psychiatrist who was an important member of a communist cell. Reds in her head. The reader can make and arrive at their own conclusions, but there can be little doubt that MM was murdered to shut her up. This poor woman who started out life as a throw away child, remained, ostensibly abandoned, abused, molested and murdered. RIP Norma Jean.
I have learned a lot from this book. It is well researched. However, the John Murray that the author alludes to being married to Eunice Murray and working with the military to set up Psychiatric services in Colorado was NOT married to Eunice. He was a well respected Psychiatrist who was educated, had built up a private practice, and taught-- all in the Boston area. He and his wife, Edna, whom he married in 1923 (and stayed married to until her death in 1967), lived in the Boston area their whole lives and are in each year's directory. They are also in the census each 10 years. He was a colonel in the military and was assigned to develop a teaching program to help psychiatrists, but especially general practitioners, learn how to deal with the men coming home with what we now call PTSD. He conducted research and wrote scholarly works his whole life. This man was not a shady character who was married to a woman he left in a desperate situation to care for herself as Eunice Murray's John was. I think it's important to separate the two. And if this fact was not checked, I think we need to take what seems factual in the book with a grain of salt and evaluate it. I think Wolfe is on point most of the book, but still, one must think critically. I gave it three stars for stretching the facts that could easily be checked by looking on google and ancestry.com.
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This is a well organized, well written presentation of what is known about Marilyn’s life and death. A phenomenal amount of research was done, and over 30 pages of references are listed. The author told the story like a mystery being solved and made it fascinating, using occasional humor to relieve the tension. At every step, the author disclosed the source of information and explained the logic used to interpret it, helping readers to judge its credibility. I found it persuasive. I suspect writing this book was a labor of love for a magical woman who entertained us in a way that exceeded what we dreamed was even possible.
I have read a few books on Marilyn Monroe. This is the most interesting because it covered her whole life, not just her death. Her whole life was thoroughly researched and included in this book. Her past is as interesting as her death.
Don't buy this book if you already have "The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe" by the same author. It is the same book under two different titles., with no acknowledgement. If I had known they were the same book, I would not have wasted my money. It is a good book, but I don't need 2 copies of the same book.
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